Vudu Stories October 8

expiredVUDU’s bundle sale has Mission: Impossible, Indiana Jones, The Godfather, more

VUDU recently launched its Bundle Extravaganza Sale. Our favorite is the Mission: Impossible 6-Movie Collection in 4K UHD at $39.99. For comparison, iTunes charges $70. This bundle includes all Mission: Impossible movies including the latest entry. Fallout has to be my favorite of them all, thanks to updated graphics, great acting, and a fantastic storyline. Plus, it’s compatible with Movies Anywhere, which is a huge bonus (more on that below). Rated 4.5/5 stars. Head after the break to see even more great VUDU deals or drop by the landing page to see it all.

Vudu Stories October 4

expiredOwn all 8 Harry Potter movies in 4K for around $6 each + more from $5 at VUDU

VUDU is currently offering the 8-Film Harry Potter Complete Collection in 4K for $49.99 shipped. This is down from its $80 going rate in HD on iTunes, $70 4K price at Google Play, and is among the best pricing we’ve tracked all-time. We have seen the collection drop to $40 on HD Blu-ray at Amazon in the past. If you only own one or two of the Harry Potter movies, this is a great way to capture the entire collection. Plus, you’ll see it all in glorious 4K HDR, bringing your favorite series to life like never before. Rated 4.3/5 stars from over 10,000 at Amazon. We also spotted a huge $5 weekend sale at VUDU, with our top picks outlined below.

Vudu Stories October 1

expiredGodzilla reigns as King of the Monsters for $8 in 4K plus many more at VUDU

VUDU’s Exclusive Flash Sale is here with quite a few notable discounts on 2019 blockbusters and more. Our favorite is Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which is down to $7.99 in 4K. For comparison, it goes for $20 in 4K at Google Play and is $8 on Amazon, though that’s in HD only. This 2019 remake of an age-old classic brings the iconic monster to life like never before. Worried about watching this movie with your little ones? Fret not, as it’s part of VUDU’s Family Play service, which allows parents to filter out unwanted content (like cursing, inappropriate scenes, and more). Rated 3.8/5 stars. Shop the entire sale here, or head below to find more of our top picks.

Vudu Stories September 13

expiredVUDU’s Friday the 13th sale has cult classic horror titles up to 50% off

It’s Friday the 13th, and that means VUDU is discounting some cult classic horror flicks by up to 50%. Our favorite? The original Friday the 13th (Uncut) for $4.99. Also at Amazon. This is down from its $13 going rate at Google Play and is among the best pricing we’ve tracked all-time. This version of the cult classic offers extended and unrated scenes that weren’t seen before its release. Are you not superstitious about Friday the 13th yet? This movie shows you just how unlucky the day can really be. Rated 4.1/5 stars. Keep reading to find more of our top horror picks or head over to VUDU to view all discounted titles.

Vudu Stories September 9

expiredAmazon + VUDU offer select $5 4K/HD movies: Source Code, Gone Baby Gone, more

VUDU is currently offering a selection of 4K and HD movies for $5. Amazon is also matching some discounts. Our favorite is Source Code in 4K at VUDU, which goes for $13 at Google Play. Amazon is matching at $5, but only in HD. This movie follows a soldier who wakes up in an unknown person’s body as he seeks to stop someone from bombing a Chicago commuter train. This is all part of an experimental government program, so be sure to check out this action thriller if that piques your interest. Rated 4.3/5 stars. Keep reading to find more movies on sale.

Vudu Stories August 30

expiredVUDU’s Labor Day sale is packed with HD and 4K movies: Now You See Me 2, more

VUDU’s $5 Labor Day weekend sale is back with a plethora of HD and 4K movies on sale. Our top pick is Now You See Me 2 in 4K, which goes for $14 at Google Play and $13 on Amazon in HD. In this movie, you’ll follow the Four Horseman in their second act as they work on exposing the unethical practices of a tech magnate. Daniel Radcliffe takes center stage here as the tech prodigy that threatens the Horseman to do their latest heist. Rated 3.8/5 stars.

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