Vudu Stories November 6

expiredOwn the entire 8-film Harry Potter Collection for $60 and easily transfer w/ Movies Anywhere

Vudu currently offers the Harry Potter Complete 8-film Collection for $59.99. This is a digital download which can easily be transferred to other services thanks to Movies Anywhere. Regularly $80 at services like iTunes, today’s deal is a 25% savings and a match of our previous mention. For comparison, at Amazon each title usually sells for around $13. This is a great way to relive the entire Harry Potter saga at a nice discount. Be sure to check out today’s roundup of the best iTunes movie deals as well. This week’s selection includes classics on sale for $8 and 4K films from $5.

Vudu Stories October 26

expiredVUDU $5 Killer Weekend Sale: Death Becomes Her, Leviathan, Cabin 28, more

VUDU just launched its latest $5 HDX Killer Weekend Sale. Our top pick is Death Becomes Her which goes for $14 at Google Play and $13 at Amazon in HD. This horror comedy features Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis, so you know you’ll have a great time watching it. Rated 4.6/5 stars from hundreds at Amazon. Keep reading for more of our top picks or head to VUDU to view all available titles.

Vudu Stories October 19

expiredVUDU $5 Killer Weekend Sale: Paranormal Activity, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, more

VUDU just launched its $4.99 HDX Killer Weekend Sale with dozens of titles available. Our top pick is Paranormal Activity (Theatrical) which normally goes for $10 at Amazon and $14 at Google Play. Live out your biggest fear as you join a couple in their starter house that is haunted, at least at night. Rated 3.8/5 stars at Amazon. Keep reading for more of our top picks or head to VUDU to see all included titles.

Vudu Stories October 16

expiredVUDU Digital HD/4K Sale: Dark Knight Trilogy $30, Wonder Woman $10, more from $8

VUDU is offering a plethora of great movie deals this week. Our top pick is the Dark Knight trilogy in 4K, though you’ll have to purchase each movie separately for $9.99 each. Google Play charges $30 each so you’re getting all three for the price of one here. If you don’t mind dropping down to HD, you can get the trilogy with one purchase at $24.99. Rated 4+ stars from thousands. Keep reading for more of our top picks or head over to VUDU to view the entire sale.

Vudu Stories October 12

expiredVUDU $5 Weekend Sale: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Poltergeist 3, Don’t Kill It, more

VUDU is back with another $5 HDX Weekend Sale as part of its Month of Horror. Our top pick is Invasion of the Body Snatchers for $4.99, which sells for $15 at Amazon in HD. This classic is a must-watch during October and is at one of the best prices we’ve tracked. Rated 4.7/5 stars at Amazon. Head on over to VUDU to view the entire sale, or below for our top picks.

Vudu Stories October 9

expiredVUDU Month of Horror Franchise Sale: Insidious 4-Movie Collection $30 (Reg $50+), more

As part of its Month of Horror, VUDU is now discounting select movie franchises by 25% or more. Our favorite title is the Insidious 4-Movie Collection for $29.99. iTunes charges over $50 for this set, and it’s one of the best prices we’ve tracked historically. Enjoy the entire Insidious collection with this budget-friendly bundle building up to Halloween. The Insidious series of movies is highly-rated at Amazon. Shop the entire VUDU sale here, or head below for our top picks and more roundups.

Vudu Stories October 5

VUDU $5 HDX Horror Sale: It, Cloverfield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Christine, more

VUDU is back at it with its $5 HDX weekend sale. Being October, this weekend’s theme is “Month of Horror” for Halloween, and our top pick is It which normally fetches $12 at Amazon. A remake of Stephen King’s classic clown-based horror film, you’ll face your worst fears with Pennywise the clown. This is a must watch for anyone in love with this genre. Rated 3.9/5 stars from thousands at Amazon. View all eligible $5 titles here or head below for more of our top ghoulish picks.

Vudu Stories October 3

VUDU discounts select films & takes $8 off movie tickets to Venom or Goosebumps 2

VUDU is currently discounting a selection of titles plus giving you $8 off tickets to see either Venom or Goosebumps 2 in theaters. You must purchase an eligible digital title to receive the discount. Our top pick is Goosebumps for $9.99 in HDX. Normally $13 at Amazon, this is one of the best prices we’ve tracked historically and is the lowest available. This would make for a great double feature to see Goosebumps at home and then Goosebumps 2 on the big screen. Head over to VUDU to see the entire list of eligible titles, or below to see more of our top picks. See the full terms, conditions, and instructions here.

Vudu Stories September 28

expiredVUDU 3 Movies for $15: The Scorpion King, Oblivion, Non-Stop, Doom, The Mummy, more

VUDU is offering 3 HDX movies for $15 in its latest Mix and Match Iconic Action Hero sale. Our top three picks would be The Scorpion King, Oblivion, and Non-Stop. If purchased separately, these three titles would cost you $40 from Amazon. These movies will become a permanent part of your online library, and many will even be available everywhere through MoviesAnywhere. There are 30 titles in total on sale here, so be sure to visit VUDU’s site for a full list or head below for more of our top picks. Remember, you must add three to your list in order to redeem the discounted price.

