At this point it’s extremely clear that LED bulbs should be in every light fixture in your house. They last longer (tens of thousands of hours) and use less power (up to 85%) than their incandescent counterparts. The clear environmental benefits coupled with the fact that LED prices have fallen off a cliff recently, have led to a worldwide phase-out of incandescent bulbs. In fact, you can regularly pick up a Philips LED bulb for under $10 a piece, but Ikea has shaken up the budget LED space by introducing its Ledare bulbs for just $4.95 each.

Ledare bulbs can’t be controlled by your iPhone like Philips Hue products or double as a JBL Bluetooth speaker, but they do pack the basic benefits of LED bulbs at bargain pricing.

They light up immediately, are rated for approximately 25,000 hours, and consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. Ikea says the Ledare bulbs put out 2700 Kelvin worth of warm light, which is equal to your typical 60-watt bulb.

Now for the negatives. Unlike many name-brand options, Ledare bulbs do not come with any warranty and it’s worth noting that some early reviewers have found Ikea’s light output claims to be a bit overstated.

Now available in-store and online, the Ledare bulbs come frosted and clear (dimmable) for just $4.49 each. If you’re addicted to the latest and greatest tech and just can’t resist the lure of Philips Hue, then be sure to at least take advantage of this free Hue bulb promo from Amazon.

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3 Responses to “Jump into the world of LED light bulbs for less than $5 a pop with Ikea Ledare”

  1. mpias3785 says:

    2700 K is pretty yellow and 60 watt equivalent is dim. I want to see 100-150 watt equivalent bulbs with in stead of one color temperature LEDs have a range of warm to cool to give better color.

    I tried a bunch of LED bulbs and am back to CFL.

    • The Ikea LED bulbs are a steal for dimmable LED. I agree with you that 2700K is too warm for an office environment, but it’s great for cozy living room.

      For my office I got some dimmable Daylight LEDs 100Watt Equivalent at Lowe’s, but the price was $19.95 three months ago. I guess price will eventually drop, but for now, I’m very pleased.

  2. I will have to check these out.
    When I first heard of LEDs they were like $40 a bulb for a tiny over-sink one.
    when that blew out a few months back we went to replace and decided for double the Halogen price and for 7-9 times the lifespan, we’d give LEDs a try.

    They are awesome. MUCH better than CFL bulbs. we also outfitted some ceiling fans with them and 2 LEDs are brighter than the 4 CFLs or Incandescent ones.