New Toy of the Day Yesterday

Sony has unveiled its latest mobile storage solution, the SF-G, which has been tabbed as the “world’s fastest” SD card. With more consumers and professionals shooting 4K video or RAW stills, Sony’s newest creation fills a need. Content creators can expect to hit write speeds up to 299MB/s and reads at 300MB/s. For comparison, the next closest in speed is SanDisk’s Extreme Pro Series that comes in at 260MB/s.

Don’t rush out and buy this new SD card just yet. You’ll need to confirm that your devices work with UHS (Ultra High Speed) II memory. Alongside this announcement is a new SD card reader designed specifically for this type of storage. The MRW-S1 has a USB 3.1 interface that can handle these types of speeds. Sony has yet to divulge information on pricing but we know the SF-G Series will hit this spring in 32, 64 and 128GB capacities.

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New Toy of the Day February 22

SnapPower, the brand behind those nifty USB-port charging outlet coverplates, is back again on Kickstarter with its new SwitchLight. Much like the products before it, this switch cover adds a night light to just about any space. In case you’re not familiar, here is how it works. The new plate has a pair of metal clips that snap into your existing switch and pulls energy for the night light. According to SnapPower, all you need to install is a screwdriver.

SwitchLight has three different illumination modes (bright, dim and off), which are actuated by the built-in light sensor. The obvious play here is for kids, but just about any home can use a nightlight. One reason that I like it, the light itself is raised up to the level of your switch, which is around four feet in most homes. With 68 hours to go, SwitchLight has raised over $258,000. A pledge of $12 will deliver a unit next month.

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New Toy of the Day February 21

Artificial Intelligence is at our fingertips now more than ever. A simple, hey Siri or Alexa, will command a wide range of information. With varying degrees of success, of course. Professor Einstein looks to cash in on that trend with its lovable characterization of the brilliant 20th century academic.

Launched on Kickstarter recently, this action figure meets computer can pull up tons of information just by being asked. It also challenges users to learn about new topics and explains how your questions are answered. Best of all, it does it with a cheery range of expressions on his face thanks to an intricate set of motors built-in to the 14.5-inch Einstein model. Of course, it has a free app that connects over Wi-Fi to deliver personalized info alongside learning activities for kids. Professor Einstein has hit its Kickstarter goal and currently a pledge of $279 will deliver a unit in April.

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New Toy of the Day February 20

Toy Fair 2017 is well underway in New York, with some of the biggest names in the game showing off their latest creations. Mattel has hit the show with its new Justice League Batmobile, a recreation of the iconic vehicle that is geared towards collectors. Not only that, this new four-wheeled creation is controlled by your iPhone or Android device, adding to its lust-worthiness. Mattel did an excellent job on the details here, right down to the cockpit and miniature Batman.

One of the coolest features is the ability to add a few drops of glycerol in the tank, which makes the Batmobile actually smell like burning rubber when you hit the gas. The fully articulating figurine actually moves while you drive. All of these features won’t come cheap though. Mattel will charge collectors $250 when the Justice League Batmobile hits online shelves in October.

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New Toy of the Day February 17

The Story Clock by Flyte is a levitating timepiece that hit Kickstarter earlier this week to wild success. In fact, after just a few days it has raised nearly $239,000, which is just shy of three times its initial goal. A metal ball seemingly floats above a handcrafted piece wood, denoting the title through the day. Additionally, there is an embedded digital clock in the center that communicates information. You’ll have to watch the video for yourself to truly see how mesmerizing the Story Clock is.

There are three modes that are controlled by your smartphone, each of which conveys different information on the display. Journey mode is a countdown towards a specific date, with the ball arriving at the 12 o’clock hour at that time. Clock mode provides a traditional hour/minute experience while timer mode can be set for short-term events. Pledges currently start at $399 with Ash or Walnut models available. If all goes to plan, the Story Clock will ship in November.

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New Toy of the Day February 16

Do you remember the old school Simon Memory Game? It has managed to stand the test of time since its release in the 80s and still tops the charts as a best seller over at Amazon. Well, at the New York Toy Fair this year it’s getting a VR lookalike reboot that’s bound to turn some heads. Simon Optix is a headset that uses motion sensing technology to track your hand movements during gameplay.


