Deals ▪ September 2

Nest made a splash yesterday with the announcement of its third generation Learning Thermostat. But despite its larger screen and new Farsight feature, the second generation model is the better buy for most people at its new, lower price of $199 (Orig. $249).

Nest did a great job of talking up how its third generation screen is a big deal, but in practice it probably won’t improve your life that much. Farsight sounds like it would be helpful, but how often do you really want to check in on your thermostat from 3-ft or more away or don’t have access to clock? Most thermostats live in hallways anyways, where you’re never more than a few feet away from its display. The other big improvement is Furnace Heads-Up that analyzes your furnace’s shutoff patterns, but that feature will also be rolling out to all previous generation Nest Thermostats later this year.

At the end of the day, it feels like Nest didn’t do enough to make the third generation Thermostat worth the extra $50 over its predecessor. That being said, you won’t always have this option since the second generation’s discounted price of $199 is only going to be around “while supplies last.” expand full story

Deals ▪ August 10

Full-featured drones don’t come much smaller – or more fun – than the SKEYE Mini, which 9to5Toys Specials is offering now on pre-order for $65 shipped.

Despite being palm-sized, the SKEYE has six-axis gyroscopic stabilization and an on-board HD camera for a fully immersive flying experience to share with friends & family. With four coreless motors providing thrust, this tiny quadcopter is very maneuverable, and you can adjust the controls with two modes (beginner and expert). While newbies will enjoy the stability, experienced pilots can pull off flips and rolls.

These precise controls are also great when you want to capture the surrounding scenery from above, with the camera taking stills and 720p video. The drone also sports LED lights for flying at night, and it charges via the supplied USB cable.

  • Flies with precision-controlled steering
  • Includes beginner and advanced flight modes
  • Performs flips, barrel rolls and aerobatic tricks
  • Pulls off smooth maneuvers thanks to its high thrust and low weight
  • Boasts outstanding stability with 6-axis stabilization
  • Captures quality HD photos and video footage from high in the sky
  • Features 4 coreless motors
  • Embark on night flights with LED lights

Order now to get 34% off your pre-order, plus free shipping when the SKEYE Mini is released next month.

Also, check out the other top selling drones in 9to5Toys Specials:

Deals ▪ July 20

TRENDnet 500 AV Nano Adapter Powerline Kit (TPL-406E2K)-sale-01Amazon has the TRENDnet TPL-406E2K Powerline 500 AV Nano Adapter Kit for $20 Prime shipped. That’s 62% under the original price, the lowest we’ve seen on this kit by $5 and one of the best prices we’ve seen on any Powerline option of this caliber. It has received a 4.1/5 star rating from over 300 customers.

Need some more speed? Grab a Gigabit speed version for $49.99 shipped after clipping a $10 coupon at checkout.

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Deals ▪ July 8

Deals ▪ July 6

Whether you’re hitting the festival circuit or heading out for a concert or two, these products will elevate your summer experience. Stay cool, dry, and entertained this summer with these adventure essentials. Plan your road trip or camp site packing list with DUBS acoustic filters, Bose SoundLink Color, a Marmot Tungsten 2-person tent, and more: expand full story

Deals ▪ July 1

July 4th is the perfect day for an outdoor get-together, but the cost of food, drinks, and entertainment adds up quickly. Save a few dollars, help the environment, and create a new space by DIYing some of your outdoor decor with both new and re-purposed items. expand full story

Deals ▪ June 25

You can now get LG’s most recent flagship, the LG G4, on eBay via seller breed (97.9% positive feedback) for $500 unlocked. That’s $100 less than the nearest low price for the device, and the lowest we’ve seen. The device comes with 32 GB of flash storage, and is factory unlocked for 4G LTE GSM networks. expand full story

After a week of puzzling YouTube clips and tweets surrounding Seattle’s downtown, we have learned what the Treasure Truck is. Those in Amazon’s home city will be able to obtain special one-day deals on products, food and other items by following the status of the truck on the retailer’s mobile app.

Starting on Saturday, Amazon will be selling items out of the truck but you’ll have to find it first. expand full story

Deals ▪ June 16

Nintendo kicked off its E3 announcements with a huge content update for Super Smash Bros. and then dove into some gigantic game announcements including Star Fox Zero, Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World, The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes and more.

Wii U and the new 3DS handheld are rocking right now thanks to some major releases over the past year. Nintendo’s E3 announcements only upped the ante for these consoles and set the stage for a strong 2015/2016 showing. Head below for the most important news that Nintendo dropped on us so far this week: expand full story

Deals ▪ June 8

Original 2163 mobilefirstbundle mf primary4

9to5Toys Specials is currently letting you “pay whatever you want” (currently <$5) for the Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle. It shows you how to start making mobile apps from scratch.

The bundle includes ten courses covering iOS, Android, and HTML5 app development. No previous experience is required, as there is an introductory course for each of the platforms. The tuition is bang up to date, with instruction on coding in Swift for iOS, and building apps for Android Lollipop. Once you have the basics down, you can move on to more specialized tracks, such as how to create games with Unity3D and convert a WordPress site into a native app. You also learn how to design your apps for a great user experience, and how to monetize them.

