New Toy of the Day Yesterday

Urbanears is known to many as the seller of nicely designed headphones at an affordable price. Today it introduced its first two models of Connected Speakers: the Stammen and the Baggen. Named after areas in Stockholm, location of Urbanears headquarters, these speakers share the same simple, fabric-covered design.

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New Toy of the Day March 27

With the release of NES Classic late in 2016, it seems like interest in vintage gaming is more popular than ever before. So it’s no surprise that companies are looking to cash in on this trend. The latest of which is STOA out of London, who are cranking out gorgeous handmade arcade cabinets by hand. With bright colors and modern designs, these are a must-see for any gaming enthusiast.

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New Toy of the Day March 24

Under Armour first released its limited edition 3D-printed Architech shoes last year, making available just 96 pairs to the general public. If you missed out (you probably did), UA is gearing up to offer its new Futurist shoes that use the same technology. That means its latest release will feature a 3D-printed “dynamic lattice network” that is designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support. Big promises from a shoe company looking to set itself apart from established players in this space.

So what does the dynamic lattice tech bring to your feet? Under Armour says that by going the 3D-printer route, it can create a stabilization system that supports heavy weight lifting activities and more movement-heavy exercises. The proprietary UA Speedform Upper features a memory-like molding capability that re-adjusts to your feet each time the pair of shoes are slipped on. Regardless of the tech and marketing lingo mentioned here, it’s pretty cool to see 3D-printing tech continue to make in-roads in this product category. Interested in UA’s latest release? You’ll need to be ready to buy the $300 pair of shoes on March 30th at 6PM for a chance.

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New Toy of the Day March 23

With warmer weather rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor activities. Of which, one of my favorite is spending time on the water. That’s why Hypar’s new Folding Kayak caught my attention. At less than 20-pounds, it quickly transforms from a full-on kayak to a compressed unit small enough to fit in your luggage. That means that taking your vessel on an airplane just went from a non-starter to an absolute reality. Sure, we’ve seen foldable kayaks before but Hypar stands out from the bunch with a few notable features.

First, it has a hard shell outer that should offer better protection in comparison to similar inflatables. Each pre-folded sheet of polypropylene is designed to withstand up to 20,000 cycles before any leaking occurs. That’s obviously a big promise, but you wouldn’t want any less from a modular kayak. It has a standard bow front that you’d expect but the design gets interesting as it goes decidedly horizontal to meet the surface of the water. The goal here is to create a smoother ride and less friction versus comparable kayaks that are taller. Hypar is slated to launch its new product on April 11th on Indiegogo with a price of $750.

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New Toy of the Day March 22

Portable grilling is hardly a new phenomenon, but while there are plenty of options on the market, few are able to blend good looks and functionality in this manner. The Lotusgrill out of Germany looks to bridge the gap with its “easy-to-use” lighter gel system. It is operated by four AA batteries that help ignite the heat source that can produce temperatures up to 660-degrees Fahrenheit. The fire itself is contained within a steel double-walled bowl that also houses a charcoal container and the cooking surface.

Smokeless grills are particularly enticing for apartment dwellers looking for a way to capture the BBQ experience without the mess. Lotusgrill promises all of that with a clean design that can get up to temperature in as little as three minutes. Because the outer shell doesn’t get hot, you can put it on just about any surface. It weighs in at around 8-lbs. and is 14-inches in diameter. The Lotusgrill is available for purchase today at Sur La Table for $200, which is a 33% discount off the regular price.

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New Toy of the Day March 21

Lomography recently took the wraps off its new Automat Glass Magellan Instant Camera, a wide-frame device that has an impressive focal length and aperture. It uses a massive 38mm wide-angle lens that puts most instant cameras to shame. This allows the Magellan to capture an image from just one foot away, which is remarkably close for this type of device. It is a fully automatic camera that sets itself to f/4.5 or f/22, depending on the circumstances. One of my favorite features is the shutter release system that is built-in to the lens cap, which can be used from up to 15-feet away.

The new camera will be compatible with Fujimax Instax Mini film, which is widely available online. Lomography will also be including colored gel filters, exposure attachments, and a macro lens. Expected to ship in mid-April, the Lomo Instant Automat Glass Magellan will retail for $189. Film and batteries are not included with the bundle.

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New Toy of the Day March 20

The Stealth P-7 Electric Commuter Bike is notable for one particular reason, it has an incredible 90+ mile range. While there are a number of other features worth noting, the ability to go multiple days at a time without charging is what brought it to our attention. Many of the eBikes that we feature here on 9to5Toys top out at around 30 miles or so. What we love about the Stealth P-7 is that it manages to add significant range without bulking up the frame too much. It’s certainly not as sleek as the Urban X, but the potential for three times the range is a worthwhile trade-off for me.

