New Toy of the Day Yesterday

With the release of an all-new NOOK GlowLight Plus, Barnes & Noble continues to put up a fight against Amazon’s dominative Kindle lineup. The new product sports the company’s largest E-Ink screen ever, a move much like its NOOK 10.1 release late last year.

In addition to its large 7.8-inch display, the new NOOK GlowLight Plus is waterproof with 8GB of storage onboard. Despite that sounding like a puny amount of space when compared to smartphone standards, the company touts that it’s capable of holding thousands of books. expand full story

New Toy of the Day May 22

Last time we checked in with Denon, the brand was focusing on bringing IMAX quality sound to its line of receivers in partnership with Marantz. This time around, Denon is focusing on refreshing its line X-Series AV Receivers with a wealth of new features. AirPlay 2, low-latency HDMI passthrough, 4K upscaling and more have been incorporated into the revisions, alongside more affordable mid-range price points. More details below.

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New Toy of the Day May 21

PicoBrew has slowly been expanding its lineup of home brewing devices over the last few years. At this point, at-home beer aficionados can largely make their own drinks at home without the tedious and laborsome approach that typically comes with this hobby. PicoBrew’s offerings are strong on hardware, with four flagship models currently available, but arguably light on the most important part: ingredients. Now the brand is looking to simplify home brewing experience with its new UnPak’d kits. A terrible name for sure, but these all-in-one bundles will ship right to your door with everything needed for a stellar homebrew experience. Head below for more.

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New Toy of the Day May 20

For a long time, Bose has been the brand that everyone has been chasing, but Sony began to shake that up with its previously-released USB-C ANC offering. For many, a high price point has been a barrier, making the new and slightly more affordable pair of Sony XB900N headphones a nice alternative.

The Sony XB900N headphones match most of the existing XM3’s features. This is wonderful as we touted the XM3’s as the new ‘ANC King’ in our hands-on review. Standout differences in Sony’s new headphones include more punchy bass and a step down to an ANC chip that loses the ability to adjust for atmospheric pressure.

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New Toy of the Day May 17

Two weeks ago LEGO launched one of its most recent several thousand-piece sets in honor of May the Fourth. Today we’ll be taking a look at the new Tantive IV 75244 set, which enters as LEGO’s first massive Star Wars build of the year. Clocking in at over 24-inches long, this build looks to bring A New Hope’s opening crawl to life. It touts over 1,700 pieces, some exclusive new minifigures and more, but will it live up to the ship’s on-screen presence? Head below for the full scoop.

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This week, Kwikset has announced that it will be expanding its lineup of smart deadbolts with a new generation of security-focused products. The new Signature Series Deadbolt With Home Connect will ship in two distinct stylings to fit your home’s decor. Kwikset is also leaning on the latest Z-Wave Plus 500 Series chips, bringing compatibility to a wide range of smart home ecosystems including Alexa. Kwikset has put a heavy focus on slimming down the lock itself, noting that consumers are looking for more traditional and minimal options that feel less like a big piece of plastic attached to your door. Head below for more details on the latest Signature Series Deadbolt.

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New Toy of the Day May 16

This morning Amazon provided much-needed updates to its Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids Edition tablets. The next generation keeps the same $50 starting point, but now features faster processors and double the storage. Amazon is also thankfully (finally!) doing away with that 420p front camera, replacing it with 720p on the 2019 rendition. There will also be some new colors added to the mix and Alexa remains as a hands-free feature. Amazon’s Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet is also getting a similar boost in specs, one new color and an upgraded “kids-proof” case to help protect against bumps and bruises along the way. Head below for more.

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New Toy of the Day May 14

In 1996, Tamagotchis entered the world for the first time and quickly found their way into the hands of just about every kid on the playground. Bandai’s smash hit still lives on as a piece of 90’s culture and now the company is trying to take advantage of that by bringing the toy into the 21st century. Behold the Tamagotchi On, a smartphone-enabled version of the brand’s virtual pets which bring more modern features to a classic toy. More details below.

