New Toy of the Day January 19

Popular golf manufacturer TaylorMade has announced a partnership with Blast Motion, the folks behind those iPhone-connected sport trackers. Its first entry is the Spider Interactive putter, which uses a mixture of sensors and data to track stroke metrics and improvement over time. This is the also TaylorMade’s first completely integrated sensor product, skipping previously-required add-ons that were bulky and unattractive.

Spider Interactive will track a variety of metrics, including back and forward stroke, tempo, rotation and more. Aside from packing in all of this technology, the Spider putter is an attractive addition to any bag, its non-sensored version already being one of the most popular clubs in TaylorMade’s lineup.

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New Toy of the Day January 18

Adidas this week announced its latest collaboration, joining forces with Germany-based BVG to create one of the more unique sneakers we’ve seen recently. The EQT 93/17 were made in combination with Berlin’s public transportation company Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe to deliver an integrated subway pass for the city’s U-Bahn network.

That’s right, with Adidas’ latest creation all you have to do is walk up to the turn-style and you’re ready to hit the subway. The pass is only slated to be used for a year at a time, so there isn’t much detail on potential future re-upping. Given the long lines at yesterday’s release event, it’s safe say to say Germans are pining for this unique pair of kicks.

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New Toy of the Day January 17

The FIFISH P3 Underwater Drone was officially teased at CES 2018 ahead of its launch later this month on Indiegogo. With a unique design and consumer-friendly controls, this Mavic for the sea is made to capture all of the action below the surface. It has bright colors on the outside and an incredible amount of tech that enables capture of 4K footage and 20MP still images.

While its features are certainly professional-grade, the controls and design are decidedly not intimidating. In fact, it looks much like the controls we’ve come to know from DJI and Parrot, with dual joysticks and a place to secure your iPhone.

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New Toy of the Day January 16

This morning Twelve South has taken the wraps off its newest release, the PencilSnap for Apple Pencil. It is made of leather and designed to attach to just about any iPad case with the idea of securing Apple’s easy-to-lose input device. Not to long ago, Apple announced a similar product with the same $29 price tag. Twelve South’s new product takes the idea to another level with a few subtle features.

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New Toy of the Day January 12

You may have heard of Heatworks before, the brand behind those sleek iPhone-connected water heaters. CES 2018 delivered a new creation from the brand that’s designed for apartment dwellers and those running low on space. Tetra is a countertop dishwasher from Heatworks and design group ‘frog’ that offers smartphone features, a unique (and attractive) design along with the ability to clean an entire load in 10 minutes.

Of course, you can control the entire thing with your iPhone, too.

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New Toy of the Day January 11

After hitting the scene back in June, Sphero spin-off Misty Robotics is ready to unveil its first product. The advanced robotics company is looking to move away from the consumer-friendly toy space with new high-end offerings geared toward developers. Today at CES, Misty unveiled its first release that will be available on a limited-basis as the company feels out potential interest.

The Misty 1 will retail for $1,500, which is a significant jump in price from Sphero’s typical offerings. Initial plans are to offer around just 50 units to start, with potential expansion coming down the line according to CEO Tim Enwall.

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New Toy of the Day January 7

Today at CES 2018, iDevices has unveiled its new Instinct Wall Switch with Alexa. Designed to control lights first and foremost, this new smart home device can also manage compatible products such as Philipe Hue and others supported by Amazon’s Voice Assistant. This particular light switch is unique because it not only has Alexa-compatibility, but it also allows users to leverage the platform thanks to a built-in speaker and microphone.

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New Toy of the Day January 5

It’s finally happened. Alexa is in your bathroom. Popular fixture manufacturer Kohler has this morning announced a new platform called Kohler Konnect that delivers Amazon’s voice assistant to the loo. The new line of products will be on display at CES next week and includes a whole array of toilets, mirrors and showers (although only a few sport Alexa at this time).

As you might expect, Kohler is bringing voice automation to a variety of bathroom tasks. And while hitting the exact temperature in your bath is nice, it’s the addition of Alexa to your mirror that has us re-thinking our morning routine.

