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The best games/apps deals across all platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS

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This is the place for all of the best games and apps deals across all platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS and more. We have all the first price drops on the most anticipated titles of the year, pre-order discounts and even console bundle deals. On top of that, you’ll find a list of all the top mobile games/apps on sale every day of the week.

Android app deals of the day: Meganoid 1 and 2, JETZ, Dead Cells, The Almost Gone, more

Reg. $1+ FREE+

Monday’s best Android app deals are now ready to go courtesy of Google Play. Alongside today’s offers on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and the brand’s Chromebook Go, you’ll find all of the best software price drops now waiting down below. Our collection is headlined by Meganoid 1 and 2, Neoteria, JETZ, Dead Cells, INC:The Beginning, The Almost Gone, Strange Telephone, Heroes of Loot 2, and much more. Head below for a complete look at today’s best Android app deals. 

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Bring a NEOGEO Mini arcade console into your collection at under $50 today (Reg. up to $110)

Amazon is now offering the NEOGEO Mini arcade console for $49.90 shipped. Regularly $110 and more recently siting in the $60 range, this is up to 54% off and the lowest price we can find. Today’s deal is also a new Amazon 2022 low and a great time to add it to your retro gaming collection. Following the NES mini craze, SNK unleashed its own collectible and very much playable NEOGEO miniature console featuring 40 classic titles ranging from King of Fighters and Fatal Fury to Metal Slug and more. It features a 3.5-inch LCD screen as well arcade-style controls, a stereo speaker, and a design that will also look great in the game room. A pair of optional external controller ports as well as the headphone jack is joined by HDMI support when you want to run it on the big screen. More details below. 

New collectible Fall Guys S2 mini figures now up for pre-order at $15 ahead of Switch launch

As the most adorable bean guys in the multiplayer party game world prepare for their free to play launch next month, the new collectible Fall Guys mini figure pack is now up for pre-order. Sitting alongside the cuddly bean plushies on the official Fall Guys merchandise Amazon storefront, the Fall Guys Hero Squad S2 Mini Figure 4-pack is now up for pre-order celebrating some of the latest medieval content and more. Head below for more details and a closer look. 

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Rare price drop knocks HORI’s official Nintendo Switch Dual USB Playstand down to $25

Amazon is now offering the HORI Nintendo Switch Dual USB Playstand for $24.99 with free shipping for Prime members or in orders over $25. Regularly $30, this is the best price we have tracked in well over a year at Amazon and within $0.50 of the all-time low there. Compatible with all models of Nintendo’s hybrid console, this handy accessory delivers a neat and tidy perch for your console to rest on while gaming away from the big screen. The officially licensed stand also sports some additional I/O of its own including a pair of USB-A slots alongside the USB-C jack so “you can plug, charge, and play all at once.” More details below. 

Today’s best Mac and iOS app deals: Sparklite, Dead Cells, The Almost Gone, more

Reg. $1+ FREE+

Monday morning’s best Mac and iOS app deals are now up for the taking. Joining today’s App Store deals, we have offers on Apple’s official Find My MagSafe Wallet as well as the second-best price yet on its 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro and everything else in our Apple deal hub. Today’s app collection features price drops on Sparklite, The Great Coffee App, Dead Cells, The Almost Gone, Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee, Northgard, and much more. Head below for today’s best Mac and iOS app deals. 

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Today’s best game deals: Super Mario Maker 2 $39, Final Fantasy VII Intergrade $40, more

Reg. $60 $39

In today’s best game deals, Amazon is now offering digital downloads of Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch for $38.99. Regularly $60, this is 35% off the going rate and the lowest price we can find. It is also $1 below the previous Amazon all-time low. Delivering a near-endless number of side-scrolling Mario stages to your Switch library, it comes with over 100 courses designed by Nintendo and thousands more created by the community. From the original Mario Bros. and Super Mario World right through to the more modern 2D titles, the course are arranged by difficulty and you can even build your very own to share with friends. “Break the rules as you use a wide range of parts, tools, and customization options to create the side scrolling Super Mario courses of your dreams alone or together.” Head below for deals on Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Resident Evil Village, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, and much more. 

