What Watch Stories March 2, 2016


We first told you about What? Watch back in November as it released a new take on smartphone-connected timepieces. Now, four months later, What? has jumped on Kickstarter with its Calendar Watch in hopes of raising $100,000. That goal was easily surpassed within a few days.

Why so much interest? The Calendar Watch has a built-in display behind the face that visually blocks out busy sections of your day. For example, have a business lunch at noon? That piece of the pie on your display will be color coordinated to reflect your unavailability. Add an event later this evening? It will update automatically and show those changes. On top of it all, it’s a pretty good looking watch…

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What Watch Stories November 13, 2015


It seems like everyone has a wearable these days. Apple Watch is a favorite amongst fanboys and Fitbit appears set for a huge holiday season, with Black Friday deals throughout many of our ad leaks. But what about those that would prefer a more classic look as opposed to the techie flavorings that are so popular right now?

What Watch out of Switzerland has an answer to that question. Its Bluetooth-connected watches are coming to the United States and are worth a look. With classic and modern stylings, plus iPhone/Android connectivity, these new timepieces are set to make a splash.

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