New Toy of the Day Today

This morning, Amazon has announced its newest Kindle E-reader, the next generation of its popular Paperwhite handheld. Long known as Amazon’s most popular device in its E-ink lineup, the new Paperwhite arrives on the scene today with a thinner and lighter design along with a waterproof case. Amazon is also sweetening the pot with six free months of Kindle Unlimited with purchase. The new Kindle Paperwhite is set to arrive on November 7th just before the holiday shopping season. Bundling the added subscription service is sure to make it a hit with Black Friday shoppers. More below.

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New Toy of the Day October 9

This morning, Marshall is announcing a completely refreshed Bluetooth audio lineup that includes three new speakers and a pair of wireless earbuds. Long known for its iconic styling and quality, Marshall has recently made a significant push into the consumer market. We recently reviewed its Kilburn II speaker, calling it ‘delightful and approachable’. So naturally, today’s news is of interest. Head below for more.

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New Toy of the Day October 8

French design group 3 GJB 17 has a history of putting together some gorgeous collaborations. Perhaps none more-so than its new Porsche Writing Desk that’s set to hit Sotheby’s auction house later this month. This limited series is sure to scratch any auto aficionado’s itch. But as you’d guess, it’s going to come with a hefty price tag.

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New Toy of the Day October 5

If you’ve been following along at our sister site, Electrek, you know that the inventory of affordable electric transportation is expanding every day. Not to be left out, we’re seeing more options aimed at children as well. Everyone knows the Power Wheels brand. But a new alternative from the United Kingdom has caught our eye. The Toylander 1948 Series 1 Land Rover delivers iconic styling in a kid-focused build. But as you might guess, it doesn’t come cheap.

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New Toy of the Day October 4

Earlier this year Samsung announced that it would be selling “the world’s first” consumer-focused 8K TV. Well, consumers that can afford a $15,000 display. Samsung has been working on this release for some time. While you won’t expect to see 8K content any time soon, there is a substantial amount of tech packed in here that promises a next-level viewing experience. The Samsung Q900R not only delivers ultra high-resolution capabilities, but the panel is 85-inches in size. That makes it easily one of the largest TVs out there and you can now put one in your living room.

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New Toy of the Day October 3

After unveiling a seemingly endless amount of new hardware last month, Amazon has this morning announced a new streaming stick. The Fire TV Stick 4K arrives on the scene as a replacement for the older (and pricier) Fire TV 4K. It’s the first streaming stick to fully support both Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Today’s news comes just a week after Roku introduced its competitively priced Premiere 4K streamer. Amazon’s new device will retail for $10 more, but offers a handful of additional features plus a new Alexa-enabled remote. More below.

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New Toy of the Day October 2

This morning, Astrohaus has unveiled the follow-up to its original E-ink Freewrite typewriter. The new Freewrite Traveler arrives with a series of upgrades. Its foldable design arrives with mobile lifestyles in mind. Users can still save work to the cloud and its browser-less workspace remains the key feature for writers looking to avoid distractions.

Today’s news comes on the heels of Astrohaus’ brief go at releasing an IoT Clapper. Refocusing back to writers brings the manufacturer back to its roots. Head below for more details, including a pre-order deal.

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New Toy of the Day October 1

This morning LG has announced its newest 4K 32UK550-B monitor, a 31.5-inch display that packs HDR and more. It’s priced at $500 which puts it right in the mid-range of 4K alternatives on the market. LG has been slow to roll out HDR monitors, so today’s news is a welcome announcement. In fact, its their first priced below $500. Head below for more.

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New Toy of the Day September 25

Today, Jaybird has announced the new Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones. Coming in at $100, this is one of the brand’s more affordable releases in recent memory. Tarah arrives on the scene today with 6-hours of battery life and a simplified design that stays true to Jaybird style.

Over the last week I’ve been able to give Jaybird’s latest release a good run through. Head below for a few quick thoughts and additional details.

