LEGO Star Wars 2022 set expectations 

By Blair Altland

LEGO Battle Packs return in 2022

After taking a 1-year hiatus, the popular LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs are finally coming back. With a single set slated to debut in 2022, the set will focus on Hoth.

Alongside three Snowtroopers, there will also be a Hoth Scout Trooper and some miniature builds at an expected $20 price point.

Two new buildable helmets join the LEGO lineup

Continuing the popular theme of recreating iconic Star War character likeness, the buildable helmet series will see two new releases come 2022.

Alongside The Mandalorian himself, there will also be a brick-built rendition of Luke Skywalker's Rebel Pilot helmet.

 Book of Boba Fett LEGO sets coming soon

As Star Wars fans begin turning their attention to the Book of Boba Fett this winter, so too will the LEGO Group as new sets are on the way.

Most noble of these will be a $100 version of Jabba's Palace, which has now been renamed for its new owner, Boba Fett. Expect to see more builds from the series, too.

Luke's Landspeeder cruising into the 2022 lineup

Assembling the most detailed version of the vehicle to date, the collectible set will include Luke himself alongside C-3PO

 If the recent play-scale versions haven't been enough, the LEGO Star Wars 2022 lineup will have a UCS Luke's Landspeeder arriving next year.

LEGO finally releasing an accurate Hoth AT-ST

Entering at the $50 price point, the set will include a pilot alongside Chewbacca and a Rebel Hoth Trooper.

If you thought the Hoth action was limited to the battle pack, the LEGO Group will be rolling out a refreshed version of the AT-ST from the ice planet.

Coming soon, is Yoda's Training 

Assembling the most collectible version of Luke's fateful encounter with Yoda on Dagobah.

Entering at the $80 price point, this kit from The Empire Strikes Back, this will enter into the 18+ theme when it launches next year.

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