New Toy of the Day November 13

It was about a year ago that we first told you about Devialet’s new AirPlay-enabled speaker that packs over 4500W of power. Fast forward to today, and the unique audio brand is taking it up a notch with the new Elevate speaker. Although claiming 1200W of power, which is less than the aforementioned model, it still brings plenty of boom to the party. The new Phantom Elevate will sell for $1,699 which makes it the lowest priced speaker in the company’s lineup.

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New Toy of the Day November 10

Bang & Olufsen has today taken the wraps off its newest multi-room speaker, the M3. Most notably, this model sports AirPlay, Bluetooth and Chromecast compatibility. With a $299 MSRP, it’s a less-expensive option than the previously-released M5 but still pricey in comparison to alternatives on the market. B&O is known for its exceptional audio and design, but its price points often turn the average consumer away. The M3 hopes to compete with Sonos, which is the industry-standard in this category.

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New Toy of the Day November 9

When it comes to electric skateboards, there are certainly a few brands that come to mind first. Boosted, OneWheel and Evolve are known as some of the top-names in the industry but with $1,000+ price tags, most are outside of the impulse purchase range for the average consumer. A new electric skateboard just hit Indiegogo for half the price of some of these bigger names, with many of the same features.

Stark Mobility’s StarkBoard is set to retail for $549 (but is available for under $500 on Indiegogo) and comes with many intriguing features, most notably it doesn’t depend on a handheld remote during use. With iOS/Android connectivity and a IP62 rating, this electric board has the chance to finally break open the low-price market.

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New Toy of the Day November 8

Panasonic is a name most know when it comes to cameras. Videographers have been drawn to the Lumix series for quite some time, with the GH4 and GH5 cameras being the #1 go-to camera for budget cinematographers and YouTubers alike. Today, Panasonic launched the Lumix G9, similar to the previously announced GH5 camera, but with more of a gear toward photographers.

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New Toy of the Day November 3

iOttie is one of the most trusted iPhone accessory-makers in the game today, with its line of mounts and charging solutions collecting thousands of stellar ratings at Amazon. On iPhone X launch day, it’s taking the opportunity to completely refresh its offerings with five new products. This includes the fourth generation of its popular Easy One Touch mount and a new Qi charging solution, just in time for the latest iPhone’s capabilities.

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New Toy of the Day November 2

There’s no denying the iconic nature, cultural significance and overall fanfare surrounding the Star Wars franchise. So when props used in the original three films go up for auction, there’s a real cause for commotion. Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber from Return of the Jedi will soon be entering the bidding war, with the prop expected to draw in a high selling price and only the most devoted Star Wars fans.

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New Toy of the Day October 31

GoPro recently released its new Fusion 360-degree camera which features unique software paired with consumer-friendly hardware. In the keynote address, GoPro detailed how its camera could actively track a subject as it moved throughout the camera’s field of view. Essentially, it hoped to empower videographers by offering high-level results from a simple setup. Fast forward to today, and a new camera from Rylo claims to accomplish many of the same features in a smaller device.

The Rylo Camera easily fits within your hand and packs dual 4K cameras that come to life with features when paired with the iOS app. Simply put, this new device wants to simplify the content creation process from start-to-finish. Oh, and it costs $200 less than GoPro’s alternative.

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New Toy of the Day October 30

expiredGamebuino META delivers a mobile color retro gaming experience for $93

Retro gaming has seen a massive resurgence over the last 12 months and we don’t expect interest to slow down as we head into the holiday seasons. Obviously, Nintendo has carried the torch with its Classic remake consoles that have been one of the hottest ticket items in 2017. But smaller, lesser-known brands, are also making their own push.

The latest retro creation comes from Gamebuino with its new META handheld console. Recently launched on Kickstarter, it promises a day’s worth of battery life so you can enjoy all of your favorite vintage titles for hours on end. All of which happens on a color display that’s wrapped in one of the most interesting cases we’ve seen.