Vudu Stories September 19

expiredVUDU Bundle Sale: Star Trek 1-10, The Godfather Trilogy, Iconic Films of the 80’s, more

VUDU is currently running a 50% off bundle sale with 30 different movie series to choose from. Our top pick is Star Trek: 1-10 Collection for $34.99 in HDX. You will find the Blu-ray version on Amazon for $50, and this is one of the best prices we’ve tracked. With all of the original Star Trek movies included in this digital bundle, you’re bound to have hours of nostalgic enjoyment. Rated 4.7/5 stars at Amazon.

Vudu Stories September 12

expiredWatch Annihilation for just $1 in HD via Amazon this weekend

Amazon is offering Annihilation as a digital HD rental for just $0.99. Also at VUDU and Microsoft. You can expect to pay $6 to rent it from Google Play, and this is one of the best we’ve tracked. This movie brings a biologist and soldier together on a mission into a mysterious quarantine zone called “The Shimmer” to battle against a creature for the fate of the world. Though reviews are mixed at Amazon, RottenTomatoes gave it an 87% rating.

Vudu Stories September 11

expiredVUDU 3 for $25: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Seasons 1-5, Chicago P.D. Seasons 1-5, more

VUDU is bringing you three of your favorite TV show seasons for $24.99 in HDX. Our favorite here is Brooklyn Nine-Nine seasons 1-5. This deal means you can get all five seasons, plus one more season of another show for $50 total. You could expect to pay $30 or more per season at Amazon, and this is one of the best prices we’ve tracked. Rated 4.7/5 stars.

Vudu Stories September 4

expiredVUDU 3 for $15 UHD: Ender’s Game, Deepwater Horizon, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, more

VUDU is offering a new mix & match promotion that gives you three select 4K UHD movies for $15. Our favorite combo would be Ender’s Game, Deepwater Horizon, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Regularly, these titles for $13 each at Google Play in HD (not UHD), so this saves you nearly $25 over buying the HD copies. Rated 3.9+ stars. Be sure to check out all the titles included here.

Vudu Stories August 31

expiredVUDU $5 HDX: I Robot, Fireproof, Let’s Be Cops, The Pink Panther, more

VUDU is back again with its Weekend $5 HDX sale that has plenty of titles to keep you entertained throughout the remainder of summer. Our favorite is I, Robot which normally retails for $14 at Amazon. In this movie, Will Smith is a detective who takes matters into his own hands, from driving his own car (versus letting it drive for him) to distrusting the new robotic police state system. Rated 4.5/5 stars at Amazon. Shop the rest of the sale here, head below for more of our top picks, or check out VUDU’s 5 for $20 Thriller sale that’s still going on.

Vudu Stories August 28

expiredVUDU Mix and Match 5 for $20: Hours, Cell, Knock Knock, The Whole Truth, more

VUDU is currently offering five mix and match thriller titles for $19.99. There are quite a few options in the sale, with our top picks below. Normally with VUDU, we see titles drop to $5 a piece, so seeing the extra $1 each discount is always nice. Most of the titles are horror flicks, but there are some suspense and thriller titles mixed in there as well.

Vudu Stories August 24

expiredVUDU’s latest $5 movie sale includes new and old hits from every genre

VUDU is back with a new $5 digital movie sale this weekend. Each of these titles will become a permanent part of your library, saving you as much as $15 off the regular price. Thanks to Movies Anywhere, you can easily transfer films to other services like iTunes. Hit this landing page to see the entire sale or head below for our top picks.

Vudu Stories August 22

expiredVUDU TV Sale for $10/season: Community, Timeless, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, more

VUDU is offering a number of TV shows on sale, with specific seasons running just $10 each. Our top pick from this sale is Community which is down to just $10 per season. Also at Amazon. Normally each season will run you $20 at Amazon, and this is a match for its all-time low. If you haven’t seen this show, now’s your chance to own it all at 50% off normal pricing. Rated 4.7/5 stars. Head on over to VUDU to see all included titles (and more deals) or below for our top picks.

Vudu Stories August 17

expiredVUDU $5 HDX Sale: Total Recall, Silk Road, We Bought a Zoo, The One, more

It’s Friday and that means VUDU is back with its weekend $5 HDX movie sale. Our top pick for this weekend is Total Recall from 1990 with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Regularly $10 at both Amazon and Google Play, this matches the lowest that we’ve tracked and is the best available. Rated 4.3/5 stars. Head over to VUDU to view all titles on sale this weekend or down below to see the rest of our top picks.

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