New Toy of the Day September 22

When going for extended bike rides, I often outfit my two-wheeler with iOttie’s smartphone mount to track my progress and in some cases, find my way home. But I am also in constant fear that my device could take a spill if the terrain gets a little out of hand. SmartHalo is a new bike accessory that delivers many of those same smartphone features in a handlebar add-on. That includes an integrated display, navigation and fitness monitoring all in a tidy package.

Of course, it is iPhone and Android compatible, so you can leverage those features without feeling like your device is exposed. SmartHalo’s add-on design promises to bring just about any bike in the modern age, and thankfully the price is rather affordable.

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New Toy of the Day September 21

Bose has this morning unveiled its first truly wireless headphones, dubbed the SoundSport Free. Much like Apple’s own AirPods and Jaybird’s latest Run in-ears, Bose is taking aim at active users looking for an audio solution during exercise.

As one of the biggest names in audio, Bose is taking its established tech and cramming it into earbuds that weigh just 0.35-ounces each. A wireless carrying case will handle charging, much like what Apple and Jaybird has instituted with their own headsets in recent releases. However, its a new antennae system that Bose claims will truly set its new release apart from the competition.

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New Toy of the Day September 20

This morning, AOC continued to expand its lineup of attractive (and affordable) monitors with the new 32-inch Agon Curved FreeSync Gaming Display. Officially priced at $429.99, the latest from AOC sports a number of features that are sure to attract the attention of gamers. That includes a 144Hz refresh rate, near frameless design and built-in USB charging.

We recently went hands-on with AOC’s 40-inch 4K monitor, which delivered solid performance at a budget price. Their newest release looks at a different subset of users, however. Head below for more details.

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New Toy of the Day September 19

Amazon’s top-of-the-line Fire tablet, the HD 10, is getting a refresh this morning with an updated display and other new features. In fact, this is the first tablet to sport a full 1080p panel since the now discontinued Fire HDX nearly five years ago. Along with the upgraded specs, Amazon is also dropping the price down to $150. The $80 decrease is sure to make the HD 10 a hit with consumers that are not tied to Apple’s iPad ecosystem.

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New Toy of the Day September 18

Nearly a year ago, Fabriq hit the scene as one of the first third-party Alexa speakers on the market. While its Echo Dot competitor offered some intriguing features, it never really took off. Fast forward to today and Fabriq has returned with a larger version called the ‘Chorus’ that may grab the attention of those looking for an alternative to Amazon’s in-house speakers.

One big improvement over the original version is the inclusion of far-field microphones. Unlike the previous iteration that required a press of a button to activate Alexa voice services, today’s new model operates just like Amazon’s own speakers. Fabriq also includes a unique wireless charging system that allows Chorus to go just about anywhere…

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New Toy of the Day September 13

One of the interesting tidbits from yesterday’s Apple keynote is that the latest iPhones will support wireless charging for the first time. There are already a number of Qi-approved chargers available for purchase today that will fit the bill. But to no surprise, industry veterans Belkin and Mophie were prepared for yesterday’s announcement with two new wireless charging products.

Both brands will be rolling out these new accessories in Apple stores over the coming weeks as the latest iPhones begin to ship. Coincidentally, each product will be priced at $60 with varying designs.

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New Toy of the Day September 11

Consumer-oriented VR gadgets have been on the rise, allowing just about anyone to capture immersive 3D content with their phones or a standalone device. While some new models have been branching out to also capture omnidirectional audio as well, a new Indiegogo campaign is looking to turn your earbuds into the easiest way to record 3D audio.

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New Toy of the Day September 8

As Alexa continues its steady march towards all of our beloved devices, we wonder each week which new iteration will pop-up next. Today, it is the new iHome IACS16 Alarm Clock. This old-school take on your bedside timepiece delivers a wide range of modern day features.

That includes Alexa voice assistance, along with support for Amazon Music, Spotify and iHeartRadio. Of course it also has the expected USB ports and a built-in speaker, checking most of the boxes we’d hope to find on a product like this in 2017.

