New Toy of the Day Today

If you’ve kept up with any of our past eBike coverage you’re probably well aware of the benefits they offer riders. Often times though, we don’t focus on the drawbacks of many eBike models. Most notably, heavy or bulky frames make it difficult to transport when not in use. Coming to us from Indiegogo, Smacircle S1 solves this annoyance with the ability to collapse and fit into a backpack with ease.

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New Toy of the Day May 25

It was just over two years ago that we first told you about Gogoro, which was at the time deemed “the world’s first” smart scooter. With its sleek design and unique battery charging station, it stood out as the next big thing in two-wheeled transportation. Fast forward to 2017 and Gogoro is back with the second generation that offers a handful of upgrades in both looks as well as function.

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New Toy of the Day May 24

Today in New York City, DJI unveiled the new Spark drone with a focus on portability and gesture-controls. This comes after a busy year for the industry leader in the drone category following the release of its Phantom 4 Advanced.

DJI claims users will be able to go from in-hand to in-the-air taking photos in just seconds. Geared towards entry-level pilots looking to capture drone-quality images and video, Spark has a number of consumer-friendly features. Today’s news also includes new smartphone apps with quick and simple editing features in line with what we saw from GoPro in the fall. Full details below.

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New Toy of the Day May 23

It’s that time of year again where the air conditioning units are starting to kick on as warmer temperatures return again. Ambi Labs is making a return to Kickstarter to raise funds for its second generation Ambi Climate 2. After successfully releasing its first iteration (and shipping) the latest version brings smartphone and Alexa control to your air conditioning units alongside a handful of new features.

The all-new design strays from the usual ugly plastic smart hub we typically see in favor of a new, sleeker version that would look fine out in the open. Combined with the ability to work with just about any infrared-controlled AC unit and we might just be on to something here.

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New Toy of the Day May 18

Watch out LEGO fans, the Minecraft collection is about to expand in a big way. Today, LEGO revealed the new 2,863-piece Mountain Cave set that delivers one of the most thorough recreations we’ve ever seen. Minecraft itself is known for its friendly block-by-block building experience. That makes it a perfect companion for the iconic brand. While LEGO has slowly rolled out plenty of similar sets in the past with this theme, today’s is one of the the biggest…and most expensive.

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New Toy of the Day May 17

Amazon has refreshed its Fire tablet lineup this morning with new features, specs and a special Kids edition. As well, today’s news includes a slight price drop on the HD 8 while the Fire 7 stays at the same price. Amazon’s budget-focused tablets have long been a hit with parents looking for an alternative to Apple’s much pricier iPads. And thanks to the recently announced FreeTime unlimited, parents are in more control over how their kids spend time than ever before. More details and a special launch-day deal are below.

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New Toy of the Day May 16

Amazon’s popular Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices have come a long way since they were initially released a few years ago. When we weren’t sure it would get any better, Amazon had sent its Fire users a revamped Fire TV software update back in December. I remember thinking to myself after updating, “Now this is what I’m talking about.”

If you’re a fan of these hot streaming devices, there’s some exciting news coming your way. Just as Roku has already been doing for a while, a few models of 4K TVs by Element and Westinghouse will be getting Amazon’s Fire TV software along with Alexa.

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New Toy of the Day May 15

Michael Jordan’s iconic Nike-backed Jordan Brand has dominated the world of basketball shoes for years. And while many think of MJ for his on-court greatness, he’s also known for his impressive golfing acumen as well. Jordan has expanded his empire over the years in a variety of ways, including sports other than basketball.

Following in the footsteps of the Air Jordan 9 and 1 Golf, Nike is introducing the new Air Jordan 13 this week. Leaning on the memorable 1997 design, these new golf shoes bring style and performance to the course in a whole new way. That is, if you can get your hands on them…

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New Toy of the Day May 12

Nike is known for its iconic shoe designs, from the original Air Jordan’s to its infamous Waffle Iron cross-trainers. Now it’s bringing some of its most popular looks to your iPhone. Unveiled this week, Nike is now offering cases for Apple’s flagship device that are direct reproductions of the soles from favorite shoes such as the original Air Force 1s and its Roshe line…

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New Toy of the Day May 11

Have you ever considered building an outdoor pizza oven? If you haven’t, let me spare you the pain. It’s time consuming and pricey. I’ve attempted to go down this road a few times with varying degrees of success. But I keep coming back to it over and over again. The reality is, it just doesn’t get much better than the experience of cooking your own pie over an open flame.

