gMusic 2 for the iPhone and iPad is available as a free download for today thanks to a $2 price drop. Without an official Google Music app for iOS, gMusic 2 has become one of the most popular ways to listen to your favorite tunes on the go. It is optimized for iOS7 and Google Play All Access.

gMusic 2 is the ONLY Google Music Player with these features:
-Artist Discovery
-Create Radio Stations
-Add music to your Library directly in the app
-10 band Equalizer
-Full Playlist Editing Scrobbling (In the settings)
-Innovative Navigation
-Works with the built in Sleep Timer

 gMusic 2 features include:
- Airplay Support
- Very fast load times.
- Add songs to existing playlists
- Search by Artist, Songs, Albums, or Genres
- Plays in the background so you can use your other apps while still listening to your music
- Offline support
- Recently-Added Playlist
- Direct secured authentication with Google. No third party servers involved.
- Remembers what you were listening to for quick resume after closing the app.
- Ability to disable streaming over 3g.
- Stay tuned for other great new features coming soon.

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