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New Toy of the Day September 7

These days, Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, with practically every company in the space having released one. Bose, a long-time player in the Bluetooth speaker market has now unveiled the SoundLink Micro, which hopes to stand out from the competition thanks to its super-small profile and ultra-rugged design.

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New Toy of the Day September 5

It’s been years since Nike first introduced its NikeID online custom design studio. And while others have tried to replicate this service, the response simply hasn’t been the same. Nike is looking to extend its dominance in this area with the new Live-Design Experience, a 90-minute in-person shoe design studio that will officially open in New York City later this month.

The Nike Makers’ Experience will be housed at the Nike By You Studio in New York, but don’t just expect to walk right in. As an invitation-only service, you’ll need to know the right people to enjoy the shoemaker’s latest creation.

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New Toy of the Day September 1

Are you done with 4K? Because according to Sharp, you should be. Today at IFA the display manufacturer announced that it would soon be shipping 8K panels across the globe. New AQUOUS televisions sporting 7,680 x 4,320 resolutions will hit China in December, with Taiwan and Europe on the docket for early 2018.

Sharp first unveiled its 8K displays back in 2015 but the whopping $130,000 price made it a virtual non-starter for most everyone. Not to mention a complete lack of content for the medium as well. Along with today’s announcement, Sharp is also unveiling an 8K ecosystem that it says will launch this ultra-ultra high resolution in the mainstream faster than expected…

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New Toy of the Day August 31

Today Western Digital and SanDisk launched the “world’s highest-capacity microSD card” with an incredible 400GB of storage. That’s double the previous record held by SanDisk. With more devices supporting larger external storage than ever before, SanDisk is looking to meet the ever increasing demands of users with today’s announcement. For example, many of LG’s flagship devices would in theory support upwards of 2TB, if needed.

Western Digital claims that it was able to achieve this larger capacity by developing a new proprietary technology and design. But that’s naturally going to come with a high price tag.

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New Toy of the Day August 29

This morning AOC announced the latest addition to its ever-expanding lineup of monitors: a 27-inch curved 1080p display with one of the most unique designs that we’ve ever seen…on the back. That’s right, this gold-laden display packs more intrigue where users can’t see it. Here’s to hoping your putting this $200 monitor in a cubical and not up against a wall.

You’ll be giving up some features by opting for this more budget-focused monitor. While it does support HDMI input, there isn’t much else when it comes to I/O. But that’s a trade-off some are willing to make…

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New Toy of the Day August 28

For many, smartphones have become the main way to capture photos throughout the day. But for those looking to display their pictures, printing them out isn’t always the best way to go. That’s where the Aura Digital Picture Frame shines, with a high-density display and smart selection software, it looks to make sure captured photos always look its best.

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New Toy of the Day August 25

When it comes to coffee, I’m interested in any and every option out there. Pour over, french press, syphon, you name it, I’ll try it. While that list continues to expand, one thing I’ve yet to do is have my iPhone make me a cup of joe first thing in the morning. The new Smarter Coffee machine wants to change that. Yes, it’s smartphone-connected and Android users are also welcome to the party.

Where Smarter hopes to differentiate itself is through its all-in-one design. This app-enabled brewer handles your coffee from grinding beans all the way to a finished product. This all sounds pretty great, if you’re willing to pay up that is.

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New Toy of the Day August 24

Today we’re getting our first glimpse at Otto, a new digital door lock that promises more features and a sleeker design than its competitors. There are already a slew of similar products on the market but this release differs in a few different ways. Aside from all of the normal smartphone-assisted features, Otto claims its product is second-to-none when it comes to safety.

All of this is backed up by a $699 price that places it well above the competition and potentially making it a tough sell for most consumers. Full details below.

