Awair Stories July 24

Today, Awair, maker of connected air quality monitors, is expanding its lineup of devices with another smart home entry in the form of Glow C. The hybrid accessory can monitor a suite of air quality-related stats which can be used to automatically control a built-in smart plug. Plus with an LED light, it’s a notable option for those getting started with smart home technology. Head below for all of the details.

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Awair Stories July 11, 2018

Air quality is a big deal in many cities. The air we breath can be full of contaminants, dust-born particles, or might just be a poor temperature for an activity we’re performing (productivity, sleep, etc.) Awair launched in late 2016 with its Glow product that featured the ability to provide live air quality monitoring in a standalone package.

The latest product from Awair doesn’t have any fancy name and is just called the “Awair 2nd Edition”. This new air quality monitor packs a ton of features into a uniquely designed small cabinet to deliver everything on a dot-style display, bringing both function and acting as a great desk accessory.

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