Much like the original game, this modern day version becomes more complex the longer you play. Gamers need to place their hand over the correct color to match the sequence, which becomes longer and more difficult over time. Multiple headsets can be paired together for head-to-head or multiplayer games, which is pretty cool. Simon is set to officially unveil its latest creation this weekend. Simon Optix will retail for $25 when it is released this fall.

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New Toy of the Day February 15

Canon has announced the T7i digital camera, the latest model in its DSLR line-up. While the new version has a few upgraded features, it sadly still does not support 4K video. That said, the T-Series has long been one of Canon’s most popular cameras. The most notable upgrade is the inclusion of a 45-point cross-type autofocus system. It’s the first time the Rebel line-up has received this feature set. A 24 megapixel sensor headlines this feature set, which helps somewhat make up for its 1080p video.

The T7i is specifically geared towards entry-level photographers hoping to make the jump from a smartphone to a more powerful alternative. Canon specifically sought the feedback of this user group in designing this new camera. Additionally, amateur-friendly features like filters and built-in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity. The T7i will be available for purchase in April for $749.99 as the body-only or $899.99 with a 18-55m lens kit.

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New Toy of the Day February 14

MMD and Philips are partnering to unveil the newest monitor in the latter’s Moda line of displays. The latest 24-inch addition brings sleek metal details in a frame that is the thinnest to ever come from Philips. In fact, it comes in at just 5.2-millimeters, which is in-line with Apple’s 27-inch 5K Retina iMac. Philips has specifically designed this monitor with the goal of catering to mutli-display setups. Hopefully, the minimal bezel on the sides will cut-down on any distractions.

The IPS panel supports over 16.7 million colors, and connects to your devices via HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort. Unfortunately, there is no word on USB connectivity, which would be a welcome addition on this type of high-end display. Philips is set to unveil its latest Moda monitor in the UK later this month for 189 British pounds. This equates to $236 US, although we’ve yet to confirm an official release date.

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New Toy of the Day February 13

In the world of smartwatches, it seems like every designer and manufacturer is looking for a way to standout from the pack. Stark, a new project on Kickstarter, takes a different approach. This simple $40 smartwatch brings all of the connectivity you’d expect without breaking the bank (or over complicating things). It has a water-resistant casing and built-in accelerometers for tracking steps/sleep. Smartphone connectivity for iOS and Android includes text message support and other notifications.

Because of its simple design and feature set, the standout spec on Stark is its impressive two years of battery life. Even better is that it is user-replaceable if needed. The battery situation is two-fold, the watch itself has the aforementioned two-year battery while the Bluetooth 4.0 smart module lasts four months at a time. This two-pronged approach is designed to offer great flexibility for users, and Stark even includes an extra battery with purchase. Of course, there is a companion app that helps with monitoring fitness and tracking usage. With 56 days to go, Stark has raised just over $16,000 of its $20,000 goal. If all goes to plan, it will ship in July.

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New Toy of the Day February 10

If you’re anything like me, your home is littered with a myriad of smart home devices. Sonos, Nest and what feels like a hundred other brands have made their way into our lives but controlling them all at once continues to stay just out of reach. Brilliant, a new display-driven command center, is looking to simplify this mess. Compatibility with some of the biggest names in the business are making this one of the most intriguing releases this year. Add in Alexa support, and we might be on to something. Best of all? It replaces your existing wall switch and it takes just “10 minutes” to install, instantly adding voice control to your lights. Check it out in action:

Brilliant uses a touchscreen display alongside built-in cameras and microphones to interact with users. Upon entering a room, it will automatically make the necessary adjustments to your environment depending on the time of day. For instance, you might set it to play the morning news and adjust the temperature in a certain way at breakfast. It also offers video conferencing between rooms and my personal favorite, the ability to control Sonos on the touchscreen. Brilliant is available at a $50 discount during launch with prices starting at $150. You can choose from a variety of finishes and switch-counts to fit your home.

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New Toy of the Day February 9

By Bang & Olufsen standards, $299 is fairly inexpensive. But it will set you back to grab a pair of the stylish brand’s new H4 Bluetooth headphones. In fact, these are the most affordable wireless cans in B&O’s lineup. The Beoplay H4s have an over-ear design that sports the usual attractive styling we’ve come to expect with lambskin and aluminum materials. A braided nylon cable sets off the look with a bit of retro flair.

