USB power Stories February 16, 2016

expiredCambond 10-ft. Braided Nylon MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cable $11 (Reg. $17), more

Update (2/16 5:45pm): AnkerDirect via Amazon offers a 9-ft. MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cable in black or white for $5.99 Prime shipped (Reg. $10) when promo code 4KTQ5MYQ is applied during checkout. Add three to your cart and apply promo code Z2TLOTOU to drop the price to $14.99 Prime shipped ($5/ea.).

eCase via Amazon offers the KMASHI 20,000mAh Quick Charge 2.0 Dual-USB Port Power Bank for $39.99. Applying coupon code HLPP35ES drops the final price down to $24.99 with free shipping for Prime members or on orders of $35+. For a pricing comparison, we typically see 20,000mAh power banks deals between $25-$35 without Quick Charge 2.0 capabilities. Today’s offer is a 38% savings off the regular going rate and the lowest price that we can find.

This power bank from KMASHI features a 20,000mAh capacity, Quick Charge 2.0 capabilities for compatible phones, 2.4A charging speeds, two USB ports and a built-in flashlight. It is rated 4.9/5 stars at Amazon.

Next up, we spotted a couple of nice charging cable deals that would fit perfectly with the KMASHI deal above. First up, iOS users will want to take a look at this 10-foot MFi Apple-Certified braided nylon option from Cambond for $10.99 Prime shipped (Reg. $17) with promo code WMP4T5B8 applied during checkout. These braided nylon cables offer increased durability and the extra length is handy for nightstands or a car. Rated 4.3/5 stars by nearly 700 Amazon customers.

Android and 12-inch MacBook users will want to take advantage of these USB-C to A cable deals from iOrange-E at Amazon:

Keep everything organized with this handy six-pack of cable wranglers for $7 or these velcro wraps for $3.

More Power Deals at Amazon:

  • iOrange-E Quick Charge 2.0 4.8A Dual-Port Car Charger: $14 w/ code MLHBEVU7 (Reg. $20)
  • King Top 7-port USB Hub w/ 1 Charging Port: $10 w/ code PQFXJTGQ (Reg. $20)
  • IMNEED 10,000mAh 2.1A Power Bank: $10 w/ code JFMJ7U7L (Reg. $13)
  • Aukey 42W 3-port USB Wall Charger: $10 w/ code 4JQASN9M (Reg. $20)
  • ALLPOWERS 12,000mAh Dual-USB 3.5A Power Bank: $20 w/ code 7ASI2M24 (Reg. $29)
  • Unitek Quick Charge 2.0 42W 3-port USB Car Charger: $7 w/ code FZI6G8JV (Reg. $15)
  • Otium 3-ft. USB-C to A Braided Cables in three colors: $6 w/ code YAEA9TUN (Reg. $13)

ICYMI: You can grab a 3,100mAh MFi Apple-Certified Battery Case for iPhone 6/s for $15 Prime shipped. Also, you’ll want to swing by our recent review on GRDE Explorer’s Rugged 10,000mAh Solar USB Power Bank.

USB power Stories February 2, 2016


Inateck via Amazon offers its 36W 4-port USB Desktop Charger w/ Smart Stand for $14.99. Applying coupon code CXG3YQUW drops the final price to $10.99 with free shipping for Prime members or on orders of $35+. That’s a savings of $29 off the original listing, nearly 30% less than the regular going rate and the lowest current price we can find. This 4-port desktop charger is an excellent companion for your desk. Aside from offering 2.4A of charging speed to your devices, it has a built-in stand for display a phone or tablet. Rated 4.1/5 stars by nearly 300 Amazon reviewers.

Before you head on to the rest of today’s USB power deals, be sure to swing by our previous Lightning Cable roundup featuring notable deals on Anker’s Powerline cables.

More USB Power at Amazon:

  • Unitek Quick Charge 2.0 60W 6-Port Desktop Charger: $20 w/ code O8REKBFR (Reg. $32)
  • Inateck 33W 2-Port USB Car Charger + MFi Lightning Cable: $12 w/ code JYG6J8FM (Reg. $20)
  • Cambond Braided USB C to A Cables via Cambond:
  • Inateck 2.5-inch USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure: $10 w/ code RHA9UO9K (Reg. $13)
  • Esky Hand Crank Solar Powered Power Bank/Flaslight: $18 w/ code LWI8ROFG (Reg. $23)

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USB power Stories January 26, 2016

USB Power Banks: KMASHI 10,000mAh $9, more

AnkerDirect via Amazon offers its Astro E5 16,000mAh Dual-Port USB Power Bank in black or white for $24.99 Prime shipped. That’s a savings of $15 off the regular going rate, $1 less than our previous mention and the lowest current price we can find. Features include two USB ports capable of charging speeds up to 3A, the 16,000mAh capacity can charge an iPhone 6/s six times, and it has a built-in LED flashlight. Rated 4.7/5 stars by over 4,300 Amazon customers.

Next up, you’ll find the KMASHI 10,000mAh Dual-Port USB Power Bank for $13.99. Applying coupon code JDI3KZ3Y drops the final price down to $9.20 Prime shipped. For comparison, you’ll typically find this power bank for $14-$16. Today’s deal is a few cents lower than our previous mention and the best price that we can currently find. KMASHI’s power bank offers two USB charging ports capable of charging speeds up to 2.1A, LED status lights, and 10,000mAh capacity. Rated 4.2/5 stars by nearly 5,000 Amazon reviewers.