Despite my love affair with wood-fired pizza, it’s tough to recommend going this route. So how do we bring home that Neapolitan goodness without breaking the bank? Städler Made recently took to Kickstarter with its Euro-styled metal outdoor pizza oven that is both affordable, and clever. Made from steel alloy and capable of hitting temperatures over 750-degrees, this $300 pizza oven has me drooling over my keyboard…and the response from crowd-funders has been the same.

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New Toy of the Day May 9

It’s been an up and down 2017 so far for Parrot. After announcing a handful of different drones last year, it was forced to layoff nearly a third of its workforce as it continually struggles to compete with industry leader DJI. Today, Parrot is refocusing itself with a new line of professional-grade quadcopters that it hopes will help bolster revenues in Q3 and 4.

These new entry-level business UAVs are not designed for cinema-grade photography, but rather have professional features aimed at farmers, firefighters, roofers and more. Today’s announcement fits between Parrot’s affordable $100 consumer drones and its top-end commercial line that hit upwards of $11,000. The question remains, will these mid-range quads push consumers away from DJI? Full details below.

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New Toy of the Day May 8

Popular headphone maker Beyerdynamic has unveiled its new Xelento wireless, which it calls the “first wireless in-ears for audiophiles”. While competitors have rushed to flood the market with a multitude of cord-free options, Beyerdynamic has largely steered away from this trend. That changes today thanks to a unique design that stands out from the competition in a few ways. Most notable is a necklace-style wire that diverts from the typical behind-the-ear style we’re used to.

So whatdoes an audiophile-focused pair of wireless headphones entail? Head below for more.

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New Toy of the Day May 5

Weber is one of the most established names in the grilling industry, thanks to its long running line of smokers and charcoal cookers. It recently introduced the Summit Series, a high-end group of products for chefs looking to go beyond a basic setup. With brands like Treager introducing new tech-laden grills, it’s no surprise that Webber is making its own push into the upper echelon of this category.

The Summit Charcoal Grill features a 24-inch cook top and can be customized to smoke, grill or char your food to exact specifications. Dubbed a “gourmet BBQ system”, Weber isn’t holding back on this backyard beauty.

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New Toy of the Day May 4

Standing out from the pack isn’t an easy proposition for TV manufacturers. Leave it to Euro-based Loewe to figure out it. Its new bild 9 OLED combines a striking design with high-end technology that results in one of the coolest looking TVs that we’ve ever seen. Inspired by Bauhaus and Art Deco, it blends sharp lines and a variety of materials for a sleek, mid-century look. The 7mm 4K OLED display is mounted to a matte gold bracket system that takes this TV from electronic to focal point. More below.

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New Toy of the Day May 3

Monoprice is the name behind some of our favorite third-party accessories and tech. Known for taking a no-nonsense approach to marketing and pricing, the online brand is now entering a new space: the kitchen.

Its new Strata Home line includes everything from Sous Vide cookers to robotic vacuum cleaners, as well as other cooking and baking products. The goal is to bridge the gap between affordability and cutting edge technology, which is a Monoprice speciality.

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New Toy of the Day May 2

Ever since Apple made the decision to leave the display game (and subsequently return), we’ve seen an abundance of new releases from brands like Philips, LG and others trying to fill the void. Today, one of those major players is returning with another fresh announcement.

LG has quietly unveiled a new 42.5-inch 43UD79-B 4K IPS monitor with its FreeSync technology. Designed as a slightly more budget-friendly alternative to its UltraFine 5K display, this release has a few special tricks up its sleeve. Most notably is the inclusion of four HDMI inputs as well as support for USB-C connectivity. All this comes in at a sub $700 price tag…

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New Toy of the Day May 1

Inspired by old school Porsches, the Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker might just be our favorite electric bike ever. With killer styling and enough juice to get from point A to B, this beauty does it all. Good luck getting your hands on one of these, however. Vintage Electric is only offering 50 units at launch.

Made in conjunction with Rod Emory, famed Porsche rehabber, who was brought in to craft this one-of-a-kind electric bike. The collaboration has resulted in a unique two-wheeler that not only shines as a commuter, but is sure to draw attention of anyone on the road, as well.

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New Toy of the Day April 28

LEGO is known for making some of the coolest reproductions of real life machines, cars and buildings. Some of its best kits come out of the LEGO Ideas program, which brings projects to life if there is enough interest.