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Go download Borderlands 3 on PC while it’s FREE via the Epic Games Store, plus more

As part of its recent Mega Sale, Epic Games will be serving up some FREE PC games and first up is Borderlands 3. The looter shooter originally launched back in 2019, but if you haven’t added it to your Epic Games PC library, now’s your chance to do so without spending a nickel. It will be joined by another thus far mystery free title throughout the Epic Games Store Mega Sale, which is now offering up to 75% off a massive collection of PC games. Head below for more details on the FREE PC games and Borderlands 3. 

Master fatalities on Arcade1Up’s Mortal Kombat 12-in-1 cabinet down at $249, more from $120

Just after seeing seeing the brand launch a new 30th anniversary edition yesterday, Walmart is now offering the Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Midway Legacy 12-in-1 arcade cabinet for $249 shipped. Regularly $315 or more, it sells for $450 with the riser at Best Buy and elsewhere with today’s deal matching our previous and the lowest we can find. Boasting a 17-inch color display, coinless operation, and game room-worthy marquee artwork, you and your friends will be mastering fatalities on the “real-feel” arcade controls in no time. This model features Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and 3 as well as a host of other Midway titles: Joust, Defender, Rampage, Gauntlet, Paperboy, Rootbeer Tapper, Bubbles, Toobin, and Wizards of Wor. Get a closer look in our launch coverage and be sure to dive in the new 30th anniversary edition right here. Then head below for more Arcade1Up deals. 

1Password is among the best password managers out there, now 50% off first year

50% off $1.50

1Password is easily one of the best password manager suites out there. It is the gold standard when it comes to managing your pass codes across the web and just about every device you might own, if you ask me. I’m not sure what I would do without it and have been a loyal user for many years now. For folks out there still scrambling to find passwords they wrote down somewhere (likely not in an overly secure fashion) on a regular basis or using a lesser digital solution, 1Password is now offering new customers 50% off their first year, making now as good a time as any to jump onboard. Head below for more details. 

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Seagate 2TB Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S sees first notable Amazon price drop at $381

New low $381

Amazon is now offering the Seagate 2TB Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S at $380.90 shipped. Down from the $400 listing you’ll pay directly from Seagate and at Best Buy, this is the very price drop we have tracked on Amazon and, subsequently, a new all-time low there. Packed with 2TB of solid-state NVMe drive power it is designed for “seamless integration into the Xbox Velocity Architecture.” Without “sacrificing graphics, latency, load times, or framerates,” it essentially expands your Xbox storage game library storage capacity with support for Quick Resume – switching between multiple titles in seconds – and is really the only official way to do it properly. Alongside the inclusion of an extended 3-year warranty, you can get a closer look in our hands-on review and head below for more details. 

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MultiVersus throws Batman, Iron Giant, and WB icons into Smash Bros-style fighter

MultiVersus is not something I expected to write about in 2022…or ever. We already have Super Smash Bros., but that’s really just a mash-up of Nintendo universes, while MultiVersus is… different? You’ll find iconic characters from quite a few universes here, including Tom and Jerry, Steven Universe, Batman, Superman, and even The Iron Giant in this unique 2v2 mash-up. Can WB pull off MultiVersus? As a free-to-play game with built-in crossplay, co-op support, and more, they might have a hit on their hands, even if I do think it’s the weirdest lineup of characters in gaming right now.

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New Amazon low hits HORI’s motorized feedback Xbox Racing Wheel at $252.50

Amazon is now offering the HORI Force Feedback Racing Wheel DLX for Xbox Series X|S at $252.40 shipped. Regularly $300, this is a new all-time low at Amazon and the lowest price we can find. While we are also still tracking a new all-time low on the more basic Apex PlayStation model at $100 (the Xbox variant is also $100 right now), this one packs a pair of motors with force feedback to immerse you in every turn alongside a three pedal setup and metal paddle shifters. From there, it boasts a “sturdy” clamping system to lock it down to a table or something of that nature as well adjustable sensitivity to customize the “dead zone, rotation angle, steering, and pedal input value.” More details below. 

