Wine Stories March 28, 2016


We haven’t brought the Internet of Things to our wine yet? Ok, so let’s do that. Kuvée is a new project from a Boston startup that has a plan to re-shape the multi-billion dollar wine industry. At its core, this product and wine delivery service is an internet-connected take on the Keurig. With a built-in display for finding new drinks and automatic reminders of when your wine is best to consume, Kuvée offers a lot of potential for tech-savvy vino enthusiasts…

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Wine Stories January 21, 2015


As the last few Kitchen Tech columns on bar tools (part 1part 2) and high-end coffee makers probably demonstrated, I’m a beverage obsessive — over the years, I’ve learned that great dining experiences are as much about what you drink as what you eat. The right beverage can actually improve your entire meal, and if it’s served in the right way, something as seemingly simple as wine or champagne can become the most memorable part of a night. There are great reasons to bring that sort of restaurant-quality experience home.

Today’s Kitchen Tech focuses on Wine Tools, including eight categories of items that range from mandatory to optional. Where appropriate, I’ll explain the benefits and issues of a bargain or higher-end option. To kick things off, I’m starting with something that’s highly optional and just starting to appear in some U.S. restaurants, a Spanish wine tool called a porrón. Read on…

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Wine Stories January 17, 2014

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