videogames Stories September 12, 2013

Saints Row 4-sale-Commander in Chief-Edition-01Today in gaming, the iOS freebie deals keep coming and we have a solid discount on the recently released Saints Row 4 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

The insanity that is the Saints Row franchise continues in full force in the latest iteration, with the addition of super powers the formula gets even crazier, allowing you to jump over buildings, run faster than cars and hurl vehicles around like bowling balls. Today’s deal comes with the Saints Row IV Commander in Chief Edition for $50 shipped from Amazon, matching the lowest price we have seen. This deal comes with the main game and the Commander in Chief Edition extras including the ‘Merica weapon, an Uncle Sam suit, and an in-game Screaming Eagle plane (that actually looks like an eagle).

Xbox 360/PS3: Saints Row 4 Commander in Chief Edition: $50 (Reg. $60)

Play as the President of the United States in a story that spans countries, space, and time…Super Hero-in-Chief – Leap over buildings. Kill people with your mind. Run through tanks. Those are some of the most mundane powers you will wield in your quest to stop an alien menace hell-bent on destroying the Earth

Humble Bundle-Indie-sale-FEZ-Mark of the Ninja

The current Humble Indie Bundle has some great titles in it as well including, Mark of the Ninja, Brutal Legend and Trine 2: The Complete Story, not to mention select game soundtracks. This is a Humble Bundle so you pay as much as you want, but if you get to the current minimum of $4.95, you’ll also net yourself FTL and the excellent dimension bending platformer FEZ. This bundle supports the following charities: The Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or Watsi. These games are for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Hitman Bundle

Amazon has launched a Hitman bundle that includes all the games in the series for $9. Individually they would run you around $60. The “Hitman taking care of business pack” comes with the PC version of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition (seen above), Hitman: Codename 47 and the popular Hitman: Blood Money, all accessible through Steam.

iOS Universal: Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn: FREE (Reg. $3) iOS Universal: Pivvot: FREE (Reg. $3) iOS Universal: myCal PRO: Calendar & Event Organizer: FREE (Reg. $3) iOS Universal: Toca Builders: FREE (Reg. $2) iOS Universal: Hill Bill: FREE (Reg. $2)

iPhone: Pick – The Purchase Tracker: FREE (Reg. $2) iPad: Martha Stewart CraftStudio: FREE (Reg. $5)

Android: Word Hunt – Word Search: FREE (Reg. $1)

Wii U: Need for Speed U: $18 (Reg. $60)

videogames Stories September 9, 2013

1-year magazine subscriptions: Wired & Popular Science bundle: $9 (Reg. $103), Men’s Fitness: $5 (Reg. $40)

Update: These deals are now over, but today’s 1 year subscription discounts include GQ magazine with digital access for $5 ($43 off) and Sound & Vision magazine for $4.50 ($45.50 off). Use code “9TO5TOYS“ to redeem the discounts.  Follow 9to5Toys for all the latest deals… TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+

Starting this week’s mag subscription deals, we have an exclusive Wired Magazine and Popular Science bundle for just $9 shipped. Scooping both of these 1 year subscriptions at the same time brings the price down to $4.50 each, the lowest we have seen for either publication. Wired will normally run you $59.50 based on the regular newsstand rate, bringing you a total savings of $55 today. With Popular Science you are saving $43.50 off the $48 newsstand listing. Additionally you can grab a 1-year sub to Men’s Fitness today for $5 (Reg. $40). DiscountMags offers free shipping within the US with no sales tax and the subscriptions are NOT subject to any kind of an auto renewal.

Wired & Popular Science Magazine Bundle 1-year subscription: $9 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $103) – Up to 3 years

About Wired:

Get “Wired” into the latest technology trends. Find out how the latest trends in technology affect the world of business, entertainment, culture, and politics. Each issue covers the latest gadgets, games, software, and industry news. Make technology a part of your life with this exciting magazine subscription. Get wired in today!

About Popular Science:

The ‘What’s New'” magazine of science and technology. Covering the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, energy, aviation, science, space exploration and much more.