  • Monetize Your App: Major Advertising Networks ($49)
  • The Complete Android Lollipop App Development Course ($99)
  • Learn Android Development from Scratch ($99)
  • Learn Swift Programming Step by Step ($99)
  • Learn to Build Mobile Games Using Unity 3D ($149)
  • Projects in HTML5 ($199)
  • The Ultimate Android Course for Complete Beginners ($499)
  • Learn iOS 8 Mobile App Design and Make Top Money ($199)
  • Create a Native App for Your WordPress Website in 8 Days ($149)
  • Mobile App Design in Sketch 3: UX and UI Design from Scratch ($199)

You can pay what you want for the first two courses; pay above the average price (currently $5) to unlock the full bundle.

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Ea35971be8c0e3bacefb7922f47ff8fc0ea6e368 main hero image

9to5Toys Specials currently has the KeySmart 2.0 Compact Key Organizer for $17.00 with free shipping. It reduces the bulk of your bunch of keys and eliminates that annoying jingle.

Rather than painfully squeezing your keys into your jeans, the KeySmart holds keys flat against each other. This means they take up half the room they normally would, and because they are held on a hinge, you can easily flip them out for use. With the included extender, the KeySmart has room for up to 10 standard-size keys. It is made (in the USA) from stainless steel and aircraft aluminum, but without the keys, it weighs just 0.1 oz.

  • Frame crafted from quality aluminum for lightweight body
  • Hardware milled from stainless steel for durability
  • Design made to fit 2× the keys in half the space
  • Accommodates most sizes of key
  • Made in the USA

You can order the KeySmart now to get 26% off the standard price.

Deals ▪ June 1

kindle ereader for kidsbkb-slate-01-lg3._V304941797_

Most devices out there serve as a distraction for children these days, but the new Kindle for kids bundle is made just for kids reading and learning how to read. For $99, Amazon now (as of late last week) offers the latest Kindle e-Reader, a kid-friendly cover with 5 color options, and a 2-year warranty from SquareTrade for those accidental oopsies. All together that’s nearly a $40 savings when bundled together.


  • Includes the latest Kindle without sponsored screensavers ($99.00), a kid-friendly cover ($19.99), and a 2-year warranty provided by SquareTrade ($19.99). Save $39.98 compared to when purchased separately.
  • kindle for kids bundleSet reading goals and track progress with Kindle FreeTime
  • Power up a young reader’s vocabulary with features that offer hints for difficult words and let you practice them on digital flashcards
  • Drops or spills? No worries—includes 2 years of accident protection provided by SquareTrade. Once your Kindle ships, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your coverage.
  • Zero distractions—unlike tablets, Kindle is designed just for reading
  • Lighter than a paperback and holds thousands of books
  • Kindle offers more than 250,000 children’s titles, plus easily borrow e-books from your public library

The Kindle is the official eReader of the national PTA and comes very highly rated.
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Deals ▪ April 28

Deals ▪ April 27

C131ea23cb86f97fa2fc2c200986c97a042becad main hero image

9to5Toys Specials currently has the Earjax ‘Lyrics’ noise-isolating headphones for $35 with free shipping.

These Earjax headphones come with a multitude of different shapes and sizes of tip, meaning most ears will find a match. In addition, the earbuds themselves are engineered to keep out unwanted sound, allowing the oversized drivers to deliver rich, studio-quality audio. They also feature a gold-plated aluminum jack and a woven cloth wire, and in the box you get a carry case and a braided extension lead.

  • Precision fit and studio quality sound
  • Oversize high-definition drivers
  • High frequency response and rich bass
  • Engineered to block outside noise
  • Woven cloth braid for cable longevity
  • Gold plated, aluminum plug for optimum conductivity
  • Convenient braided extension cable
  • Multiple foam tip options to ensure optimal fit

These get 4/5 star reviews at Amazon where they range from $45-60

It is a great price for a high quality pair of earbuds — grab the deal here for $35 shipped.

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Deals ▪ April 24

Deals ▪ April 23

1b36dac746e633ad8d29ad11716d84a77aa630b8 main hero image

9to5Toys Specials currently has the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Bundle for $65 with free shipping. This is 40% off the standard price on the essential kit for repairing electronics which gets 4.6/5 stars at Amazon (where it costs the same without the $20 magnetic project mat).

This bundle is based around the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, which brings together all the industry-standard tools you’re likely to need when opening up a phone or laptop, for example. It includes a 52-bit driver set, an anti-static wristband, a ruler, a suction cup, a pair of tweezers, and an array of cutting and prying tools. Also in the bundle is iFixit’s Magnetic Project Mat, which stops small parts rolling away and doubles as a whiteboard surface for making notes.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

  • Measure parts with steel ruler
  • Hold onto parts lacking handles with suction cup
  • Protect against static electricity with wrist strap
  • Scrape and cut with the razor tech knife
  • Easily move around parts with ESD-safe precision tweezers
  • Carefully disassemble items with soft plastic prying tools
  • Easily transported in ultra-portable tool roll

Magnetic Project Mat

  • Catch and hold screws as you work
  • Take notes without scratching or smudging ink using the Lumocolor Correctable Pen
  • Easily wipe ink away with eraser tip or dry cloth wipe

Pick up this comprehensive kit at a majorly reduced price here.

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Deals ▪ April 16

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