Coming in at 64-pounds, the P-7 is powered by a 950Wh battery that can offer varying degrees of pedal-assist for riders. A hardware upgrade is required to achieve the 90-mile range referenced above. A basic P-7 unit can provide around 60-miles. Both are currently available at Kickstarter for backing, starting at $4,000. Aside from the impressive range, Stealth has included an on-board computer that provides key data points like battery power remaining, distance traveled and more. If all goes to plan, Stealth is planning on shipping units in June.

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New Toy of the Day March 17

Earlier this week, we told you about the electric Bajaboard and just yesterday we noted UrbanX that turns any bicycle into an eBike. Moving to today, it’s time to dive into the 121C Arc Aileron, the “world’s first” pure carbon electric skateboard. With its sleek looks, you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to imagine Jony Ive giving a 30-second spiel about its thin frame. An internal 133WH lithium ion battery supplies 11 miles of range at top speeds of 22mph. It’s also water-resistant and can support inclines up to 22%.

What really makes this electric skateboard standout from the competition is its carbon fiber build. Arc states that it’s the first of its kind, but regardless, its gorgeous. While the frame may be light weight, it does raise some questions about durability. Skateboards are known to taking a beating and that would be a potential concern of mine here but you’re probably not grinding down many rails. The choice to go with a carbon fiber frame puts the total weight under 10-pounds, which is around 33% less than comparable models. Much like the Bajaboard, this electric skateboard is also controlled with a handheld wireless remote that looks a lot like a Wii nunchuck. Currently a pledge of around $900 will deliver a unit in June if all goes to plan.

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New Toy of the Day March 16

Denon has been aggressively playing catch-up with Sonos in all areas of multi-room audio over the last few years. Its latest move is the new HEOS Bar, a home theater add-on that packs impressive features and a big-time price tag. Coming in at $899, the latest creation from Denon sits at $200 more than the Sonos Playbar. But the price difference might be warranted, given that the HEOS Bar sports four HDMI 2.0a inputs that support 4K video. For comparison, the Sonos model sports just a single optical input.

Of course, the HEOS Bar has access to popular services like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and others plus multi-room compatibility with the rest of Denon’s lineup. A three-channel design is meant to create the illusion of a surround sound setup. Alongside the Bar announcement was the unveiling of Denon’s HEOS Sub, a $600 add-on that brings more bass to the party. It’s powered by a class D amp that pushes dual 5.75-inch drivers. Denon is clearly making a push to dethrone Sonos, the question is, are they too late?

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New Toy of the Day March 15

As alternative transportation has seen an increase in public interest over the last few years, one product that I’ve been interested in checking out is an electric skateboard. Now I really want one. The Bajaboard seemingly does it all with a rugged frame that can go places other electric four-wheelers can’t. It’s like a miniaturized dune-buggy for Tony Hawk. Thanks to an aluminum suspension system, you can hit speeds up to 31mph on the sidewalk or off-road. It fits the bill for commuters too, offering up to 22-miles of range on a full charge.

The Bajaboard is controlled via a handheld remote that includes a built-in LED display which communicates range, power remaining, distance traveled and more. Based out of Australia, it ships to many countries including the US. Prices start at $3,299 for the G4 model and $3,999 for the upgraded G4X that can handle bit more weight. The next batch is set to ship in April.

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New Toy of the Day March 14

iPhone photography has taken off in recent years as the lenses and software have improved with each new iteration. Given the rise in popularity, third-party accessory makers have made a concerted effort to develop add-ons that improve upon Apple’s starting point. Bitplay recently introduced a new line of photography accessories called the Snap! 7 Series. Centered around a case for iPhone 7/Plus, a full line of interchangeable lenses and grips can be added to help aid your quest to find the perfect shot.

The Snap! line starts at $50 with the iPhone 7 case that can handle each of the attachments included in Bitplay’s line. From there, a variety of add-ons, including wide-angle and telephoto lenses can be added for as little as $50. Bitplay also offers wooden grips, leather straps and thumb rests that can be attached for a more traditional camera experience. For $80 you can grab the iPhone 7 starter kit that includes a few lenses, while 7 Plus users will need to shell out $150. Pre-orders are now available on each accessory with an estimated ship date before the end of March.

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New Toy of the Day March 13

Vinyl records and mid-century modern design are two things that just seem destined for each other. Wrensilva’s latest luxury creation, the Loft Record Console, combines both with beautiful visuals and modern day technology. The $2,999 stand features a 300 watt per channel amp and belt-driven turntable that’s made to play your vinyl collection all day long. It’s made from locally-sourced Walnut hardwood and sits upon a welded steel base.