More USB Power Deals at Amazon:

  • USB-C to MicroUSB Adapter (2-pack, silver only): $6 w/ code 585IEYWM (Reg. $10)
  • UNU Superpak 10,000mAh Power Bank + MFi Lightning Cable: $20 (Reg. $30)
    • w/ code 727EQFG8 – Note: seller must be UnicShop
  • Aibocn 10,000mAh USB Power Bank: $6 w/ code 2C4U8CP5 (Reg. $10)
  • Cambond Braided USB-C to A Cables:
  • ANKOVO 6-ft. USB-C to A Cable: $7 w/ code M42M26YE (Reg. $13)
  • Inateck 4-port 48W USB Car Charger: $10 w/ code 5KR65L5G (Reg. $15)

USB power Stories January 15, 2016

expiredAukey USB Power: 5-Port QuickCharge 2.0 Desktop Charger $18 (Reg. $30), 5-pack microUSB cables $4

Update (1/15 3:40pm): ZeroLemonDirect via Amazon offers the ZeroLemon solar-powered SolarJuice 20000mAh Fast Portable Charger for $47.88, but using code Z36GZOGN drops the price down to $19.88 Prime shipped. Note: This code only works with seller ZeroLemonDirect.

Aukey via Amazon offers the 5-Port 54W Quick Charge 2.0 USB Desktop Charger + 3.3-foot microUSB Cable for $29.99, but if you use the code 3FQAXP6R the price drops to $17.50 Prime shipped. That’s $12.49 off the regular price and the lowest price we’ve seen it sold on Amazon…

USB power Stories December 15, 2015

expiredAnker USB Power Deals: Astro E7 26,800mAh Power Bank $40 (Reg. $60), Braided Nylon MFi Lightning Cables from $8, more

Anker has launched another round of USB deals as its Holiday Sale at Amazon comes to a close. We have spotted a couple of notable price drops that are all-time lows or matches of Black Friday offerings. If you’re running slim on Christmas ideas, grab a few of these deals, it will be appreciated by your friends and family. As always at Amazon, free shipping is available for Prime members or on orders of $35+.

First, you’ll find the Anker Astro E7 26,800mAh 3-port 4A External Power Bank for $39.99 after promo code XVPW37Z6 is applied during checkout. That’s a savings of $20 off the regular going rate and a match of Black Friday for the lowest price we’ve seen. Features include 26,800mAh of power, 3-port design, up to 3A per port and 4A total plus a 18-month warranty. Rated 4.7/5 stars by nearly 1,300 Amazon customers.

Next, Anker is offering its Nylon Braided MFi Apple-Certified Lightning Cables in three different colors on discount. The 3-ft model is available for $7.99 (Reg. $10) after coupon code S4TK7RQX while the longer 6-ft. can be had for $9.99 (Reg. $14) with code YM3TYP53Note: Rose Gold not eligible for this discount. Anker’s Lightning Cables have gone through Apple’s MFi-certification process, so you know it’s safe to use with your devices. A 18-month warranty is included. Rated 4.6/5 stars by 583 Amazon customers.

Additional USB Power Deals at Amazon:

  • Inateck Dual-USB Charger w/ built-in MFi Lightning Cable: $13 w/ code 5QHLBSPP (Reg. $20)
  • Anker Astro E5 16,000mAh Dual-USB 3A Power Bank: $26 w/ code ANKER1E5 (Reg. $33)
  • Anker PowerCore+ 13,400mAh Dual-USB 4.8A: $30 w/ code R8Q7CDBZ (Reg. $40)
  • Anker PowerPort+ 1 Quick Charge 3.0 18W Wall Charger: $20 w/ code 6IN7TWSI (Reg. $26)
  • Anker PowerDrive 2 4.8A Dual-USB Car Charger: $7 w/ code AFR9OSYQ (Reg. $8)
  • Anker 3-pack PowerLine 3-ft. MicroUSB Cables: $8 w/ code 2SWXFJ3G (Reg. $10)
  • Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger + MicroUSB cable: $6.50 w/ code PICCIE72 (Reg. $15)

USB power Stories November 10, 2015

expiredAnker PowerCore Dual-USB Power Banks: 10,400mAh $16 (Reg. $20) or 15,600mAh $23 (Reg. $29)

Update (11/11 2:00pm): Keep your devices charged while on-the-go: Poweradd 4.2A/21W Three USB-Port Car Charger w/ built-in MicroUSB cable $2.99 prime shipped after coupon code 23WPMGYA (Reg. $10). Available in Black or White.

Next up, Anker Direct via Amazon offers a couple of nice deals on its PowerCore High Capacity Portable Power Banks. You can grab the 10,400mAh capacity for $15.99 Prime shipped (Reg. $20) with promo code XCWT4JFT. The larger 15,600mAh model can be had for $22.99 Prime shipped (Reg. $29) when code FS9CBYX9 is applied during checkout.

These power banks have two USB ports and are capable of charging speeds up to 2.4 amps. The smaller model can charge an iPhone 6/s four times, while the larger model can power the same device up to five times. Rated 4.8/5 stars by 570 Amazon customers.

Be sure to grab a couple microUSB cables or a braided Lightning cable to complete your setup.

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