All of September's new LEGO sets have arrived: Star Wars, Marvel, and more


By Blair Altland

Journey to the Armorer's Forge

First up, we have the latest Star Wars set which draws inspiration from The Mandalorian in order to recreate an iconic location from the series. Complete with three minifigures, the set stacks up to 258 pieces st $29.99.

Get in the holiday spirit

LEGO's latest collection of Advent Calendars are now available! With five new offerings this year, 2021 is marking the first time we've seen Marvel get in on the action alongside Star Wars, Harry Potter, City, and Friends starting at $29.99

Getting FC Barcelona in on the brick-built action, a new 5,500-piece Camp Nou football stadium is now available at $349.99. Complete with plenty of iconic details, the set is one of the largest builds of the year so far.

Barça, Barça, Barça

LEGO's first Marvel collectible minifigures are now available

Maybe the most exciting of all the new unveils, September is also seeing the long-awaited debut of a LEGO Marvel collectible minifigure series. Having been announced last month, the collection arrives with 12 all-new characters inspired by the Disney+ MCU series like WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Solider, and What If…?.

Journey to Jurassic World

With new LEGO sets!

With five new creations spanning different price points, you’ll find a variety of brick-built dinosaurs to assemble ranging from a Baryonyx to Stygimoloch and even a T. rex skeleton.

Now available for pre-order, the new Hogwarts Icons set stacks up to over 3,000 pieces and assembles a variety of iconic props from the world of Harry Potter.

Assemble a new set from the Wizarding World