Check out all of the LEGO sets retiring this year

By Blair Altland

The end of the year will see over 100 LEGO sets retire from everything from Star Wars and Super Mario to Architecture, Ideas, and more. So once each of the sets sell out, they'll be gone forever.

Expand your LEGO collection

before it's too late

Must-have Star Wars sets

First up, a collection of kits from a galaxy far, far away will retire at the end of 2021. Two of our favorites are Darth Vader's Castle and Kylo Ren's Shuttle, both of which are some of the enticing builds from the LEGO Star Wars lineup.

Must-have Marvel  sets

Plenty of builds from the Marvel universe are also set to retire, Though our favorites have to be the Iron Man Hall of Armor or the Avengers Tower Battle, both are display-worthy additions to your collection that won't be around much longer.

Must-have Harry Potter sets

Over in the Wizarding World, plenty of Harry Potter sets are slated to retire. While the Grand Hall is an easy highlight, there are plenty of other kits packed with witchcraft and wizardry to score before year's end.

Must-have LEGO Ideas sets

Several fan-inspired sets from the LEGO Ideas stable are being retired, including Dinosaur Fossils, Pirates of Barracuda Bay, and more.  

Must-have Architecturesets

LEGO's popular Architecture sets are also being retired, with a pair of the Skylines creations leaving shelves alongside the Empire State Building and more.

Must-have Mario sets

After LEGO released the first wave of Super Mario sets last year, many of them are now being retired ranging from Bowser's Castle to other Mushroom Kingdom levels.

And so much more!

There are over 100 different sets from the LEGO collection that'll retire by year's end. So if there are any that catch your eye, now's the time to add them to your collection before they disappear forever.