Waterfield Designs Stories September 27, 2019

Nintendo’s Switch Lite is making headlines as a fantastic portable console. We recently went hands-on with the latest in portable gaming, calling it “an even more delightfully portable version of Nintendo’s hit hybrid.” If you’re looking for the best way to carry your Switch Lite around, Waterfield Designs has you covered. We loved their Sutter Sling Pouch for the original Switch, and the company’s latest will be no exception.

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Waterfield Designs Stories February 11, 2019

The Nintendo Switch is one of the United States’ best-selling consoles right now, while also being one of the most portable gaming contraptions of this decade. WaterField Designs is known for its high-quality leather technology accessories and has made Switch bags in the past. Now, the company is back with another great carrying bag for Switch called the Sutter Sling Pouch, but this time WaterField is launching the Switch Taco to keep your beloved gaming console protected even when not in the sling.

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Waterfield Designs Stories March 27, 2018

This month, I decided to finally graduate from the backpack I’ve been using since starting college. As I was considering what my needs really are now that college is mostly out of the way, I decided to look for something that would accommodate a laptop as its primary purpose. But I really didn’t need much more than that. One of a few options I landed on was the Muzetto Leather from Waterfield…

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Waterfield Designs Stories March 9, 2015

time travel case Camel open

With all the Apple Watch news and excitement today, we are beginning to see accessory makers release products meant to complement the latest product out of Cupertino. San Francisco-based bag company WaterField Designs is putting out its first line of Apple Watch related accessories. Today, the company previewed two products meant to serve as a home for your Apple Watch, while it is away from your wrist. Both the Leather Time Travel case and Apple WatchPad offer simplistic solutions to protecting this device during charging and when you’re away from home.

Head below for more information, pictures and full PR.

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Waterfield Designs Stories February 28, 2015


Back in January, San Francisco-based bag and accessory maker WaterField Designs announced its Bolt Briefcase. Since then we’ve had the opportunity to put the Bolt through its paces. Designed to be a professional alternative to the leather briefcases of old, this bag is for travelers and techies in need of a solution for multiple occasions.

Head below for our hands-on impressions and to learn how you could win this Bolt Briefcase.

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Waterfield Designs Stories February 24, 2015


There are many ways to carry the smorgasbord of items we carry on a daily basis while traveling or going to work. Sometimes though, it’s the smaller things that don’t find a home in your bag or suitcase. With many larger offerings already on the market, made-by-hand San Francisco manufacturer Waterfield Designs has introduced a new Padded Gear Pouch specifically for carrying all the smaller items.

Whether it’s for an iPad mini, external hard drive, Apple TV or simple toiletries, this multipurpose bag can carry a number of different items. We’ve got the full details on this new product from Waterfield, a video from its designer and the full press release below.

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