Wrensilva has wisely built-in a number of connectivity options on the Loft, most notably Sonos functionality that will allow listeners to beam music wirelessly throughout the house. There is also a 3.5mm jack and a pair of RCA inputs for adding older sources to the mix. The $2,999 base price delivers the console itself with a $1,499 upcharge delivering a pair of Wrensilva speakers and stands.

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New Toy of the Day March 10

Lamborghini is known for making some of the most beautiful high-performance autos out there. And now, the iconic brand is bringing its style to your wardrobe. Mizuno has partnered with Lamborghini to create the Wave Tenjin 2, a pair of sleek runners inspired by its namesake. Lightweight mesh made from polyester can be found throughout the shoe with a unique open-air heel underneath. Mizuno looks to the Lamborghini Aventador’s styling for inspiration on this shoe.

Back to the sole, which is made from a unique composite rubber and carbon fiber material that is designed to be lightweight but resistant to outdoor activity. By keeping it open, walking and running will have less impact on the knees, according to Mizuno. The new Lamborghini Wave Tenjin 2 Running shoes are available for $401 today.

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New Toy of the Day March 9

A while back, we told you about the stylish Russian Post Indicator vintage tube clock, which has been a reader favorite over the last few months. Today, we spotted the new Albert Clock that we think you’ll like just the same. Featuring a bright LED display and retro styling, this tabletop timepiece tells time a little different that usual. Albert displays math problems that equate to the correct hour and minute. Aside from challenging your brain when you go to check the time, it’s always a fun and different twist on the usual digital or analog display.

My favorite part of Albert Clock is its bright and cheery design. The LED display pops the equations off the black background, while its outer-casing ships in three different saturated colors. As for the math problems themselves, there are four different difficulty settings, so you can match your skills appropriately. Not only is this a cool gift for any techie, but it also has some potential merit for kids learning simple mathematics. The Albert Clock is available for purchase today with a €279 list price, which works out to around $295.

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New Toy of the Day March 8

There are plenty of products on Kickstarter these days that promise to alter the mind for a happier disposition or better life. Usually such examples are quick to be written off. But when an established brand like Onkyo partners with a startup and says it’s developed a new product that will boost concentration, our ears perk up. The new Mindset Bluetooth Headphones have built-in EEG or electroencephalogram sensors that measure electrical activity in the brain.

So how does it increase productivity? Aside from offering customizable settings that remove audio alerts from your connected devices, the built-in sensors are able to note when the brain becomes distracted. A change in the brain’s signaling cause the Mindset headphones to alert the user of distractions with subtle pings. The goal is to quickly move you back to a state of concentration. Of course, the Bluetooth headphones have all the expected features, like noise cancellation and memory foam earcups. Through just a few short days, this Kickstarter project has raised over $350,000, which is three times its initial goal. Currently, a pledge of $229 will deliver a unit in December.

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New Toy of the Day March 7

Philips has announced that it will be bringing its mammoth 40-inch 4K Curved Display to the United States market. This move comes after it was first revealed back at IFA in September and subsequently released in Europe. The $999.99 monitor is now available at Amazon for purchase. Despite not including forward-thinking inputs like USB-C, this display has a lust-worthy design and enough real estate for content creators to work without restriction.

The curved display is able to push out a 3840 x 2160 resolution, offering one of the few ultra wide 4K workspaces on the market today. On the backside, users will have access to VGA, DisplayPort (2) and both HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 inputs. Thankfully, at this price tag Philips is including a four-port USB 3.0 hub that includes one fast-charging output. At $300 less than LG’s troubled UltraFine 5K display, this new option from Philips might be a viable option for Mac users, if you can get past the lack of USB-C. You can pre-order the Philips 40-inch 4K Curved Monitor at Amazon today for $999.99.

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New Toy of the Day March 6

Nearly a year after Fibit first announced the Alta Fitness tracker, it’s unveiling a new model with heart rate monitoring built-in. It’s nearly identical to the previous generation in looks until you flip it over. That’s where you’ll find all of the new sensors that will monitor your heart rate throughout the day and make suggestions about how to burn the most calories. Fitbit is expecting around seven days of use on a full charge which is a smaller improvement over the previous generation. The new heart rate-friendly model will retail for $150 in standard finishes or $180 for metal finishes like Rose Gold when it hits shelves next month.

Today’s Fitbit announcement also brings a big upgrade to the Blaze and Charge 2. A software update via mobile will soon enable Sleep Stage tracking that notes the quality and duration of your slumber. This is something that Apple Watch continues to struggle with, so today’s move puts Fitbit in a stronger position for those interested in sleep data.

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New Toy of the Day March 3

The Beoncam 360 Wrist Camera recently hit Indiegogo claiming to be the first watch of its kind to sport a 360-degree camera system. With growing interest in virtual reality and capturing life on-the-go, it’s no surprise this campaign has nearly reached its goal in just a few days. Currently a pledge of $119 will deliver a unit in July that is not only capable of shooting video and still images, but will also live stream “at a moment’s notice.”