Hear em’ all with HORI’s Switch Pikachu POP Gaming Headset from $35.50 (New Amazon low)

Amazon is now offering the HORI Pikachu POP Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch in white at $35.50 shipped. Regularly $54, this is 35% off the going rate and a new Amazon all-time low. The black Pikachu COOL model is currently selling for $38.80, which is within $6 of the Amazon all-time low. Not only is this an interesting Pokémon collectible, but it is also a feature-rich headset for Switch gamers. The W-FIT headband delivers “soundproofing ear cups” alongside a splitter/mixer for the Switch Online app and a detachable, retractable flexible mic attachment with onboard volume and mute controls. You’ll find 40mm neodymium magnet drivers with “crisp, clear high-quality audio” as well as the themed pocket monster design with yellow accents on the inside of the headband and ear pads alongside a hit of pink inside. More details below. 

HORIPAD+ adjustable Switch Controller with tilt aiming hits Amazon low at $37.50 (Reg. $50)

Amazon is now offering the HORIPAD+ Nintendo Switch Wired Controller for $37.50 shipped. Regularly $50, like it fetches directly from HORI, this model has essentially sat at the full $50 price tag since it hit Amazon in October 2021 before starting to climb down slightly at the beginning of March. It is now at a new Amazon all-time low with 25% in savings. While delivering a more pro-style controller overall, it is specifically geared towards first person shooter titles and folks that like to really dial in the aiming sensitivity. The adjustable motion aim tech (“the right analog stick input can be controlled by tilting the controller”) comes with two unique modes known as Quick and Snipe Mode. From there, you’ll find the ability to connect a headset as well compatibility with the PC HORI Device Manager App “to adjust all functions” and a 9.5-foot cable length on the officially licensed gamepad. Head below for more details. 

Fall Guys is going FREE with cross-play on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, more in June

Get ready for more bean-based shenanigans as multiplayer party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is preparing to go FREE and hit new platforms. Fans of the game have been waiting for the hit to new platforms, and today, developer Mediatonic announced it would be getting the free-to-play treatment come next month, alongside its debut on Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles, and the Epic Games Store for PC gamers. Head below for more details on the soon-to-be-free multiplayer party game as well as details on cross-play features and the new content coming to Fall Guys. 

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Sony unveils new PlayStation Plus game lineup, classic PS2/PS3/PSP titles, more

Sony has now unveiled the new PlayStation Plus games lineup. Set to launch this summer, Sony has finally decided to revamp its monthly subscription service to combine it with PS Now, putting it more or less on the same page with what Xbox gamers have been enjoying for years now with what is known as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The new PlayStation Plus games will include big-time hits from Ubisoft, Insomniac, FromSoftware, Housemarque, Naughty Dog, and much more. Head below the fold for a complete look at the launch titles for the new PlayStation Plus ahead of launch next month. 

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Venture beyond Dream Land as Kirby 64 now scheduled to hit Switch Online next week

Nintendo took to its official Twitter feed to announced Kirby 64 for Switch Online. After Kirby’s latest adventure to the Forgotten Land received solid reviews while delivering the titular character’s first true jump into three dimensions, Nintendo will be dishing up a chance for its Expansion tier subscribers to revisit the N64-era Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards via its online service later this month. Head below for more details and a closer look at the brand new launch trailer as well.

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Quick! Grab the Nintendo wireless N64 controller while it’s still in stock at $50

In-stock $50

Along with the announcement of Nintendo 64 games coming to Switch Online, Nintendo unveiled the updated N64 wireless controller that has been very hard to purchase ever since. And now’s your chance to score one directly from Nintendo at $49.99 with $5 shipping. But you better act fast as the listing has already gone in and out of stock. Be sure to login in to your Nintendo account, add it to your cart, and checkout as soon as possible while you still have a chance at one. More details in our launch coverage and down below. 