These new cans ditch the touch controls of the pricier H9s for physical buttons that offer volume, play/pause, skip and more. Users can count on nearly 20 hours of battery life, which is pretty good by headphones standards outside of the new W1-enabled Beats line. Like its other products, the Beoplay app for iOS, Apple Watch and Android is compatible here too. B&O’s latest H4 headphones are available for purchase today for $299.

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New Toy of the Day February 8

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, Uuni has returned with a new design for its popular wood burning pizza oven. The Uuni Pro has been reimagined with a handful of new features, most notably the ability to burn wood pellets, charcoal or gas for fuel. Although it’s made with pizza in mind, this upgraded model can handle a wide variety of meals. So whether you’re cooking a pork loin, loaf of bread or Margherita pie, you’re covered.

The internal cooking chamber is capable of handling pizzas up to 16-inches in size, which is nearly double the original version. Chefs will be able to cook at temperatures hitting 900-degrees depending on the fuel source. Uuni includes three different burners and a windowed door with purchase, so you can look in on your meal while it is cooking. Currently an early bird pledge of $449 will deliver a unit in July. That’s a $150 discount off the final retail price. Uuni has currently raised over $221,000 or 440% of its original goal.

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New Toy of the Day February 7

Renogy, makers of reusable energy products, has announced the new Phoenix Generator 20W Solar Kit that delivers two 10W panels in a portable briefcase. In addition to leveraging the power of the sun, the internal battery is also capable of being charged by AC or DC sources. For campers and outdoor enthusiasts, this product has the chance to be particularly helpful during those long hikes or overnight stays. A built-in 16Ah battery provides power to four USB ports, two DC and one AC outlet, offering a multi-faceted charging system.

The dual 10W solar panels are not going to charge the internal battery particularly fast. That’s about enough power to charge two iPhones at once. But with a fully stocked battery, the Phoenix Generator can provide enough juice for your favorite gear multiple times over. Renogy gives a few examples, such as 32 charges of an iPhone 6s or five battery cycles on a typical laptop. Additionally, it does offer support for expanding to multiple solar panels, if you need more juice. Amazon is currently offering an exclusive launch discount on the Phoenix Portable Generator, marking it down to $588 from its regular $700 price tag. It is available for purchase today.

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New Toy of the Day February 6

We all know Tile. That friendly Bluetooth-enabled tracker which helps denote the last known location of your keys, wallet or iPhone. The trouble with it, is that Bluetooth can be limited to a short range. That’s not an issue in your home but it can be troublesome if you get much further away. Ping is a new Tile competitor that is called “the world’s smallest GPS locator.” Straight out of the movies, this colorful little tag comes in at just 1.34-inches square and features “months of battery life” on a single charge.

The idea is simple, straight forward and hardly groundbreaking. Simply add a Ping locator to your gear and it will track any movements throughout the day. Open the smartphone app, and you can ‘instantly’ see the location of your item. Aside from being waterproof, it has a built-in panic button in case of emergency, making this a perfect add-on for your kid’s backpack. A one-year data plan takes care of any subscription services initially. Ping hit Indiegogo just a few days ago and has already raised over $330,000. Right now, a $99 pledge will deliver a unit in July.

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New Toy of the Day February 3

Raspberry Pi can just about do it all. But while it’s a jack of many trades, it doesn’t necessarily stand out in any one way. In typical DIY fashion, there are plenty of remedies for this on the market. The latest of which comes via Kickstarter. DACBerry ONE is an analog/digital sound card designed to bring top-grade audio to your home brew setup. It leans on a Wolfson WM8804 transceiver and is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models and the new ASUS Tinker Board.

At less than $40, it comes in at nearly the same price as the microcomputer itself. But for those into media centers and digital jukeboxes that use Raspberry Pi, this project could offer a big boost in the way of sound quality. DACBerry offers analog/coax inputs and outputs, along with digital TOSLINK, as well. With two weeks to go, this project has raised 75% of the necessary funds. If all goes to plan, units will begin shipping in March.

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New Toy of the Day February 2

With Super Bowl Sunday upon us, chances are you’re stocking up on snacks and the all-mighty growler from your local brewery. Problem is, it’s difficult to fully replicate the experience of getting a tap pull from the bar. There are options on Amazon that attempt to do the job, but most are complicated and just kind of a pain. That’s where Growler Chill comes in. This recently-launched project on Kickstarter has enjoyed massive success raising over $335,000 in just a few days.