Men’s Fitness 1-year subscription: $5 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $40) – Up to 3 years

Men’s Fitness Magazine is for today’s health-conscious man. This magazine subscription will help you maximize your workout and teach you how to get optimal results with diet and nutrition changes. Each issue shows you how to workout specific body parts, unleash your sex drive, and put adventure back into your life..

videogames Stories July 30, 2013

GOW-Ascension-sale-01In today’s game deals, we have God of War: Ascension for $20 shipped, along with some other solid Mac, PC, iOS and console deals. This is $40 off the regular listing for Ascension and the cheapest price by $10. You can also grab the Bioshock dual pack for $5 (Reg. $40) and Injustice: Gods Among Us for $35 shipped (Reg. $60).

Microsoft has made the official Xbox One headset and controller charger available at $25 each with free shipping. A lot of these official peripherals get sold out around launch time so it can be a good idea to gets your hands on them early.

Bioshock-Clash in the Clouds-releaseAdditionally, Irrational announced three upcoming add-ons coming to Bioshock Infinite today. The first of which is Clash in the Clouds, an arena horde mode focusing on Infinite’s core combat mechanics that is now available for download. Later we will see Burial at Sea, the first in a two part story driven campaign that brings us back to Rapture and has us taking control of both Booker and Elizabeth. You can check out today’s Burial at Sea trailer below the fold.

The Clash in the Clouds DLC is available now for $5 on PC and is rolling out on Xbox LIVE throughout the day today. Individually the three add-ons will run you a total of $45, so if you plan on playing all of them, it’s smart to grab the $20 Season Pass instead. You can grab one for Xbox 360 at $20 and on PC for just $16 with code “GFDJUL20” at Gamefly.

PC Download: BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds: $5 PC: Bioshock Dual Pack: $5 (Reg. $40) – Contains Bioshock 1&2

PS3: God of War: Ascension: $20  (Reg. $60) PS3: Assassin’s Creed 3: $20 (Reg. $40)

PS3/Xbox360: Injustice: Gods Among Us: $35 (Reg. $60) PS3/Xbox360: Dead Space 3: $27 (Reg. $40)

Mac: Max Payne 3: $29 (Reg. $40) Mac: Limbo: $3 (Reg. $10)

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videogames Stories July 23, 2013

Skylanders-Giants-Starter-Kit-Gold Box-saleAs Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day, you can pick up Skylanders Giants Starter Kit for $29 shipped on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Nintendo 3DS. This is $31 off the regular listing and $5 less than the next best price. You can also grab a copy of the popular Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for 3DS at Amazon right now for $31 shipped (Reg. $40). Data tracking app DataMan Next has gone free today to celebrate Comic Con with the Superman Geek Edition that includes a special Krypton font and “Kal-El” color schemes. Head below for more of today’s game/app and media deals:

360/PS3/Wii/3DS: Skylanders Giants Starter Kit: $29 (Reg. $60) 3DS: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon: $31 (Reg. $40)

iOS Universal: Heroes and Castles: $1 (Reg. $2) iOS Universal: Banana Kong: FREE (Reg. $2) iOS Universal: Drop the Chicken: FREE (Reg. $1)


Best Buy has the 5 Disc complete Adventures of Indiana Jones on Blu-ray for $33 with free shipping.  That’s $44 below retail and $15 under Amazon.

Blu-ray + UltraViolet Digital Copy: Monty Python and the Holy Grail $10 (Reg. $20)

videogames Stories June 2, 2013


Mac Game Store has the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Mac download for just $10 right now. This bundle includes GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas for 67% off. This is easily one of the best prices we have seen on all three titles for Mac with about $30 in savings. Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City for Mac are still $10 alone on Amazon and the Mac App Store. San Andreas still fetches $15, bringing you a savings of $12 today.

Mac Download: Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: $10 ($30 off)

gta_trilogy_mac_02Take advantage of advanced in-game functionality like the MP3 radio station and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Experience the first three 3D games in the Grand Theft Auto series all in one package for your Mac. Explore, dominate and conquer the expansive Grand Theft Auto environments of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas in three separate adventures.

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