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New Toy of the Day January 3

Mophie today announced its new powerstation AC, a high-capacity external battery that includes both integrated AC and USB-C power. As one of the most well-known brands in the iPhone accessory game, Mophie has slowly been expanding its offerings to a variety of other product categories. Today’s announcement is arguably its most compelling release in years as technophiles are carrying more devices than ever before that require a variety of power sources.

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New Toy of the Day January 2

CES 2018 is just around the corner and many of the top brands and manufacturers will descend on Las Vegas to unveil this year’s hottest tech. LG is already stepping out with details on its upcoming 8K OLED display. While 4K and HDR have both enjoyed more mainstream adoption in the last 12-months – thanks to impressive Black Friday discounts, particularly – the next generation is already starting to develop.

LG plans on introducing a monster 88-inch 8K OLED display at CES next week, which will be both impractical and expensive. Just don’t expect to see 8K content coming anytime soon. You’ll find more details on LG’s upcoming CES announcement after the break.

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New Toy of the Day December 27, 2017

While Apple in particular has been dominating the wearable space as of late, there are plenty of other brands still in the mix for your wrist space. Garmin is now on the fourth generation of its popular vívofit wearable, which was just announced this week. Thanks to impressive battery life that surpasses a year this may be its most intriguing offering to date.

Garmin has been offering a wide-range of wearables for some time now. For those that aren’t in need of a full-on smartphone companion, such as Apple Watch, vívofit offers a nice blend of simplicity and fitness tracking. Along with its battery life claims, Garmin is offering an upgraded always-on color display amongst a number of intriguing features this time around.

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New Toy of the Day December 21, 2017

iKeyp first hit the scene back in 2016 with what it called “the world’s first smart personal safe.” After raising over $50,000 on Indiegogo, and successfully shipping its product, iKeyp will be back again at CES 2018 with the newest version of its home storage system.

The new iKeyp Bolt is designed to keep valuable or potentially dangerous items, such as passports or medicine, safe and out of reach in your home. Taking queues from its Pro model that was released earlier this year, the latest version offers the ability to be wall mounted just about anywhere. All of this comes in a slim package that delivers smartphone features to a product category dying from lack of innovation.

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New Toy of the Day December 19, 2017

Ring has burst on to the scene in recent years with its ever-expanding lineup of doorbells, security cameras, and more. And while it’s enjoyed being first to market in a number of ways, competition continues to flare up across the industry. The latest of which comes from Blink, which has announced a new battery-powered doorbell with full video functionality. Best of all, and perhaps most worrisome for Ring, its internal batteries last up to two full years on a single charge.

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New Toy of the Day December 15, 2017

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all done it. Sometimes you’re on your way to a party and the brews are still warm. No one wants that. So instead of holding your beverage of choice outside the Uber window for the next 15 minutes, here’s a new – and kind of crazy way – to chill your drinks before a holiday party.

Blitzen is a rooftop-mounted beverage cooler that uses some crazy strength to keep your growler, wine or champagne stuck to the roof of your car while in route. This isn’t some plastic carrier from Amazon, we’re talking industrial strength tech here that will keep your valuable booze in place at top speeds.

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New Toy of the Day December 12, 2017

Following the recession some 10 years ago, campers and RVs have seen a massive resurgence in popularity and sales. Not just limited to fifth-wheels and retirees, millennials are also taking an interest in this past-time.

The new Go Fast Camper fits that mold with its easy add-on design that is compatible with most popular trucks out there today. A new take on popup campers, this model sports one of the lightest designs on the market, all the while setting up “in just seconds.” Thanks to its modular design and low price (just $500 if pre-ordered), Go Fast is set to cash in on folks young and old looking to see the country.

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New Toy of the Day December 11, 2017

Republic Wireless, a pre-paid cellular network backed by T-Mobile and Sprint, has today announced a new product called Relay. This cellular-powered walkie-talkie is designed for kids as an easy way to stay in contact with parents while away from home. Along with access to Google Assistant and integrated GPS, Relay also offers music storage all wrapped in a puck-size device that delivers smartphone capabilities to just about anyone.

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New Toy of the Day December 8, 2017

This week Honda unveiled its CES 2018 preview, detailing a four-some of uber cute robotic concepts that it hopes to bring to consumers before long. While Honda is largely known for its automotive wing, the brand has an extensive history in robotics and it’s bringing that expertise to the home. The four-piece CES preview includes a companion robot, a pair of mobility devices and an off-road vehicle.