The Growler Chill is a countertop system that keeps up to three canteens chilled and ready to pour. Using a patented refrigeration system, your beer will remain at ideal temperatures while also providing a constant protection from oxygen that can kill carbonation levels. There are three different pulls on the front that provide that bar-like experience. A universal lid is attached to each growler so that it fits within the system plus Chill’s iOS app relays beer levels and other settings while in-use. Currently a pledge of $369 will deliver a unit in August.

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New Toy of the Day February 1

As the cameras in our smartphones have rapidly advanced, there has interestingly also been a movement towards manual photography as well. The reality is, some times these vintage products provide a better image. Or even more, the nostalgic feel of a mechanical design. The new Jollylook Camera combines all of the above into an early 20th century design support by Fujifilm’s Instax Instant Film. Everything about this camera is manually controlled and there is not a trace of electronics involved.

Jollylook reminds of those old-school Polaroid cameras (yeah, the really old ones). It uses a 110mm lens that is supported by sustainable materials on each side. There are eight aperture settings to choose from and a viewfinder on the back. After the photo has been taken, a hand-crank on the side rolls the film through a coating and then pops it out on top. Jollylook launched on Kickstarter a few days ago and has already surpassed its $15,000 goal by $35,000. Currently a pledge of $35 will deliver a unit with film in June.

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New Toy of the Day January 31

Your probably know Piaggio better as the brand behind the iconic Vespa two-wheeled mopeds. But now, it’s looking to score a coup in the United States with its new Piaggio Fast Forward venture. This starts with its first product, the two-wheeled autonomous cargo carrier called Gita. Pronounced jee-ta, which is translated to ‘short trip’ from Italian, this ball on wheels is designed to carry up to 40 pounds of your personal gear.

This isn’t a gimmick. There is serious technology behind Gita. Starting with its unique design that sports a zero-turn radius wheelbase that can hit top speeds of 22MPH. That makes it ideal for running or riding your bike. But how does it work? Gita has built-in obstacle avoidance technology that ensures your cargo will arrive without accident. For city dwellers, having a walking backpack could be a pretty cool way to get from point A to B. Think about walking home from the grocery store with this beauty in-tow. Piaggio Fast Forward is set to officially unveil Gita on Thursday in Boston. Final pricing is likely to be available at that time.

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New Toy of the Day January 30

Shane Chen, one of the original minds behind the first hoverboard (and subsequent spin-offs), has returned to Kickstarter with a new project called the Solowheel Iota. This is a smaller version of a two-wheeled cycle that hit the crowdfunding service some time ago. The latest model adds a second wheel to the mix in hopes of providing a safer experience in a more compact design. As personal transporters gain in popularity, the market is beginning to demand new features. Iota’s smaller footprint coupled with an eight-mile battery pack will hopefully attract those that are on the fence.

Riders can expect to hit speeds up to 10MPH but will generally travel at around half that. The internal battery takes 40 minutes to charge, so there shouldn’t be any issue with trips to work that require a charge before heading home. At just eight pounds and seven-inches wide, the $600 Iota offers a compact ride with low up-front costs. At the time of writing, this project has raised over $109,000, easily surpassing its $50,000 goal. If all goes to plan, it will ship in September.

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New Toy of the Day January 27

If you fear about end of world scenarios, this new piece of jewelry might be perfect for you. The Rosetta Wearable Disk has more than 1,000 different languages compressed on to a one-inch wide pendant. It’s the brainchild of the Long Now Foundation’s goal to preserve different cultures and languages for generations to come. Given that National Geographic estimates that a language dies off every 14 days, there could be some real inherent value to this necklace.

So how does it work? Well, over 1,000 pages have been shrunk down and printed on the nickel surface using a unique nano-technology. It contains over 700 basic vocabulary collections and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in some 320 languages. There is also a diagram for the foundation’s clock that is designed to run for over 10,000 years. You’ll just need an admittedly powerful microscope to access this data. Interested? Well, it’s going to cost you. The foundation is requiring a pledge of $1,000 to pick one of these up. But hey, it’s sure to be the most unique Valentine’s Day this year.

