Videography diary: The Movo UM700 USB mic is an affordable way to boost audio quality

Movo UM700 videographer

The Movo UM700 Desktop Studio Microphone is an affordable mic aimed at podcasters and videographers doing voiceovers or to-camera pieces. At around $100, I found it delivers excellent bang for the buck to videographers.

My primary need for a USB mic is for video narration, but I found it also performed really well for other scenarios – even if it didn’t quite live up to all of its promises …

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Videography Diary: My complete BMPCC 4K rig, and sample footage

My first Videography Diary piece explained how I chose the BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC from now on). This piece talks you through my BMPCC 4K Rig.

If you’re not familiar with videography rigs, it’s basically a system to give you everything you need to shoot effectively and efficiently in one solid unit so you can just pick it up, mount it on a tripod or other stabilizer, and start shooting.

This piece provides a video walkthrough, with links to all of the components I use…

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Videography Diary: Why I bought a 2018 camera in 2021 and made a 1-minute film

My videography diary is a series recounting my experiences as a newbie videographer, after many years of still photography. In it, I’ll cover the kit I use, as well as the lessons I’ve learned that may prove useful to others who are also making a move into video.

For someone who loves the latest and greatest technology, I made kind of an odd decision when it came to my choice of camera …

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