xbox-one-standard-boxEarlier today Microsoft announced that it will begin selling the Xbox One console without a Kinect sensor for $399, which is $100 less than the price of a console bundled with Kinect.

There’s little doubt that this move is meant to stimulate slumping Xbox One sales, which have fallen nearly 1 million units behind its rival PlayStation 4. These disappointing sales numbers have prompted Microsoft to giveaway its hottest game and have motivated retailers to offer aggressive discounts. Let’s take a look at how this Kinect-less Xbox One deal stacks up against other promotions we’ve seen thus far..

 Here are the top Xbox One console deals we’ve featured since its release:

– Refurbished, like-new Xbox One $380 via eBay Daily Deals
– New, open box Xbox One $400 via 1Sale
– New Xbox One Titanfall bundle $450 via Amazon, Best Buy & Walmart

All of the deals above were for the original version of the Xbox One that includes a Kinect sensor. Microsoft plans to sell the Kinect as a standalone product later this fall, but pricing is still unknown so for right now we are going to value the Kinect sensor at $100 (based on the price drop).

The Titanfall bundle was by far the best deal we’ve seen thus far when you take into account that the game alone retails for $60. That means buyers were getting a new Xbox One console with a Kinect sensor for $10 less than Microsoft’s new package, which does not include the sensor. While these past deals don’t help anyone currently in the market for Xbox One, they are a good indicator of what we can expect from future promotions, and we can only assume the deals will get even hotter as we approach the holiday season.

Bottom line is that the new Xbox One console without Kinect for $399 is an OK deal if you are in dire need of a new system, but you should be able to get more for your money if you wait for more deals to roll around. You can save even more if you are willing to settle for a refurbished or open-box unit. As always, be sure to check out our daily games roundup to keep up with the latest deals.

The new $399 Xbox One is slated to be released on June 9th and is currently available for preorder.

Many feel Kinect shouldn’t have been bundled in with Xbox One in the first place. The motion technology improved greatly over last gen’s outting, but continues to suffer from a lack of compelling content and the precision required for hardcore gaming. Respected gaming analyst, Michael Pachter recently told that he believes Kinect has “become almost irrelevant.” In fact, the Xbox One’s biggest title, Titanfall, doesn’t utilize the Kinect in any way. Most Xbox One owners believe it excels as an advanced UI navigation tool, but the standard controller may soon be just as good at those tasks:

We do want to find ways to give you some of those shortcuts and make some of the things that we have with Kinect easier with the controller,” Mehdi said. “You can expect to see us do a bunch of things over the coming months to make the experience easier and easier, even if you don’t have a Kinect.” – Xbox marketing lead, Yusuf Mehdi via Engadget

For most people, the Kinect doesn’t enhance one’s enjoyment of the Xbox One and its absence will not diminish its usability, but it is a helpful tool and future games may make better use of it so it is nice to have.

Justin Kahn contributed to this article.

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5 Responses to “Deal Analysis: Is the Kinect-less Xbox One for $399 a good value?”

  1. I bought my 360 used with a receipt so many years ago and never had a problem to this day. I saw the red ring and just shut it off and it popped back on. I get so angry that most of the product for the 360 hasn’t moved much in price as it begins to phase out.
    The real problem with the ONE is everywhere they sell them in Canada there wasn’t a single one where you could DEMO them. Only now are you somewhat able to drive the TIRED driving game. XBOX had this inflated “look at me, I’m cool, expensive and the big brother to the 360.” attitude. If I have to ask to play your demo machine, then you really aren’t trying to sell me. It’s not a car I don’t need to be supervised to drive it, as I can’t leave the store with it. The 360 I could walk in and try them anytime. Also, why have the racing game as a demo? My 8 year old son is not even into that game. Who does marketing for this program?
    The ultimate problem is XBOX thought they were way too cool, and forgot how to sell the game and the breakdowns didn’t help.

  2. andrerichards2010 says:

    Poor little Microsoft. Nobody wants to play with them.

    The PS4 and Wii U have both outsold the XBox One and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. I see so much head-scratching over this in the tech press, but to me, it really comes down to the one thing: the brand damage done by the incessant hardware failures of the 360. Lots of gamers are just steering clear of Microsoft and the XBox, wary that they’ll end up on the endless treadmill of repairs or re-purchasing. I’ve talked to so many gamers at this point who are avoiding the XBox One because of the expense and headaches the 360 brought them. I’m absolutely convinced that’s the primary reason for the XBox One tanking so badly. People keep talking about how all it’s going to take are a couple killer games and some great features, but the XBox One is feature-rich and there have already been a couple of killer games released and it’s not making a difference.

    Microsoft has irreparably damaged their brand with their absolutely disgraceful response to the hardware failures of the 360 and have chased a lot of potential XBox One owners over to other consoles. It’s really that simple. I’m one of those people and I know many others who will say the same.

    • Justin Kahn says:

      I feel like MS recovered pretty well from the red ring of death issues (likely learned from it?), and managed to foster quite a massive console community last gen. There are more than 80 million 360s out in the wild. Something tells me the (previously!) mandatory bundled Kinect Sensor, extra $100 price tag, and confused launch messaging had more to do with lagging Xbox One sales than anything.

  3. I have to disagree that the kinect does not add to the enjoyment. I LOVE being able to walk into room say “XBox On” and it turns on my tv and game system. Also, in an intense game you can say “Xbox volume down” and no need to take hands off controller to reach for remote control. It is the small things like that that make a difference I believe. Just my 2 cents.

    • Dan DeSilva says:

      I am certainly in agreement with you there, but those times it is nice to have may not be worth $100 to someone looking to get into next-gen gaming the cheapest way possible. My recommendation is to wait for more deals that include the Kinect. Those are the best values.