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New Toy of the Day January 26

Ricoh is making a splash in the world of DSLR photography this week with its new Pentax KP, a $1,100 camera that is weatherproof and designed for active lifestyles. A compact footprint was crafted with on-the-go shooting in mind. And thanks to a number of advanced features, it can shoot ISO as high 819,000. A 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and large optical viewfinder also highlight a long list of specs.

Elsewhere in the design is a tilting LCD display that offers additional control beyond the dedicated mechanical dials found on top. Ricoh includes a pair of handgrips with each camera, and plans to offer an additional vertical battery option in the future. With outdoorsmen and women in mind, the KP also includes the Pentax five-axis Shake Reduction System found on the K-3 model that takes four different exposures to output the clearest image possible. Additional features include 1080p at 30fps and a 51-point autofocus system. The Pentax KP is set to begin shipping on February 25th at authorized retailers.

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New Toy of the Day January 25

Amazon has announced its new STEM Club Subscription Service that delivers an education-focused toy to your door each month. This venture includes three different plans for ages 3-4, 5-7 and 8-13 with appropriate content for each group. STEM Club costs $19.99 per month, which feels a bit pricey but Amazon promises “handpicked, high-quality” toys each month.

Here’s how it works: much like other subscription services, Amazon has an editorial board that will comb through the most popular STEM-focused toys and create a personalized plan for each child. Ranging from “robotics to natural sciences”, Amazon claims the individual value will outweigh the subscription cost. However, there isn’t much in the way of details in terms of which brands, etc. With the rising popularity of STEM-based programs in American schools, it’s no surprise that Amazon would pursue this type of service. Sign-up starts now and your first item is guaranteed to be delivered within two business days.

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New Toy of the Day January 24

If 2016 was the year of Bluetooth headphones, then 2017 is shaping up to be a battle over renewable energy. These two topics collide on the Sola Wireless Headphones that claim to be “the world’s first” solar charging Bluetooth earbuds. Having just launched on Indiegogo, these headphones are taking an aggressive approach to leveraging the power of the sun while enjoying music on-the-go. Its design is reminiscent of LG’s Tone Pro headphones with the addition of small solar panels on the neckband. So what if there isn’t any sun? Sola also accepts a microUSB charger, too.

Like any (affordable) solar product, the quality and conversion rate of the sun can be hit or miss. Sola promises around eight hours of use on a full charge of the 200mA battery. You’ll need a direct line of sight to charge the headphones while in use, which may be an issue for users with long hair or if you’re wearing a hoodie. Aside from Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, additional features include a built-in mic, 20Hz-20kHz frequency response and “noise dampening” technology. Early bird pricing of $29 will deliver a pair in July if the $30,000 goal is reached.

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New Toy of the Day January 23

There’s no denying the success of Raspberry Pi and its affordable DIY motherboards. Through multiple iterations, this project remains notable in the world of homebrewing and, more recently, kid-focused coding kits. ASUS is hoping to cash in on this trend (albeit a bit late to the party) with its new Tinker Board. Coming in at nearly an identical size as the Pi 3, it features a quad-core Rockchip processor, four USB ports, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a gigabit ethernet jack.

The Tinkerboard has a couple of notable specs, including 2GB of RAM and 4K video output. Both of which go above and beyond the typical list of features on these DIY boards. That, of course, will come at a price. ASUS has listed its latest creation at £55 across the pond, which transfers to around $70 in the US. It certainly has a long way to go to catch up to Rasperry Pi’s name recognition but the upgraded specs should help along the way.

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New Toy of the Day January 20

It’s been a long journey for the Dash button, Amazon’s physical one-press ordering system, since it was announced nearly two years ago. But with the advent, ease-of-use and success of its Echo lineup, some have wondered what the future holds for this add-on. Today, Amazon revealed new digital Dash buttons that reside on a virtual shelf for quick re-ordering of your favorite items. Of course, you’ll have access to all of the brands already associated with this service.

Unlike the physical buttons that cost $4.99 per unit, the digital alternative is free. This could potentially be the beginning of the end for Amazon’s at-home buttons. There have always been a number of pitfalls along the road to success for Dash, most notably consumer’s dependance and access to smartphone devices. Simply put, it’s easier to access the Amazon app on your phone or offer a command to Alexa than ordering and setting up one of these buttons. Digital Dash is available today and can be setup by visiting this page.

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