Trekz Stories May 10

Trekz Air bone conduction Bluetooth headphones offer the ability to listen to music without closing your ears off to the world around you. And at just $149, they offer excellent quality without an eye-watering price.

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Trekz Stories August 19, 2015

As an avid bike rider, I love to have a pairĀ of Bluetooth in-ear headphones with me while I ride. Now that many wireless headphones (BT 4.0+) can connect to Apple Watch during workouts, it’s even handier than ever. One of the biggest worries about using in-ear headphones is that it’s difficult to hear noise around you when the music is cranked up. During outdoor physical activities, like biking down a country road for example, it can be difficult to hear oncoming traffic that may pose a risk to your safety.

That’s where AfterShokz: Trekz come in. This new Indiegogo campaign has developed a set of bone conducting in-ear headphones that keep your ear canals open but the music pumping. This project caught our eye, having already raised over 200% of its funding goal in just 24 hours.

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