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Hulu subscribers can score three months of Xbox Game Pass for FREE right now

While we are still tracking a notable price on the Ultimate tier for existing subscribers, Hulu is now dishing up a three months of Game Pass for FREE. Those currently subscribed to Hulu’s on-demand TV show and movie service are eligible to land 90-days of Microsoft’s similar service for PC games completely free from now through July 23, 2022. To be clear this only for the PC Game Pass service, not Ultimate, and it cannot be used to extend an existing subscription. Head below for more details. 

Microsoft’s new Deep Pink Xbox controller pre-orders live with matching Razer charging stand

The new official pink Xbox controller is now available for pre-order. Microsoft unleashed the latest addition to its current-generation Xbox wireless controllers recently with the vibrant Deep Pink colorway. It’s joined by the matching Razer magnetic Quick Charging Stand. This controller joins the existing lineup, which includes the shiny Aqua Shift treatment we saw unveiled last summer. Head below for more details and a closer look. 

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New Mario Strikers Battle League gameplay just hit the pitch, 8-players on one Switch, more

Now that Switch Sports is out in the wild, it’s time to turn our attention to the new Mario Strikers Battle League ahead of its launch next month. The next big sports outing for the Mushroom Kingdom has Mario and friends taking the pitch in Nintendo’s latest themed soccer title. Centered around what sounds like a version of European football Nintendo has invented known as Strike, it is described as a “soccer-like sport with no rules” where players do whatever it takes to win. Nintendo has just launched a new overview trailer with nearly five minutes of gameplay footage and details. Head below for a closer look. 

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No E3, no problem: Microsoft details massive summer Xbox and Bethesda games showcase

Microsoft has now unveiled its plans for what is looking to be a massive summer Xbox games showcase. After acquiring Bethesda and its beloved development studios alongside being in the process of inking a deal to absorb the Blizzard Activision package, Microsoft’s summer Xbox games showcase is likely to be quite an exciting one. We already know the annual E3 festivities will be cancelled this year, but, as expected, the future of gaming will be on display nonetheless. Head below for more details. 

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Disney and Pixar unveil new Animal Crossing-like life-sim filled with Magic Kingdom characters

Disney and Pixar games are teaming up with the folks at Gameloft for what sounds like a sort of Animal Crossing-style game set in the universe of the Magic Kingdom called Disney Dreamlight Valley. The debut announcement trailer hit the air waves today showcasing the new Disney Dreamlight Valley life-sim adventure game and starring just about all of your favorite Disney characters from Buzz Lightyear and Elsa to Goofy, Mickey, Simba, Moana, and even Wall-E. Set for release on PlayStation 5, PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Series X|S as well as Mac and Nintendo Switch, head below for more details and a closer look. 

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May PlayStation Plus FREE games unveiled: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and more

Update: The May PS Plus free games are now live.

After announcing the roll out of VRR support on PS5 this week, Sony has now taking to the official PlayStation Blog to unveil the May PlayStation Plus free games. Sony’s membership service is set to get a major overhaul this summer with three new tier systems, but you will be able to add the May freebies to your library in the meantime. Starting early next week, PlayStation Plus subscribers can download FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and Curse of the Dead Gods for nothing alongside a bonus FIFA 22 FUT pack. Head below for all of the details. 

Sony rolls out Variable Refresh Rate for these PS5 games this week, plus new PS Plus details

Sony is unleashing some new details on Variable Refresh Rate PS5 support today, and we have the latest update on the upcoming PlayStation Plus overhaul. Back at the tail end of March, Sony finally rolled out “Hey PlayStation” voice commands for PS5 owners in the U.S. and U.K., just before detailing a future update to its latest console with support for Variable Refresh Rate on HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors. The update is set to launch this week – head below for more information on PS5 VRR support as well as the latest on the new PlayStation Plus program. 

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Xbox Mini Fridge pre-orders are live once again at Best Buy!


Update: Pre-orders are now live on the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler at $99.99 via Best Buy. There’s no telling how long it might last so jump in now! 