New Toy of the Day October 26

AOC has been cranking out the monitors as of late, and its newest creation delivers a portable USB-C solution that is sure to catch the eye of MacBook owners. Priced at under $200 and offering 16-inches of real estate, this IPS panel maybe be an on-the-go solution that we’ve been clamoring for.

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New Toy of the Day October 25

If you’ve been wondering why the a7R II has been on sale for such a good price lately, then here is your reason: Sony just announced the a7R III, and preorders start tomorrow at 10am EST. What can you expect from the next generation of Sony’s highly-respected 42MP full-frame flagship? expand full story

New Toy of the Day October 24

For TV die-hards, and cord-cutters to a certain extent, TiVo remains the industry standard for capturing and consuming content. That’s not to say the competition hasn’t caught up as nearly every provider offers similar DVR features in an in-house package. But TiVo still shines with its powerful search, fun interface and iconic sound effects.

TiVo is today announcing the latest iteration of its popular Bolt set-top boxes, bringing voice-controlled functionality, full 4K support across the entire lineup and a new remote. Those sticking with the previous generation models will also be receiving an update as a part of today’s announcement as well.

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New Toy of the Day October 23

Drones are often the go-to device for capturing unique shots and impressive footage. But with the Wiral LITE, there’s a new player in town. The motorized cable camera rig lets you take your camera game to the next level with smooth, overhead panning shots. And unlike drones, Wiral comes in at a more affordable price, fit for hobbyists and pros alike.

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New Toy of the Day October 20

Following varying degrees of success throughout the tail-end of the 20th century, Airstream has come back with a vengeance over the last few years. With booming recreational vehicle sales recently there is a renewed interest in this product category. All of this has resulted in the new Airstream Globetrotter, a tricked out trailer that’s loaded with tech and a $100,000 price tag.

That last price is sure to turn some away, but there’s no denying the visual beauty of this aluminum masterpiece. With large vista windows and a clean design, it’s easy to appreciate the attention to detail here by Airstream.

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New Toy of the Day October 19

Samsung has made a number of forays into the world of virtual reality over the last few years. Its consumer-focused Gear headset has enjoyed popularity as an accessory but we’ve yet to see a real professional-grade device. Until today, that is. Samsung has officially introduced the 360 Round camera, designed to answer the call of content creators looking for an on-the-go solution.

Not only does it pack 17 different cameras, but Samsung’s newest release has a IP65 rating designed for rough and tumble use. Add in 4K capabilities along with a spatial audio system, the 360 Round has a chance to make a splash in the industry that recently saw GoPro unveil its own in-house VR setup.

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New Toy of the Day October 18

Triby first arrived on the scene about 18 months ago as the first non-Amazon speaker with Alexa Voice Services. While the original model wasn’t met with as much enthusiasm, today’s announcement of the second generation ‘IO’ might turn some heads. In addition to continuing the Alexa partnership, Triby is also welcoming HomeKit functionality into the fold.

Called “one of the first portable HomeKit switches”, the newest version sports the same familiar design with a large forward-facing speaker and compatibility with a number of streaming media services. At $199, it finds itself in an increasingly competitive mid-range market with the recently released Sonos One and others major players.

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New Toy of the Day October 17

expiredGarmin Speak brings Alexa to your car with a simplified OLED display

Garmin has been putting GPS-capable devices in cars for some time now. But with the rise in GPS-enabled devices and other technology, the brand is being forced to expand into other categories as well. Its latest creation – Garmin Speak – brings Amazon’s popular Alexa Voice Assistant to your ride in a unique way. Think Echo Dot meets a simplified GPS unit.

Measuring just an inch-and-a-half in width, this road tripping add-on has an integrated OLED display that’s wrapped in the familiar blue ring that Alexa users have become accustomed to. Garmin is ditching the large rectangle displays that it made famous on GPS units for a more simplified look here, and I must admit, I’m intrigued.

New Toy of the Day October 16

Retroduck, a fun and clever new iPhone dock is about to wrap up a successful Kickstarter campaign, and this product brings some unique charm to the world of iPhone docks. Retroduck comes in three different colors and turns your iPhone into a vintage TV.

