Volonic Valet 3 review: A high-end, designer iPhone and AirPods FreePower charging system with a price to match

Volonic Valet 3 review

Today, we are taking a hands-on look at the Volonic Valet 3 charging system. This high-end wireless solution takes a cue from fashion design houses and Apple aesthetics to provide a luxurious and elegant charging pad with a price to match. Yes, there are more affordable options out there, but not very many that are quite as gorgeous — this is a true piece of functional art, in my opinion, with a sophisticated look and precision design approach. But is the steep price tag worth the price of entry? Read on for a closer look at the Volonic Valet 3 charging system.  

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Volonic Valet 3: A custom luxury CNC aluminum wireless charging surface with Ferrari leather

While everyone seems to be focused on the new MagSafe chargers hitting the market, it’s time to take a look at Volonic. Created by Shawn Dougherty —  the former founder of the popular tech accessory brand (and a particular favorite around here), mophie — Volonic is a high-end luxury lifestyle brand “fusing innovative technologies with fashionable works of art.” Its first product, the new Valet 3, is the world’s “first customizable, full-surface, position-free, wireless charging solution available on the market.” It uses special wireless charging technologies to offer up a premium cord-free charging solution to folks with a penchant for precious materials, fashion-grade textiles, and gorgeous, functional artist design — all of which you can design yourself with the brand’s online configurator. Hit the jump for a closer look at the Volonic Valet 3 charging solution. 

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