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New Toy of the Day May 13

This morning TP-Link has announced that it is expanding its Deco 802.11ac Mesh Wi-Fi lineup with a new value-focused bundle. Officially dubbed the TP-Link Deco W2400, this affordable system includes two nodes for under $100. It will be a Walmart exclusive at launch, marking on of the most affordable offerings in this category which is dominated by $200 or more price tags. TP-Link’s latest entry looks to undercut the competition in a number of ways aside from price. An attractive and slim design departs from the rather physically-large systems that competitors have flooded the market with. Head below for more on the new TP-Link Deco W2400 mesh Wi-Fi system.

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New Toy of the Day May 9

This morning, a new report is out that Nike will soon be aggressively adding augmented reality into its online shopping process. Users with compatible smartphones will be able to leverage AR within the Nike app to virtually find the right shoe size. Officially dubbed ‘Nike Fit’, this new feature uses a mix of data, algorithms and measurements to help shoppers find just the right-sized shoe. According to Nike and industry research, some 60% of all people wear the wrong size shoes. Nike Fit looks to correct this malfeasance with this slick new augmented reality tech. Head below for more.

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New Toy of the Day May 8

IK Multimedia is ready to unveil one of the most affordable drum machines out there today. The fully-featured UNO Drum is the second instrument in the company’s growing analog lineup. After deciding that the UNO Synth was one of the best starter analog instruments on the market in our hands-on review, we are excited to dive in to the new UNO Drum as soon as we can. Today’s announcement highlights a sub $250 combo analog/PCM drum machine with most of the feature set we find on more expensive offerings. Head below for all the details. expand full story

New Toy of the Day May 7

Today, WaterField is introducing its new canvas MacBook bag. The new Tech Rolltop Backpack is designed to eliminate the need to cary separate bags for work, travel and after-work activities. Along with a handy MacBook pouch it also sports ample space for all your work out gear and can easily double as a more business-oriented waxed canvas brief when the situation calls for it. Head below for more details and how to secure yourself a free Denier ballistic nylon or waxed canvas gear pouch. expand full story

New Toy of the Day May 6

Update: The speakers are now available for purchase direct from Marshall.

The retro aesthetic has been more popular than ever as of late, and Marshall is a company that knows that better than anyone. Today the brand has now announced it will be expanding its vintage-themed offerings with two new portable speakers. The upcoming Stockwell II Speaker will be launching alongside Marshall’s Tufton. Both of the entries come wrapped in the eye-catching vintage style you’d expect, but in new portable form-factors that round out the lineup. More details below.

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New Toy of the Day May 1

If you’re in the market for some truly wireless earbuds, this week is the week for you. First, we saw the Drop + NuForce Move launch on Monday, then JLab Audio released three new models yesterday, and now SOUL Electronics is here with its very own update. The SOUL Electronics launched the ST-XS2 high-performance wireless earbuds coming in at a price point of $99.99, with some killer features.

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New Toy of the Day April 30

The Astell & Kern Kann music player has been around for a while now as one of the best, but ultimately premium, portable music players out there on the market today. At $999, it’s a rather pricey venture on its own, justified by a stellar list of specs including a built-in DAC, USB-C connectivity and more. Astell & Kern Kann is now taking it to the next level with its new Cube music player which sports a stunning design and bumps the price up an additional $500. In a world where everyone has access to Apple Music, Spotify and the like, questions naturally emerge about the long-term viability of the Astell & Kern Kann Cube. Regardless of where you fall on your digital music journey, this high-end player is a must-see. Head below for more.

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New Toy of the Day April 29

Today Anker has announced the second generation of its USB-C to Lightning cables, officially dubbed Powerline II. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Anker has been using this moniker to name its popular line of connectivity for quite some time. With support for up to 87W of power at a time, these cables can be used with any of Apple’s in-house chargers and most options on the market today. More details below.

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New Toy of the Day April 26

After announcing its latest USB-C in-wall outlet back in February, Leviton’s dual USB-C outlet is now available for purchase. The outlet features two standard receptacles as well as dual USB-C ports that can offer up to 30W of fast-charging power each, making it a slick solution for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more.

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New Toy of the Day April 25

It’s been an eventful week for LEGO fans, and that momentum isn’t stopping now. Today we’re getting a look at four new summer City kits packed with everything from a LEGO donut shop to fairgrounds-themed minifigures and more. Plus, LEGO is also releasing a new line of Braille bricks and has announced it’ll be adjusting its region-exclusive set policy. Head below for all of the details on the latest from LEGO.

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