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New Toy of the Day October 13

Interest in Raspberry Pi and its multi-functional capabilities continues to grow as more third-party manufacturers leverage the tiny computer into new projects. Recently Kano announced that it was launching a new version of its popular DIY kits, with the latest version including a display and other functionality.

Today, Pi-Top joins the Raspberry Pi community with its new modular laptop designed for kids. Like so many other STEM-focused products on the market, this release is made with programming at the forefront. Pi-Top stands out from the competition with a portable design that kids can take on-the-road, to school or just about anywhere.

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New Toy of the Day October 12

Oculus took the stage yesterday to unveil the latest version of its popular virtual reality headsets. And while it’s had a fair share of success in recent years, there have still been some barriers to entry. Notably, the base Oculus VR set has always been a pricey proposition for most consumers. Until this week.

Oculus Go was just announced with a 2018 arrival date, paired with a more affordable $199 price tag. With a simplified design that is all-inclusive, Oculus hopes this entry-level model will entice more users to enter the world of VR.

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New Toy of the Day October 11

About 18 months ago Amazon first unveiled its Kindle Oasis E-reader. At $290, it was a big investment from the beginning and one that we were unsure consumers were ready to make. Today Amazon is now taking the wraps off an upgraded version of the high-end tablet, sporting upgrades that include a waterproof design and a bigger display.

Despite a variety of upgrades, Amazon is also lowering the price to $250 which is sure to be a welcome sight for potential buyers. The new Oasis arrives on the ten year anniversary of the first Kindle E-reader, marking today’s announcement as somewhat of a milestone for the online retailer.

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New Toy of the Day October 10

The latest addition to the Star Wars Saga is almost here, with just over two months until it hits theaters. While we’ve seen tie-ins to the film from the usual suspects of LEGO and Sphero, Samsung has joined the ranks as well with an interesting gadget it unveiled today. The new POWERbot Star Wars Edition sports iconic imagery of two of the series most recognized characters along with an array of smart features.

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New Toy of the Day October 9

LEGO’s line of Architecture kits are known for being exciting, detail-packed builds and even better display pieces. In the past few years we’ve seen iconic buildings like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and more. But now LEGO has extended its collection of French monuments with the recently unveiled Arc De Triomphe. Today we’ll be taking a hands-on look at the brick-built rendition of the famous 17th century landmark.

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New Toy of the Day October 6

Dremel recently unveiled its new DigiLab Laser Cutter at the World Maker Faire in New York. Leaning on a history of top-rated consumer-focused products, Dremel is hoping its latest product will cash in on the at-home maker trend that’s become more popular in recent years.

The Dremel DigiLab Laster Cutter is designed to work with a wide range of materials, including wood, leather and paper. It can also engrave materials such as glass and metal, making this a one-stop-shop for hobbyists and makers alike. Add in a robust software suite, and Dremel is bringing an impressive array of capabilities to your home that we’ve not yet seen in such a polished package.

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New Toy of the Day October 5

About a month ago at IFA 2017, Sphero unveiled two new Star Wars droids in celebration of the upcoming film The Last Jedi. Turns out, there was still more intergalactic fun on the way. Today, ahead of Comic Con, Sphero is releasing its R2-Q5 droid. Essentially an evil R2-D2, this tricked out unit features augmented reality capabilities and has a few special tricks up its sleeve when placed near other Sphero droids.

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New Toy of the Day October 4

Wrensilva has been cranking out gorgeous home audio consoles for some time now, even going as far to offer official Sonos support on some models. And while its previous releases have had us clamoring for our own vintage-inspired setup, it’s the latest from San Diego that has really caught our eye.

The Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console has a big price tag at $5,000 but you’ll receive a handmade console with two integrated Sonos Play:5 units, a vinyl turntable, integrated controls and more. For those willing to spend, this is the finest blend of technology and natural materials we’ve seen in some time.

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