Start your journey to HiFi with 3-months of TIDAL Premium/Family at just $0.50 (Reg. up to $45)

Best Buy is offering a 3-month TIDAL Premium Music Subscription for $0.49 as a digital download. Opt for the 3-month TIDAL Premium Family Music Subscription at $0.49 as a digital download as well. Generally retailing for $30 or $45 respectively, today’s deal saves up to $44.50, or 99%. This effectively gives you TIDAL Premium for around $0.16 per month to trial the service and see if it’s right for you.

While TIDAL’s HiFi tier delivers up to studio-quality masters, the Premium tier is perfect for those who want to enter the space to get started, without having to pay for HiFi access. This is great if you’re someone who wants to get into high-quality music, but you’re not ready to jump in with both feet yet. TIDAL Premium includes 320Kb/s streaming quality, which is considered High on their streaming list, with HiFi clocking in at around 1411Kb/s, for comparison. Learn more about Tidal here. Rated 4/5 stars.