New Toy of the Day Today

It’s pretty hard to re-imagine something as simple as a rocking horse. A toy that’s been around for centuries, and has typically been limited to a wooden design going back as far as we can remember.

Designer Felix Monza has taken the iconic design and re-engineered it into one of the coolest toys we’ve ever seen. Dubbed ‘the Moto Rocker’ this new toy is sure to make your kid the coolest on the block thanks to clean lines and racer-inspired look. That is, if you can get over the price tag.

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New Toy of the Day Yesterday

Iconic furniture designer Herman Miller has today unveiled the latest addition to its line of office furniture. In partnership with Berlin-based Studio 7.5, the famed manufacturer is showcasing its new Cosm Task Chair Line at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The new swivel chairs are designed to conform with various default postures in hopes of eliminating the need for constant manual adjustment.

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New Toy of the Day April 17

Nearly a year ago to the day, Sony announced an e-paper tablet that was met with groans thanks to its eye-popping $700 price tag. Designed with professionals in mind, the 13-inch tablet was made for those that regularly spend their days taking notes and jotting down ideas. For the average consumer, the need just didn’t seem to be there.

Flash forward to 2018 and Sony is ready to try again. This week it has announced a new and smaller version of the e-ink tablet that’s slated for a June release date. Dubbed the DPT-CP1, it’s designed to be friendlier to both your wallet and daily routine.

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New Toy of the Day April 16

Nintendo has taken the gaming world by storm in the last few years, with not only the success of its Switch console, but also thanks to its retro-remake NES and SNES Classic. To no surprise, others have taken notice.

Over the weekend, SEGA’s official Twitter account confirmed an upcoming release of the MegaDrive Mini in celebration of the original’s 30th anniversary. Much like Nintendo’s own retro consoles, it will feature a library of games in a smaller footprint than the original.

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New Toy of the Day April 13

This week Airstream unveiled its newest travel trailer, departing from its iconic line of aluminum fifth wheels with a new fiberglass design. The latest version comes nearly 70 years after founder Wally Byam first dabbled with this alternative material. Dubbed the ‘Nest’, this 3,400-pound trailer sports a familiar design but lacks that shiny exterior that we’ve come to know and love from Airstream. expand full story

New Toy of the Day April 10

It seems like every year VIZIO delivers on a wide range of TVs for nearly every budget. For 2018, it’s looking like much of the same. Today, VIZIO announced its newest displays with refreshed lineups across the P-, M- and D-Series. Counting on popular designs and affordable price tags, the popular TV manufacturer has a few new surprises up its sleeve this year.

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New Toy of the Day April 9

This week at NAB, Western Digital has unveiled three new external solid-state drives under its pro-grade G-Technology brand. Designed as business-focused storage solutions, these new SSDs sport serious performance and big price tags. In fact, these new drives can deliver transfer speeds up to 2800MB/s, which is ideal for today’s high-resolution content.

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New Toy of the Day April 6

Following a delayed North American launch, the Olympus PEN E-PL9 mirrorless camera is finally making its way stateside. Coming in at under $600, this new model is designed for prosumers looking to dabble in photography outside of smartphone devices. It leans heavily on similar hardware as its predecessor, the E-PL8, but upgrades a few key areas. More below.

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New Toy of the Day April 5

Some six months ago, Amazon unveiled its Key system that is designed to make deliveries easier and more secure. But the idea of allowing UPS entry into your home has been met with some resistance. Today, Amazon is introducing a handful of new features and compatibility with eight total locks that are now on the market. Add in expanded availability for this service now totaling 37 cities, and Amazon Key is ready for the big-time.

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New Toy of the Day April 3

Gnarbox hit the scene awhile back with its first-generation portable hard drive that allows content creators to back up movies and pictures on-the-spot after being captured. But this isn’t your average hard drive. Gnarbox went a step further with a fully integrated processor that enables instant editing of content long before you’re back at a Mac or PC. Even better, it’s wrappped in a rugged casing that’s both shock- and dust-proof for just about any scenario.

Today, Gnarbox has introduced the second generation of its portable storage solution that features a slimmed-down design, new connectivity along with a built-in solid-state drive for faster storage and transfers.

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New Toy of the Day March 30

Rad Power Bikes is out to demonstrate that owning an electric bike doesn’t mean spending a fortune. It’s new 2018 lineup offers four different varieties priced from $1,499. Over the past year, many releases have been marked by increased range and new features, which has of course resulted in rising prices. Rad Power Bikes looks to remove sticker shock from the equation with designs that are rider-friendly and remove any intimidation.

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New Toy of the Day March 29

Update: Now available to purchase at Amazon.

This morning, GoPro delivered on a promise to unveil updated hardware this year, unveiling its new $199 HERO. Priced at a more “accessible” MSRP, it’s designed to bring in more content creators and comes at just the right time for a company that’s desperately in need of growth. GoPro has had its share of ups and downs in recent months as it shuttered its Karma drone operation and has seen sales slip.

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New Toy of the Day March 27

Marshall has announced this morning that it is expanding its lineup of Bluetooth headphones with the new Mid ANC. Over the last few years Marshall has methodically been building its headphone offerings, but today’s release is the first pair to offer active noise cancellation.

If you’re familiar with Marshall’s stylings at all, you’ll notice that today’s release has familiar looks based on the brand’s iconic designs. The Mid ANC is a follow-up to the Mid Bluetooth, which is fairly similar in both function and layout. More below.

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New Toy of the Day March 26

Mechanical keyboards have enjoyed a resurgence of sorts lately as brands like Das Keyboards and others have flooded the market with high-quality devices. Along with larger brand names, more boutique-focused releases have hit the scene as well with unique features and designs.