Xbox Mini Fridge pre-orders are kicking off today! What was once a hilarious meme, has now shrunk down and become an actual collectible product for purchase. While we are expecting the new Xbox Mini Fridge to be hard to come by, and especially so during the first wave of pre-orders kicking off today, we are here to help the cause. You’ll find some quick links below to the exclusive US pre-order at Target, just make sure you get in there as soon as possible to ensure you score one during the first wave of pre-sales. Head below for more details on Xbox Mini Fridge pre-orders. 

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Nintendo officially unveils Splatoon 3 release date alongside today’s new gameplay trailer

Update: On the heels of today’s Splatoon 3 release date reveal, Nintendo has now taken to its official Twitter account to announce that all Nintendo Switch Expansion packs members can play the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC at no additional cost.

Back during February’s massive Direct presentation, Nintendo had the Splatoon 3 release date earmarked for summer 2022, but we now know the next entry in the squid shooter series is slated for September 2022 as per the tweet Nintendo just let loose on its official Twitter account. After surprisingly pushing the release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ahead some three months, it would appear that Zelda Breath of the Wild 2’s delay into 2023 is shuffling the rest of the Switch lineup around a little bit. Nonetheless, we now know exactly when Splatoon 3 will hit store shelves. Head below for more details and a look at today’s new Turf War gameplay footage. 

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Microsoft is bringing more Ubisoft titles to Game Pass, starting with Assassin’s Creed Origins

Microsoft recently released the list of upcoming Game Pass titles, which includes several that we expected, but one that we weren’t quite prepared to see: Assassin’s Creed Origins. Why is AC Origins a surprise Game Pass inclusion? Well, it’s a Ubisoft title, and there aren’t many games from the famed company included with Game Pass… yet. In January, we saw that Ubisoft+ was making its way to Xbox and that Rainbow Six Siege would be a day-one title, but we’re now starting to see older games added to the service.

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Classic Sonic games come to modern hardware in new SEGA Origins collection this summer

The classic Sonic games are getting a fresh coat of paint as part of the upcoming Sonic Origins package. SEGA has now detailed its upcoming re-release bundle just in time for its mascot character’s 31st anniversary celebrations this summer (June 23, 2022). The package includes enhanced ports of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and 2 as well as Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD – a title that initially released in 1993 on on the SEGA CD (among being ported to other platforms thereafter). Head below for a closer look at the enhancements coming to these classic Sonic games in the Origins bundle. 

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Next big Nintendo Switch RPG: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 now coming in July + new trailer

In a strange turn of events for the video game industry these days, the next big Nintendo Switch RPG is getting its release moved up. After the announcement trailer hit back during the massive February Direct presentation, Nintendo announced the next adventure in the Monolithsoft-developed Xenoblade saga would be arriving in September 2022.  But according to an official tweet from the Nintendo Twitter account today, the game will now be arriving this summer with a special edition package coming via the Nintendo Store. Head below for more details and a look at today’s new launch trailer. 

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New leaks suggest Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy titles might still be on the way

Back in September of last year rumors surfaced that Nintendo was readying some of its classic handheld games to appear on its current-generation console, and now new leaks seem to suggest a potential Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy service is still in the works. Last fall it looked as though Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles were headed to Nintendo’s Online service, but soon after that it announced the new Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis Expansion tier instead. And now, it appears the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance titles you were waiting for might still be on the way. More details are below. 

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Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword collectible alarm clock now up for pre-order

Square has unleashed a new Final Fantasy VII collectible in the form of Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. Aligned much like it is on the iconic game’s title screen, this new Final Fantasy VII collectible alarm clock is designed to sit among your other Final Fantasy swag or on the nightstand and specifically takes the shape of Cloud’s main weapon from the more recent remake of the beloved Square Enix role-playing game. Head below for more details and a closer look at the launch video. 

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You can become a space pirate smuggler in No Man’s Sky Outlaws update, available to play now

Today, Hello Games is introducing one of No Man’s Sky’s biggest updates to date with Outlaws. This DLC is free to everyone who owns the game already and includes quite a few changes, including outlaw space stations, smuggling, a new ship, and even the ability to own more ships. What else can you do in No Man’s Sky Outlaws? Let’s take a closer look.

