TV Series Stories July 22, 2016

Netflix and Marvel are creating even more shows together for the fall and into 2017: Luke Cage, The Defenders and more

The San Diego Comic-Con is exploding in every direction with new titles and releases. Today, Netflix (alongside Marvel) has made a few announcements about its various superhero series. Luke Cage is due September 30th, and its trailer brings only about a minute and a half of Mike Colter fighting bad guys in hallways. The Iron Fist series’ release date is still to be announced, but its trailer showed off a hint of what’s to come there as well. Last but not least the preview for The Defenders leaves much more to the imagination but lets us know that as originally promised, Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist will team up to take on bad guys in 2017.

Check out all the videos below.

TV Series Stories July 9, 2015


The guys over at ThinkGeek have always had a way of making tech from the inner most nostalgic sci-fi/geeky stuff. Today they may have out done themselves. For $29.99 (about $40 after shipping and taxes) you can become the Knight Rider! expand full story

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