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New Toy of the Day August 23

Toybox is a new 3D printer which recently launched on Indiegogo designed for kids and STEM-based education. Starting at $259, its creators hope this product bridges the tricky gap between affordability and quality. Many 3D printers on the market today struggle to hit that middle ground but Toybox claims to have figured out the equation.

Features like one-button startup and an impressive catalog of builds in its smartphone app are sure to make this product particularly attractive for those new to 3D printing. More details below.

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New Toy of the Day August 22

Coming in at under 14-pounds and capable of hitting speeds up to 25mph, the Exway X1 is being marketed as the “most intelligent” electric skateboard to ever hit the market. Despite these big claims, dislodging top brands like Boosted isn’t going to be easy. Exway believes it has found the perfect blend of lightweight design and features to do just that.

At $900, the X1 comes in right in the middle of the electric skateboard market in terms of price. That extra bit of cash delivers features like Bluetooth connectivity and better performance over all in comparison to lower-cost alternatives out there right now.

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New Toy of the Day August 21

With an eye on upgrading personal cloud storage, Promise Technology has today announced its new Apollo Cloud 2 Duo. This network-attached storage solution (NAS) is made for small business and at-home use. Unlike the original model, you’ll find double the storage capacity topping out at 8TB on today’s release. Apollo offers an attractive alternative to Dropbox or iCloud for those that prefer to keep data stored locally. More details below.

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New Toy of the Day August 18

By way of the UK, we’ve caught a glimpse of JBL’s latest Bluetooth speaker and we have to say it’s quite the ambitious design. Dubbed the ‘Boombox’, it packs a massive internal battery that delivers over a day’s worth of playback on a single charge. Astute readers will notice this release has a familiar look. It’s certainly reminiscent of the previously-released Charge 3 with a large handle on top for a day at the beach. More below.

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New Toy of the Day August 16

Electric skateboards have gone from a hobby to serious player in the world of alternative transportation. Because of that, we’re seeing increased competition that’s resulting in lower prices and better designs. The latest of which comes from San Francisco-based Kuickwheel, a startup focused on shaking up the market thanks to features like lightweight builds and a longer range.

Kuickwheel just recently debuted two different models on Kickstarter with prices starting at $199, which is significantly less than established players like OneWheel. Head below for full details.

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New Toy of the Day August 15

Portable SSDs are finally starting to come down in price as competition is continuing to ramp up between manufacturers. In the spring we saw Western Digital unveil a new line of USB-C drives designed for Apple’s latest MacBooks. Fast forward to today, and Samsung is refreshing its popular external storage solutions with its new T5 offerings.

USB-C is at the forefront of these new Samsung drives but those still rocking USB-A will be able to take advantage, too. Hidden amongst today’s announcement is that the T5 lineup will be able to hit speeds up to 540MB/s, which is right on level with Samsung’s internal desktop SSDs. More details below.

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New Toy of the Day August 14

Klipsch has partnered up with Capitol Records to produce a one of a kind speaker to celebrate over 70 years in the music business for both companies. Using only the finest materials such as a real wood veneer and copper switches and knobs, the Capitol One audio system blends the classic design of yesterday with the latest technologies available today.

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New Toy of the Day August 11

Taking your outdoor space to the next level often means hours of tedious landscaping and maintenance. For some, it’s building an outdoor fire pit for those long summer nights. But sometimes a steel ring just doesn’t cut it.

For those looking for a bit more style, there’s the new Tole K60 Outdoor Fireplace. This European-designed beauty stands six-feet tall and has everything needed to transform your patio or deck into an outdoor living room.

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New Toy of the Day August 10

Roku has made a serious effort in the last few years to bring its streaming OS to a variety of platforms. With stiff competition from Apple TV and Amazon’s own devices, partnering with manufacturers has proven to be a solid move for Roku. Many of these releases have been budget-focused with brands such as TCL offering new sets in recent months.

Today’s release comes courtesy of RCA with integrated Roku services and a low entry price. Starting at under $200 makes these new TVs affordable for many, but you’ll find that one notable feature has been omitted.

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