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Bugsnax makes its way to Xbox Game Pass on April 28 following PlayStation exclusivity

What was once a PlayStation-exclusive title comes to Xbox via Game Pass starting April 28. That’s right, Bugsnax, which was a launch title for the PlayStation 5, is making its way to quite a few new platforms later this month, including Microsoft’s Xbox One / Series lineup, Nintendo Switch, and even PC via Steam. This comes alongside a free update called The Isle of Bigsnax, so let’s take a look at all that’ll be coming to Bugsnax on April 28.

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While no date or theme is set, upcoming Subnautica game will be on a ‘new sci-fi world’

The fine folks at Unknown Worlds are hiring a “senior narrative designer” whose goal is to help the team “shape the next game in the Subnautica universe.” As a fully remote studio, Unknown Worlds is open to many different types of applicants, but the job itself gives a little insight as to what we can expect from this upcoming expansion of the Subnautica universe.

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Square Enix unveils new Kingdom Hearts iOS game alongside the upcoming main line KH 4

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, Square Enix has now unveiled Kingdom Hearts 4 and a new Kingdom Hearts mobile game known as Missing-Link. The beloved Disney and Square Enix crossover franchise is celebrating 20 years in the game this year the right way with a new entry in the mainline franchise and the upcoming iOS (and Android) title with an all-new original story. Head below for more details on the latest coming from the world of Kingdom Hearts and the debut trailers.

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Hello Neighbor 2 arrives December 6, but you can pre-order and play the beta now

It’s that time – Hello Neighbor 2 is officially ready to play, though the full release won’t happen until December 6. In the meantime, the game is available to enjoy in beta form for all those who pre-order the game on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. Curious where Hello Neighbor 2 picks up from the previous game and how it continues the story? Well, it’s quite interesting, so let’s break it down below.

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Xbox Game Pass Family Plan to support up to five accounts for ‘far less’ then buying separate

Xbox Game Pass continues to be the best value in console or desktop gaming, especially now that Sony launched a competing service that’s both more expensive and less feature-packed. Well, Game Pass is about to become an even better value as the rumored family plan is, in fact, real. While we don’t know exactly what it’ll cost or when it’s launching, we do know a few specifics about how it’ll work, so keep reading to find out more on the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan.

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Nintendo brings Earthworm Jim 2, Dig Dug II, more to NES and SNES Switch Online library

After seeing a rare price drop on new condition OLED model Switch consoles this morning, Nintendo has now unveiled some NES and new SNES Switch Online games. Nintendo has been focused on adding value to its newer N64 and SEGA libraries as of late – we saw F-Zero X and some new Genesis titles this month after Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask launched in February – but it is now ready to bring some new classics to the entry level tier for the rest of us. Head below for a closer look and more details. 

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Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel release window confirmed (again), but you’re not going to like it

The Nintendo Switch game lineup was primed to have one of its most exciting years to date, but it looks like the Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel release date is going to slip. Having already dropped Pokémon Legends: Arceus and with the Gen 9 Pokémon Scarlet and Violet titles on the way, among others, 2022 was set to be massive year for Nintendo’s biggest franchises. And while it will still be quite a notable lineup, arguably the most anticipated title of all has now been confirmed for a 2023 release. Head below for more details. 

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Sony officially unveils new PlayStation Plus with Game Pass-style streaming; launches in June

After rumors surfaced back in February of the new Sony Game Pass competitor, Sony has now unveiled the new PlayStation Plus. Taking to the official PlayStation Blog this morning, Sony has now confirmed much of what we saw last month with its new subscription service that essentially combines PS Plus with PS Now on-demand game streaming functionality. The new PlayStation Plus Game Pass competitor is set to launch in June 2022 with 700+ titles for subscribers. Head below for a closer look.

