Everything we know about LEGO Star Wars 2022 sets: Book of Boba Fett, battle packs, more

The LEGO Star Wars 2022 lineup is finally starting to take shape, and today we can report on a closer look at what to expect from the collection come next year. Ranging from the first sets based around the Book of Boba Fett to the return of battle packs, Original Trilogy kits, and more, you’ll want to head below for all of the details.

LEGO Star Wars 2022

Up until now, we’ve only been getting a few reports here and there of what to expect from the LEGO Star Wars 2022 lineup. Ranging from the buildable helmets to next year’s May the 4th UCS set, we’re getting a better idea of how the collection will look. Now, 9to5Toys can confirm some additional set rumors which have been circling through the start of this week.

Before we dive into the specifics of each build, here is a quick breakdown of all the sets that are currently on tap for next year. Do keep in mind that given how far out the release window is for some of these, there’s always the chance that some builds don’t end up making it to store shelves.

LEGO Star Wars 2022 lineup:

  • Hoth Battle Pack: $30 | 75320
  • Razor Crest Microfighter: $10 | 75321
  • Hoth AT-ST: $50 | 75322
  • Unknown Set: $30 | 75234
  • Unknown Set: ?? | 75325
  • Boba Fett’s Palace: $100 | 75326
  • Luke Skywalker Helmet: $60 | 75327
  • The Mandalorian Helmet: $60 | 75328
  • Death Star Fight Scene: $60 | 75329
  • Yoda’s Training: $80 | 75330
  • UCS Luke’s Landspeeder: $200 | 75341

As a quick recap of what we’ve already covered, it has been known for some time that next year will also mark the long-awaited return of the LEGO Star Wars battle packs, which will come back from hiatus with a single set. The Hoth Battle Pack will feature four Minifigures in total split between three Snowtroopers and a refreshed Scout Trooper to fit in with the cold climate. It’ll clock in at 105 pieces and arrives with an E-WEB blaster, snowspeeder, snowbank, and minifigure stands at the $19.99 price point.

More details on the Razer Crest Microfighter

We also know that as far as the annual microfighters go, we’ll see a Razer Crest come next year. You can get all of the details in our original report, as not too much has changed since then. There’s still the same 101-piece count and $9.99 price tag. Though, there is now the rumor that the LEGO Group will be introducing an entirely new type of play feature in the form of a new type of shooter.

Mixing up from the stud shooters, spring-loaded missiles, and flick-fire missiles we’ve seen in the past, there will be an entirely new implementation come 2022. There’s no word if that will carry over to the rest of the lineup next year, but given how it’s been over half a decade since the LEGO Group first introduced the stud shooters that have become so commonplace in sets these days, it makes sense we could be seeing something new phased in.

Two buildable helmets locked in for 2022, as well

Over onto the LEGO Star Wars buildable helmets, when we first checked in on what next year held for the theme, there were still some uncertainties in the lineup. While The Mandalorian helmet was all but assured, 9to5Toys originally reported that either the Luke Rebel Pilot or AT-AT Driver model would be cut. And now we know which one won’t be seeing the light of day come 2022.

As we expected, the AT-AT Driver won’t be seeing a release, with the more iconic of the two helmets getting the spotlight. Both of the kits will retail at the $59.99 price point, but the part count is currently unknown.

Luke’s Landspeeder gets the UCS treatment

Finally, in terms of what we already know, next year’s UCS set will be Luke’s Landspeeder. For better or worse, it’s looking like we will finally see the vehicle assembled as a more collectible kit. Our full report right here gives you a better idea of what to expect, as no new information has emerged as of late.

MOC courtesy of Reddit user OldStoneGrey

Book of Boba Fett joins the LEGO Star Wars 2022 lineup

Now, on to the good stuff. Following all of the early reports on the LEGO Star Wars 2022 lineup, there are now plenty of new tidbits on what to expect from the series. The most notable of these reports are certainly detailing the first Book of Boba Fett sets. As of now, there is only a single set that we can confirm for the collection, which will be one of the largest next year at $99.99. We rarely see builds that size enter in the January wave, but with the new Disney+ series airing in December, it looks like the LEGO Group will be hoping to cash in on the popularity.

In what used to be Jabba’s Palace, there will be a new brick-built version of the iconic residence which has now been taken over by Boba Fett. The size seems like it will be smaller than the previous LEGO version of the locale, so the scope of the build is still uncertain. Though, in what can almost be a sure thing, we’ll likely receive Boba himself alongside Fennec Shand, as well as the throne that was teased at the end of The Mandalorian season 2.

New sets from the Original Trilogy, too

Hoth AT-ST from The Empire Strikes Back

It wouldn’t be a new LEGO Star Wars wave without some classic kits centered around the Original Trilogy, and 2022 is keeping good on that with two notable sets as of now. The first of these keeps up with the Hoth theming we’ve seen from much of the lineup so far, and delivers a new AT-ST from the planet. It stacks up to 586 pieces at the $49.99 price point, which matches the price of the vehicle we saw back in 2019 as the first Mandalorian kit.

As for minifigures, you’ll fittingly find an AT-ST Pilot to go alongside Chewbacca and a Hoth Rebel trooper. There is also supposedly a Probe Droid included here. It’ll be a nice selection of figures at the price point, and should hopefully be exciting in that we’ll finally get an accurate version of the walker to Hoth, which has a different head shape than the design that is more commonly thought of.

Death Star

Another Original Trilogy moment being assembled is a Death Star Fight Scene at a $59.99 price point, though which particular one is a bit uncertain. Some are speculating it’ll just be that classic fight scene between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan, while others think it’ll be more in the vein of a Death Star Trench fight. Whatever it ends up being, this one reportedly won’t be one of the 18+ sets we’ve been seeing each year like the Bespin Duel or Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber.

Yoda’s training in 2022, we will see

The honor of 2022’s 18+ set looks like it will be bestowed to a $79.99 rendition of Yoda’s training, which depicts another classic moment from The Empire Strikes Back. This would by far be the largest version of that topic to date, given how the last was was just $25.

I’d expect to see Yoda’s hut as has been included in past renditions, alongside some kind of X-Wing. Though I bet it might end up being only a portion of it – like a wing sticking out of the swamp. There’s plenty of potential otherwise on what the LEGO Group could do. As far as minifigures go, anything outside of Luke, Yoda, and R2-D2 seems like a bit of a stretch, but those three should be pretty much guaranteed.

First LEGO Star Wars accessory packs coming in 2022

As fans hold out hope that next year could finally bring about the first Star Wars collectible minifigure series, it seems like the LEGO Group has some other plans in store. Throughout the rest of the LEGO themes are these smaller sets called accessory packs, which usually come with three or four minifigures and a pretty small build. Think battle packs but with more focus on the figures.

Now it looks like for 2022, we’ll be seeing not only our first but also second of these with two LEGO Star Wars accessories packs on the way. These will clock in at $14.99 each, though the theming on what we can expect is up in the air. Maybe we’ll finally get a Commander Cody minifigure, or the millionth Farmer Luke.

So many possibilities from unknown sets

And lastly, there are also some builds that have yet to be confirmed in any capacity. We do currently know the set numbers and the price points, though the specific builds or even what themes these will fit into are unknown as of now. My money is going to be on the Book of Boba Fett, though we may very well see some kits from The Bad Batch. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for any Clone Wars-themed kits, however.

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