One of those is from Rama Works, who recently unveiled its new M60-A keyboard made from milled aluminum and brass. Available for pre-order today, this $360 accessory is pricey for sure, but Rama believes its components are worth it.

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New Toy of the Day March 23

Warmer weather is upon us and Nike is gearing up for outdoor sports season with the release of its new Nike Vision collection. Geared towards golfers – but functional for all – this new selection of eyewear is both stylish and functional. Nike has reimagined sunglasses in hopes of eliminating some of the issues that have plagued some designs in the past.

All together, Nike is bringing four new models to market in 2018. Prices start at $125 and go up from there. Head below for more details including how you can pick up a pair for yourself.

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New Toy of the Day March 21

Timmerman, a Europe-based electric bike company, has unveiled its newest two-wheeled creation: the Scrambler V2.0. Designed with minimalism and vintage cues at the forefront, this attractive electric bike hits the market this week with a $6,000+ price tag and some impressive performance.

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New Toy of the Day March 20

Blue Microphones is one of the most trusted names in the game with its extensive line of prosumer audio recording devices. From the approachable Snowball iCE up to the Yeti, there’s something for everyone that might be looking to enter the podcasting game.

Turning its attention to more pro-grade setups, Blue has now introduced the new Yeticaster setup. This $200 bundle sports a custom Yeti microphone, the new Compass Broadcast boom arm and a shockmount with vintage styling. While Blue’s existing offerings are great for entry-level recording, this new bundle has everything needed to take your podcast and voiceovers to the next level.

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New Toy of the Day March 19

Liftmaster has been making a serious effort to enter the world of smart home accessories, with its MyQ bridge opening the door to HomeKit along with other platforms. Back in January, it announced the new Elite Series 8500W bundle that includes everything needed to transform your garage into a modern-day room of your home.

Along with support for HomeKit, this new bundle from Liftmaster also plays nice with some of the biggest names in the game including Nest, IFTTT, and Google Assistant. The bad news? Liftmaster is charging a monthly fee for access to some virtual assistant features…

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New Toy of the Day March 16

While there’s more technology at our fingertips than ever before, it’s still possible to find joy in the games of yesteryear. Take the success of Nintendo’s retro SNES/NES console for example. The last two holiday seasons have been overtaken by unending demand for these remakes that are still largely sold out at retailers in North America. Casio is looking to cash in on this throwback trend with the reintroduction of its Game Calculator SL-880.

Made popular in the 1980s as one of the first calculators to introduce ‘apps’, the SL-880 delivers simplified games such as a Space Invaders-inspired numerical shooter. Just how in-demand is an original version? There are eBay listings currently fetching over $200 and you can expect the revived version to be a hit as well.

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New Toy of the Day March 15

When the Echo Dot first hit a few years back it was lauded as a low-cost entry to the world of Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant. But the trade-off for its price is a paltry speaker that lacks low-end boom and clarity. There are ways around it, such as attaching Echo to a Bluetooth speaker or home entertainment system. But a DIY hobbyist has come up with perhaps an even better way to improve this Alexa speaker.

Bard Fleistad recently created the 3D-printed Gramazon, a unique acoustic amplifier that is designed to work specifically with Echo Dot. There’s not much in the way connectivity here, or any at all really, because this gramophone uses a traditional method of amplification to improve audio. Best of all, anyone with a 3D printer can do it.

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New Toy of the Day March 13

Alongside this morning’s introduction of the new Fitbit Versa, we’re also getting our first look at Fitbit’s new kid-focused wearable. In fact, the Ace is the company’s inaugural attempt at a fitness tracker designed for ages eight and up. Fitbit is leaning heavily on its Alta wearable here, with a familiar look alongside smaller bands made to fit tinier wrists.

Parents will note that some data has been removed from the usual dashboard in an attempt to focus on movement and less on measurables like calories burned. Fitbit’s focus here is to build strong habits in kids from a young age, encouraging active lifestyles. More below.

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New Toy of the Day March 9

It seems as though 2018 will go down as the year of the cryptocurrencies. With market highs and lows marking a new age for digital currencies and their faithful miners. A French startup named Qarnot is looking to cash in on that trend with its new wall-mounted heater that also doubles as a mining rig. Yes, heating your home via crypto mining.

While the idea may seem rather out there to some, Qarnot has managed to create a pretty sleek design here that is capable of pulling up to 60MH/s. So if you’re going to mine for virtual currency, you might as well heat your space too…

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New Toy of the Day March 8

Leica is a huge name in the camera industry, behind some of the best designs to hit the market over the last one hundred years. The brand’s willingness to think outside the box has delivered countless hits. Today, Leica introduced a new limited edition version of its popular M-Series Monochrom camera. Dressed in nearly all black, it sports the kind of luxury vibe other brands can only dream of. Even better? It glows in the dark.

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New Toy of the Day March 6

The last few years has seen Segway shift its focus from personal transportation to other categories, one of which is automation. Earlier this year at CES the robotics manufacturer teased an upcoming two-wheeled autonomous personal assistant. Flash forward to today and Loomo, a robotic scooter mixed with artificial intelligence, is set to launch pre-orders with a hefty $1,300 price tag.

While the MSRP may scare some folks away, Segway is looking to early adopters that want to take their homes into the future.

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New Toy of the Day March 2

The original Light Phone was an intriguing concept that hit the market last year, dropping all of the extras we’ve come to enjoy on smartphones for a clean design. Without internet access, a camera, texting or email, it was a simple device. And to its credit, we found it to be a fun alternative in our hands-on review.

As a follow-up to the original, Light Phone is back with a second generation this week on Indiegogo. The design has been reimagined with a few new features that were absent from last year’s edition. If the $400,000 raised so far tells us anything, Light Phone 2 is already seeing significant interest.

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