New Toy of the Day June 4

If another set of truly wireless earbuds hits the market, but no one hears them arrive, do they really exist? Panasonic says yes as its latest audio release arrives to take out a wildly crowded product category that’s grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Officially, two new pairs of earbuds are set to arrive this year following an introduction back at CES 2020. The active noise canceling RZ-S500W and the lower-priced (and more compact) RZ-S300W are on tap as this year’s latest audio release. Both join at a time where fewer people are going to the gym and the truly wireless space is more competitive than ever before.

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New Toy of the Day June 3

Have you had enough of those retro console re-releases yet? Well, buckle up, because Sega is celebrating its 60th anniversary with yet another retro remake. The at-times maligned Game Gear Micro is set to make a return this year. Perhaps best known for its failed attempt to overtake the iconic Game Boy from Nintendo, this handheld console from Sega is looking to make a splash the second time around. If you’re not familiar, this particular console fits its name, as it is truly micro, fitting in the palm of your hand. This 8-bit system is capable of running a number of notable titles, including Sonic the Hedgehog and more. We have full details, release notes, and pricing down below on the new Sega game Gear Micro.

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New Toy of the Day June 2

HP is refreshing its popular Omen gaming lineup with new models today alongside a handful of accessories. All told, we’re on the receiving end of two new gaming portable laptop including the flagship Omen 15, which arrives with a 15.6-inch display that’s footprint has been trimmed down from its predecessor. There’s also a nice selection of budget-friendly gaming accessories included in today’s announcement, including HP’s first wireless headset. Priced with affordability in mind, HP’s latest add-ons start at just $29. Head below for full details on today’s announcement, pricing, and more.

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New Toy of the Day June 1

After first being announced over a year ago, Samsung’s much-anticipated Sero 4K TV is now available for purchase in the United States. You may have recalled this bit of news from 2019 as Samsung made waves with its unique rotating display that can show content in both landscape and portrait modes. The integrated rotating motor makes it one of the most unique offerings on the market today and certainly a refreshing departure from the usual TVs we’ve seen in recent years. Hit the jump for full pricing, availability, and more.

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New Toy of the Day May 29

It’s been a pretty stellar month in the LEGO world, with new Star Wars builds and May the 4th kicking things off only to be followed by some impressive creations like the recent Technic Lamborghini. Now to close out May, we’re turning out attention to the best of what LEGO Ideas has to offer. Highlighted by a modular fast food restaurant, we’re also seeing a medieval market and diorama straight out of Night At The Museum. Hit the jump for the best LEGO Ideas projects of the month. expand full story

New Toy of the Day May 26

After a few previews here and there, Sony’s much-anticipated ZV-1 compact camera has now been fully unveiled. The latest entry delivers a small form-factor with a focus on v-logging. That’s not to say it doesn’t check most boxes on the feature-side, headlined by a 20MP sensor and a quick 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens. In a world where everyone has a camera right in their pocket at all times, it’s crucial for cameras like these to deliver all the necessary specs to standout, and Sony appears to have fit the bill. Hit the jump for full details, pricing, availability, and more.

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