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Happy Kirby and the Forgotten Land launch day! In-stock amiibo + support details, deals, more

Happy Kirby and the Forgotten Land launch day folks! It has been a long time coming for Kirby to truly get the 3D AAA treatment on Nintendo hardware, but the wait is finally over. Forgotten Land does all that and more with positive reviews on the pink hero’s latest adventure hitting all over the net. You can still score a copy of the game on sale via Amazon, not to mention the FREE demo if you’re still on the fence. Or you can go full price with some extra goodies at Walmart and GameStop. We are also seeing some of the regularly hard-to-get Kirby amiibo collectibles (that also work in Forgotten Land) in stock and have rounded up some of the best and most adorable collectibles to celebrate Kirby’s latest. Head below for a closer look and a mouthful of adorable Kirby trinkets. 

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PlayStation console voice commands now live, HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate on the way

The latest system update for Sony’s home gaming consoles has now been rolled out with the previously in-beta PlayStation voice commands, and more. There were several reports suggesting the update came along with some serious network issues – some folks were unable to access PlayStation Plus content as well as online services in games like Elden Ring and others – but it seems that has been corrected at this point, mostly. Head below for more details. 

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How to create folders on Switch with the new ‘Groups’ feature in latest update from Nintendo

If you’ve ever wondered how to create folders on Switch, Nintendo has now finally made it possible. The latest Nintendo Switch system update has arrived with few nice quality-of-life features including the ability to finally organize your games and apps properly. Some five years after the release of the original hybrid console and six months after delivering proper Bluetooth support, Nintendo has now issued the latest Switch update that brings a groups organization feature to the UI alongside enhancements of the newfound wireless audio system. Head below the fold for a closer look at the update and how to create folders on Switch with the new “Groups” feature.

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CDPR says new saga of Witcher games now in development, here are all of the details

CD Projekt Red took to its official Twitter page today to announce the new Witcher game. The original trilogy of games that started on PC years ago culminated in one of the best fantasy RPGs in history with the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Now, after a lengthy hiatus and what could only be described as a very rough launch with its follow-up project, Cyberpunk 2077, it is diving back into the world of The Witcher. More details below. 

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New Mario Kart 8 courses go live today: FREE with a Switch Online sub + more details

Update 3/18: Wave 1 of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass is now live starting today! All of the details you need on how to access them can be found below and on this Nintendo landing page

Nintendo made some major announcements during yesterday’s Direct showcase, not the least of which were the 48 new Mario Kart courses coming to the latest iteration of its beloved kart racer. New FREE Metroid DLC, Earthbound coming to Switch Online, the new Mario Strikers Battle League, and the upcoming Switch Sports were all exciting to say the least, but Nintendo also announced a sizable new injection of content with the new Mario Kart courses that will run right through until the end of 2023. So it’s time to dive into the details, what this might mean for the rumored Mario Kart 9, and how to get the new Mario Kart courses to upgrade your existing Switch kart racing experience. Head below for a closer look.

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First look at Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy gameplay starts now!

Update: While Amazon’s listing is temporarily out of stock, Best Buy is offering $10 gift cards with pre-orders on Hogwarts Legacy across all platforms. 

It’s finally time to get our first look at Harry Potter gameplay from the upcoming Avalanche Software RPG. Sony announced earlier this week it would be dedicating an entire State of Play showcase event – not something we see very often – to the game for its first gameplay blowout, and it has finally arrived. The teaser trailer we got about a year ago got nearly 30 million views, so let’s hope the folks at Sony come through with an exciting demo this afternoon. Head below to follow along with today’s Harry Potter gameplay showcase for the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy.

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Been waiting for Sniper Elite 5? It’s finally available for pre-order and launches May 26

The Sniper Elite series has long been my favorite whenever I’m in the sniping mood – the realistic shot patterns, the X-ray vision when a bullet lands, and the fact that you have to sneak around make it through a mission. Well, Sniper Elite 5 is finally almost here, and we now have a solid launch date for the game: May 26. It’s available to pre-order now for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, but we also got a new trailer that “gives all our well-trained recruits a glimpse of the action-packed storyline and main characters” that Sniper Elite 5 brings to the table.

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