Every time a new USB-C accessory is announced the new 12-inch MacBook and Chromebook Pixel become a little less of a plight for people who can’t say goodbye to standard USB. Patriot Memory is joining team USB-C with its announcement of new dual-sided 32GB and 64GB flash drives:

On one end of Patriot’s new metal flash drives you’ll find USB-C, while the opposite end is a standard type A USB 3.0 connector. This setup allows for optimal compatibility with a range of devices including older Mac and PC machines.

There are, of course, USB-C adapters so you can use legacy USB Flash Drives with new USB-C devices, but they are a hassle to carry and can be costly. Other companies that have already announced USB-C accessories include SanDisk, Belkin, Google and Monoprice. If you’re the adventurous type, some budget options have started popping up on Amazon.

Patriot hasn’t released pricing yet, but did say these new flash drives should be available beginning in June. Full press release follows: expand full story