Wink Stories February 7, 2019

More and more folks are decking out their homes with smart plugs, motion sensors, door locks, and lighting. While adding gear to your home can be exhilarating, it can also be daunting when attempting to ensure that every device can talk to one another.

Samsung SmartThings and Wink hubs have existed for many years to help to bridge the gaps, but Hubitat thinks it has a solution that beats the competition in several areas. It’s called Elevation, and like SmartThings and Wink, it works with big names like Alexa and Google Assistant, but also has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. expand full story

Wink Stories September 24, 2015

Smart connected devices for our homes are becoming more commonplace, with technology giants like Apple and Samsung leading the way with support for a myriad of devices. Even Amazon has an internet-connected speaker that will control your lights, thermostat and more.

One of the biggest issues with this technology is price. Many consumers are not willing to pay the premium that comes with support for Apple’s HomeKit or other platforms like Z-Wave or Zigbee. Simply put, the deadbolt has worked in its existing state for decades, why upgrade it now?

Kwikset has been leading the charge on smartphone connected locks with its Kevo Bluetooth-enabled product. But for roughly $200, the adoption rate has been slow. Today, the lock maker has released a new deadbolt that drops a number of features but retains its internet connectivity in exchange for a lower price point.

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Wink Stories March 31, 2015


Admittedly, I love coffee. All the different roasts, blends and ways to make it are so intriguing to me. There has been an influx of coffee makers recently that offer a variety of different solutions for getting your morning cup of joe. I’m not sure that I’ve seen one recently as eye-catching as the Pour-Over from Quirky. This line of products – named Poppy – also has solutions for feeding your pets and your baby (separately) and will even order new food automatically from Amazon when you need it. expand full story

Wink Stories February 26, 2015

expiredHome: Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool fan/heater (refurb) $140 shipped (orig. $400), smart home items, more

The official Dyson eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Dyson AM05 Air Multiplier Hot + Cool Fan/heater in blue/iron for $139.99 shipped. That’s $270 under the original $400 price tag, $140 below Amazon’s new listing and the lowest refurbished price we’ve seen by $20. Dyson says these units are “Guaranteed mechanically perfect, but may or may not have minor cosmetic blemishes due to the extra handling. These have been remanufactured according to Dyson’s rigid standards by Dyson. Most of these units were returned for box damage.”

It features cooling and heating with the safety and cleaning advantages that come along with having no exposed heating elements or dangerous moving blades. These units come with a 6 month warranty from Dyson and an additional 6 months from ABC Vacuum for parts and labor. Nearly 300 Amazon reviewers give it a 3.6/5 star rating. You’ll also still find some of yesterday’s Dyson eBay deals still live like the popular DC44 stick/hand vac for just $220 shipped and more.

Head below for more of today’s best home deals including smart home lighting, eBay gift cards, and more:

Wink Stories January 15, 2015


Consumers are making a run for LED bulbs and internet connected devices, today Cree announced a new solution to these trends. Already known for its highly-rated products, Cree is now bringing smart home compatibility with the Connected LED Bulb. They have priced them very competitively, coming in at 50% the price of a comparable smart home lighting option.

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Wink Stories December 6, 2014

expiredWink Smart Home Hub and GE Link Wireless White LED Light Bulb: $16 Prime Shipped ($58 value)

A new Amazon bundle nets you a Wink Smart Home Hub and a GE White LED Wireless Light Bulb for only $15.99 Prime shipped.

It would cost you a total of $58.34 if you were to buy each item individually. That’s a savings of $42.35. What’s more, the bulb alone will currently run you $18.35. So you’re paying more than $2 less to get a bulb and Wink Hub.

Now, Wink hasn’t gotten the best reviews, but at this price it’s probably worth a gamble. According to reviewers, the GE bulb will also work with a SmartThings Hub, so if you don’t have any luck with Wink then you may want to look into trying SmartThings.

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