The latest of which comes from a builder named saabfan that delivers a 1:110 scaled down version of Apollo Saturn V. Standing nearly 40-inches tall, this reproduction includes a lunar lander, the ship itself and minifig astronauts. It may just be my favorite LEGO release ever.

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Bluetooth keyboards of ttacll kinds have become a necessity for children, college students, and working adults across the world. As the iPad era began, the netbook era faded away, along with its attached keyboards. Since we realized that it is not always ideal to type on a touchscreen, keyboards for tablets in particular became the popular purchase.

Logitech is a top competitor in the market of tablet keyboards, and its products usually have solid ratings on Amazon. It just introduced a new tablet keyboard to its collection, called the Universal Folio. As news has it, this keyboard supposedly works with any kind of tablet, so you need not buy a new keyboard case with every new tablet purchase.

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New Toy of the Day April 27

A few months back we told you about Lofree, a mechanical wireless keyboard that attempted to bridge the gap between retro styling and modern day tech. After three years in the making, a brand by the name of Elretron has brought its own version of a vintage-style keyboard to market. After a brief stint on Kickstarter, it’s safe to say the response has been noteworthy.

With eight days remaining in its campaign, Elretron has raised nearly $400,000, which is eight times its initial goal. So what has backers in such a frenzy? Aside from its typewriter design, it comes in a variety of stylish finishes including wood. My favorite part is that the side-mounted macro bar allows users to save frequently used keys or words with a simple press.

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New Toy of the Day April 26

This morning, Amazon has announced its new Echo Look camera, a unique device that leverages Alexa to help you with a variety of tasks. Designed with fashion-forward folks in mind, Amazon’s latest release offers feedback on your style as well as the ability to capture images of your outfit to share on social media services. Today’s news also delivers the Echo Look app for smartphones that works in conjunction with this camera.

Amazon has been very aggressive with the expansion of its Alexa Voice Service in 2017 and its latest in-house device continues that trend. Although this release feels slightly gimmicky in practice, seeing the online giant throw its hat into the camera market is intriguing. More details below.

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New Toy of the Day April 25

This morning, VIZIO announced that it’s refreshing its popular line of 4K Ultra HDTVs with new M and P-Series models. These tuner-less displays have been refreshed from the 2016 edition with a few key changes, including dropping the controversial Android-powered tablet remote. VIZIO continues to be one of the best ways to enter the world of 4K content without sacrificing product quality and your budget. It’s safe to say that its latest releases continue that trend.

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New Toy of the Day April 24

Bridgestone has long been one of the most trusted names in the tire industry. Just about everywhere you look, you’ll find its moniker plastered across four wheels. Problem is, I can’t say how its product has changed in the last four decades. I’m sure there have been plenty of evolutions, but by and large, a tire looks the same to me.

Insert Bridgestone’s new AirFree concept that definitely stands out. Reminiscent of John Deere’s TWEEL tire that’s backed by Michelin, this design has a chance to change the game forever. Its unique use of spokes that extend from the center eliminate the need for air and hopefully signals the end of flat tires all together.

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New Toy of the Day April 21

Let’s hear it for all our GoPro fans out there. It’s a great opportunity to have the ability to capture the action on your biggest trips in life. Unfortunately, the GoPro tends to be out of some of our price ranges. It would be nice to have some additional options for lower-cost action cameras that still perform highly.

Foxshot is a 500% funded Kickstarter product that can shed some light on the situation here. Not only is it an ultra-portable mini camera that shoots 1080p HD video, but it can also stick onto many surfaces like glass, wood, and marble.

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New Toy of the Day April 20

Echo Dot took the holiday shopping season by storm last year and with good reason. It delivered Amazon’s popular Alexa Voice Service to more consumers for just $50. The compact package, quality design and breadth of features made it the must-have gift of 2016. While Alexa has made its way to other devices in 2017, Amazon’s official line of products has been slow to be adopted by third-party accessory makers.

Today, Ninety7 out of Palo Alto has made its VAUX add-on available to the public. The “first” battery-powered speaker designed for Amazon Echo Dot. Aside from adding a portable power source, this new product also delivers a built-in speaker for $30 less than the list price of the comparable Tap Bluetooth Speaker. For Echo fanatics, this add-on might be the must-have accessory of 2017…

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