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New Toy of the Day September 24

This morning, Roku unveiled two new additions to its lineup of streamers. New additions include the Premiere and Premiere+, two 4K set-top boxes with attractive prices. At this point Roku only has a few options as the market has become increasingly saturated. Today’s move brings more features, primarily 4K, to a lower price tag. The new HDR-equipped Premiere and Premiere+ are set to retail for $40 and $50. While that price is certainly attractive, it will have a ripple effect on the brand’s other offerings. Roku’s high-end Ultra streamer is getting a boost as well today.

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New Toy of the Day September 21

Nike and Michael Jordan’s partnership goes back over 30 years to the 1980s when he first hit the scene. Over three-plus decades, the two have combined to build an incredible empire that does over $3 billion in annual revenue. Read: don’t expect Jordan to stop making shoes any time soon.

The new Air Jordan XXXIIIs are set to hit store shelves next month with a new kind of shoe lace technology. Nike will lean on its previously released self-tightening HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes shoes that debuted a few years back. While the latest Jordans won’t exactly have that Marty McFly kind of lace-up, it will only take a single pull and you’ll be ready to go.

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New Toy of the Day September 20

This morning GoPro very quietly introduced its new HERO7 action camera lineup. Unlike recent years, we’re getting three new models today – Black, Silver and White – at different price points. The high-end model comes in at $400 while the two other options are available at $300 and $200, respectively. It’s been a rough go for the brand over the last year as budget-focused offerings have undercut them on price, and demand simply isn’t as high as it once was.

GoPro is surely hoping that its latest releases will stem the tide with high-end features like HDR, integrated GPS and more. Head below for all the details.

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New Toy of the Day September 19

Update: Now available for pre-order at Amazon.

In a surprise move, this morning Sony is sharing details on its new PlayStation Classic console. This retro-remake includes 20 games. It will arrive on the 25th anniversary of the console’s initial release. Following the success of Nintendo’s NES Classic, it’s no surprise that Sony is looking to recreate that magic.

The new PlayStation Classic arrives with old favorites like Final Fantasy VIIJumping FlashRidge Racer Type 4Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. Pre-orders are available today. Head below for more details.

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New Toy of the Day September 18

Today VIZIO has officially released its first Dolby Atmos-equipped soundbars and home theater systems. While other brands have been pumping out audio equipment with the latest spec from Dolby, VIZIO has been a curious exception. Earlier this year the brand teased that it would be bringing this technology to its popular audio lineup but details were still thin until today.

Unlike its previous offerings, VIZIO’s latest soundbars arrive today at a higher price-point than we’ve seen in recent years. The question is, are consumers willing to pay for the latest Dolby Atmos technology?

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New Toy of the Day September 13

Kano first hit the scene back in 2015 as it rolled out STEM-focused coding kits centered around the popular Raspberry Pi computer. More recently, the kid-friendly brand has introduced its first kit with a display and even a Harry Potter wand. Fast forward to today, and Kano is taking the stage with a new build that centers around its first touchscreen display.

As iPads have filtered into schools, kids are more familiar with using their fingers as an input device. That makes Kano’s new release all the more suitable for STEM education and DIYers. More below.

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New Toy of the Day September 10

This morning, Sphero introduced its latest smartphone-powered robot dubbed the BOLT. Laden with various sensors and LEDs, this model arrives with a familiar spherical design as seen on the previously released Mini. Sphero drops the colored casing for a clear look inside at all of the BOLT’s tech. More below.

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New Toy of the Day September 7

Affordable travel trailers and tow-behind RVs are making a serious splash in 2018 as millenials and new retirees look for low-cost ways to escape for weekend trips. Just recently, Aerostream turned its attention to this sub-market with its first non-aluminum model and other brands are following suit. The latest that has caught our eye comes from Timberleaf, manufacturers of off-road friendly campers. Its new Pika Teardrop delivers a mix of rugged styling and affordability at under $12,000. More below.

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New Toy of the Day September 6

This morning Amazon has announced the latest generation of its popular Fire HD 8 tablet that features always-on access to Alexa. As its name suggests, it keeps the same eight-inch HD display that sports over one-million pixels that’s powered by a quad-core processor. A camera upgrade is one of the most notable new features we’re seeing today. Amazon is also making a handful of improvements under the hood, although battery life has taken a step backwards on today’s release. More below.

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