It’s easy to see why Honda is interested in bringing consumer-grade robotics to your home. With the rise in popularity of Siri, Alexa, HomeKit, and other mediums, the average shopper is becoming more interested in home automation than ever before. Hit the jump to see a video of each new Honda concept in action…

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New Toy of the Day December 7, 2017

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes these days with the vast majority focusing on commuters traveling within larger urban areas. However, those looking to go off-road see a sharp decline in available inventory for their excursions.

Enki Cycles noticed an opening in the market and thus created the new Billy foldable eBike that’s more BMX than commuter. With fat 20-inch wheels and four-inch tires, riders will be getting a rugged build designed for all sorts of terrain. Its initial Kickstarter offering is well underway with early bird pledges starting just over $1,000.

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New Toy of the Day December 6, 2017

Today, Freefly – a company known for its video stabilization rigs – announced a new product designed specifically for iPhone. Its new $299 Freefly takes on DJI’s Osmo as a way for videographers to capture smooth footage on-the-go. The one-handed stabilization system is paired with an app that delivers “pro level control” and customization while filming.

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New Toy of the Day December 5, 2017

If this morning’s coverage of the new Mack Anthem truck wasn’t enough to slake your thirst for LEGO, the company took to Twitter today to announce a new line of LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures. Series 2 will introduce hilarious new inclusions to your minifigure collection like Mermaid Batman, a Tropical Joker and Soccer Mom Batgirl, but you’ll want to head below to see the whole cast of figures.

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New Toy of the Day December 1, 2017

Ambient mood lighting systems have been at the forefront of smart home tech adoption, with Philips Hue, Nanoleaf and LIFX leading the pack. These products may seem over the top for some, but Italian design firm Digital Habits has taken things one step further for those who really value the perfectly lit environment. This endeavor has resulted in Color Swing, a lamp that instantly changes lighting based on its surroundings.

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New Toy of the Day November 30, 2017

While the technology found inside of our TVs sure has come a long way, it’s more difficult to say the same about its design. Those sleek curves and bulbous designs of the 50’s and 60’s have long given way to slim bezels and metal accents. For better or worse, most of the displays found at your local Best Buy or Walmart all sport similar visuals.

PDF Haus, a design studio overseas, has put together a new concept TV that we had to share with you. Based around the iconic Teleavia P111 from the 1960’s, this sleek display has its feet firmly planted in both modern day tech and vintage design.

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New Toy of the Day November 29, 2017

Update: Nintendo has now confirmed via Twitter that it will be releasing the new Super Mario Cereal on December 11th.

Earlier this week, rumblings started that Kellogg’s would soon be rolling out a new Nintendo-themed cereal to stores nationwide. According to a report from Cerealously, this appears to be coming to fruition. For the first time since the original Nintendo Cereal System that was discontinued 28-years ago, it looks like Mario (and Cappy!) will be adorning the shelves of your local grocery store.

Along with a colorful box that’s sure to be a collector’s item for any Nintendo enthusiast, Kellogg’s is said to be also including a bit of integrated technology here as well. Rumor has it, there will be amiibo features for Super Mario Odyssey here that will unlock additional content for game owners.

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New Toy of the Day November 13, 2017

It was about a year ago that we first told you about Devialet’s new AirPlay-enabled speaker that packs over 4500W of power. Fast forward to today, and the unique audio brand is taking it up a notch with the new Elevate speaker. Although claiming 1200W of power, which is less than the aforementioned model, it still brings plenty of boom to the party. The new Phantom Elevate will sell for $1,699 which makes it the lowest priced speaker in the company’s lineup.

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New Toy of the Day November 10, 2017

Bang & Olufsen has today taken the wraps off its newest multi-room speaker, the M3. Most notably, this model sports AirPlay, Bluetooth and Chromecast compatibility. With a $299 MSRP, it’s a less-expensive option than the previously-released M5 but still pricey in comparison to alternatives on the market. B&O is known for its exceptional audio and design, but its price points often turn the average consumer away. The M3 hopes to compete with Sonos, which is the industry-standard in this category.

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