eBike Stories May 11, 2018

As eBikes take over as a budget option for commuters who’d rather not buy a car, more and more people are riding bikes on public roads.

One issue that faces bikers everywhere is turning. How do you signal to vehicles behind (or in front) of you that you want to turn? Sure, there’s hand signals, but they don’t always draw a lot of attention. That’s where Blinkers come in. This is a name we have called turn signals forever, but now it’s a company who makes signals for bikes and it should result in safer riding for everyone.

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eBike Stories March 30, 2018

Rad Power Bikes is out to demonstrate that owning an electric bike doesn’t mean spending a fortune. It’s new 2018 lineup offers four different varieties priced from $1,499. Over the past year, many releases have been marked by increased range and new features, which has of course resulted in rising prices. Rad Power Bikes looks to remove sticker shock from the equation with designs that are rider-friendly and remove any intimidation.

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eBike Stories March 23, 2018

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I know a high-end ebike when I see one and this Ancheer 250W is absolutely not high-end. In fact, it would probably be a bit of a stretch to call this a mid-tier electric bike. Ancheer, a Chinese company that also sells USB peripherals, Fitness equipment and other knickknacks, took a bunch of base level components and put them on a Huffy-level all aluminum bike frame and out of this concoction got a good sub-$600 ebike. So how good/bad is it? Let me tell you…

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eBike Stories March 21, 2018

Timmerman, a Europe-based electric bike company, has unveiled its newest two-wheeled creation: the Scrambler V2.0. Designed with minimalism and vintage cues at the forefront, this attractive electric bike hits the market this week with a $6,000+ price tag and some impressive performance.

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eBike Stories January 29, 2018

We’ve seen our fair share of electric bikes over the last few years, ranging from decidedly modern to minimalistic designs. But this one from Cake may very well…well, take the cake. The new Kalk electric bike sports an intriguing design that blends both clean lines and industrial cues into one of the more unique two-wheelers we’ve come across.

Slated to ship in late 2018, the Kalk eBike from Cake features impressive top speeds at nearly 50MPH with a maximum range of 50-miles to match. Head below for more details, including how you can pre-order your own.

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eBike Stories November 11, 2017

Today is 11.11 (Chinese Black Friday), get the best deals on sites like AliExpress, Gearbest, BangGood, more

In China, November 11th or 11.11 is called Guanggun Jie or Single’s Day. From Wikipedia:

Chinese Singles’ Day or Guanggun Jie (Chinese: 光棍节; pinyin: Guānggùn Jié; Wade–Giles: Kuang-kun chieh; literally: “Single Sticks’ Holiday”) is an entertaining festival widespread among young Mainland Chinese people, to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single. The date, November 11th (11/11), is chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual that is alone. This festival has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world, with sales in Alibaba’s sites Tmall and Taobao at US$5.8 billion in 2013, US$9.3 billion in 2014, US$14.3 billion in 2015 and over US$17.8 billion in 2016.

What being single has to do with deals is still a mystery to me, but if you are going to do some shopping on AliExpressGearbest or BangGood today is the day. I only have first hand experience with AliExpress (China’s Amazon) so let’s start there…

eBike Stories August 12, 2016

Tern’s newest creation, the Electron e-Bike is powered by Bosch’s Active motor system. It is being touted as “the most powerful and smallest folding e-bike ever.” Lofty claims. So is it true? Head below to find out how Electron is bringing more power to an ever-expanding product category.

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eBike Stories July 6, 2016

Electric bikes have been popping up all over the place throughout the last year. We’ve seen a variety of designs from transformers-esque to more classic stylings. It’s seems as if manufacturers have struggled to bring this alternative source of energy to bicycles without creating a battery pack on wheels in the process. A new Swiss-built e-bike with Italian design cues has a different look in mind. Velocipede Fogliaverde, which means “green leaf velocipede” hit Kickstarter in hopes of funding this project. More below.

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eBike Stories February 22, 2016

As eBikes have gained traction over the last few years, a variety of styles have come to fruition through crowdfunding and startup companies. Initially we saw plenty of industrial designs but thankfully more traditional cruisers are hitting the scene.

Faraday has been cranking out electrical for just over five years. The San Francisco bike shop recently took to Kickstarter to fund its latest creation: the Cortland and Cortland S. With just a week to go, Faraday has flown past its crowdfunding goal. There’s still time to grab one before the campaign ends, but you’ll need to act fast as nearly every model has sold out…

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eBike Stories October 2, 2015

It has been a big month for electric vehicles, with Tesla notably stealing the show with its event earlier this week. On the lower end of the cost spectrum, there is an ever increasing interest in affordable battery-driven transportation. We have already seen motorcycle and skateboard prototypes that each offer a unique alternative to traditional counterparts.

The eBike community is growing as well. One of the more intriguing electric bikes on the market comes way of Sondors. After previously raising over six million dollars on Indiegogo, Storm and his crew are back with a refreshed model and a lower price tag on Kickstarter that makes this affordable eBike more attractive than ever.

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