Inside the wristwatch, you’ll find a 360-degree lens, a microphone and speaker plus enough battery to survive four days on standby on a single charge. Beoncam is designed with active lifestyles in-mind, think GoPro users. The 5MP panoramic camera connects with your iOS or Android device, giving remote control over the camera. Without a doubt, the ability to capture 360-degree video on-the-go has it perks for the adventurous type.

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New Toy of the Day March 2

Watch out LEGO fans, a new line of minifigs featuring the Women of NASA is coming down the line later this year. Designed by MIT News editor Maia Weinstock, this five-figure set will feature some of the biggest (and most groundbreaking) female astronauts in our space program’s history. Here are the five ladies that will be recreated by LEGO (as shown in the image above): Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roman and Mae Jemison.

Johnson was of course recently portrayed in the hit movie Hidden Figures by Taraji P. Henson and Ride was the first woman to ever travel in space. Weinstock used the LEGO Ideas program to bring this life-like set to fruition, in hopes that it would inspire girls to pursue a career in the sciences. Over the coming months, LEGO will finalize the design and is expected to begin shipping late this year or in early 2018.

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New Toy of the Day March 1

Turntables are a dime a dozen these days as vinyl continues to its steady march back into the mainstream. Finding a way to standout from the black plastic and silver shouldn’t be hard, but it seems like most brands just keep trotting out the same old design. A new Kickstarter project caught my eye this morning as an alternative to the Sony’s and Audio-Technica’s of the world. The Miniot Wheel Turntable has taken away all of the excess, leaving audiophiles with a simple and beautiful turntable.

A solid aluminum platter sits just above the wooden base that houses the needle, belt-drive and other mechanics. All that’s left is the record and a stick that rises from the center which acts as a control panel for power, playback and volume. My favorite feature is its ability to play in horizontal or vertical orientations. For the vinyl enthustiast with style, it doesn’t get much better than this. The Miniot Wheel Turntable ships in three different finishes (walnut, mahogany or cherry) with a Kickstarter price of $600. It’s set to hit living rooms this November.

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New Toy of the Day February 28

This morning, the Raspberry Pi Foundation unveiled the newest addition to its lineup of microcomputers. The Raspberry Pi W comes in at $10 with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, making it arguably the most intriguing release in recent years. As you’d guess, the W stands for wireless but it packs much of the same specifications as the previous generation, which includes 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz Broadcom processor. A full list of specs can be found below.

For those interested in DIY projects, particularly smart home automation, the new Raspberry Pi W is a welcome addition. Built-in wireless radios mean one less add-on for projects from third-party suppliers. Alongside today’s announcement is word of new injection molded cases from the Pi Foundation that offer interchangeable lids, which are smaller than the previous official version. The new Raspberry Pi W will be available in the US for $10 at retailers like Micro Center.

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New Toy of the Day February 27

Apple’s AirPods made a serious splash during the holiday season with its truly wireless design and deep integration into iOS. Other manufacturers have taken note, both in design and software. Sony unveiled its new Xperia earbuds at Mobile World Congress with a few familiar features. Aside from the wire-free design, Sony’s Agent digital assistant is built-in much like Siri. From an audio standpoint, we do not often see an open-ear style on earbuds. This is typically reserved for over-ear headphones, with its ability to not only hear the music but your environment as well.

Sony is using metal materials on its latest release with an intriguing driver unit that uses bone conduction to transfer sound. Early reports out of MWC suggest that while listeners can hear noise around them, the audio is not loud enough for people nearby to be distracted. While it’s easy to see these earbuds as an audio-first device, Sony is billing them as a way to communicate with artificial intelligence. It’s important to note that the Xperia Ear is a prototype for now. If and when it comes to market, it will also have access to Google Assistant.

Catch up on more MWC coverage over at 9to5Google.

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New Toy of the Day February 24

The Moar Folding Electric Bike doesn’t follow the trends of previous alternative energy transports that we’ve featured here on 9to5Toys. Instead of a commuter-friendly design, this two-wheeler is high-powered and ready for just about anything. It is backed by a 500W rear electric hub or 750W mid-drive motor. While it does fold up into a smaller package, Moar’s latest creation features off-road tires and a bulkier frame.

After a brief stint on Indiegogo, it has raised over $81,000, easily surpassing the initial $30,000 goal. Moar uses a 48W battery to power the internal motor, as well as a built-in LED dashboard and turn signals. Cycling enthusiasts will note the inclusion of seven-speed Shimano gears on this eBike, bringing a bit of name recognition to this crowdfunding project. The entry-level $999 model provides up to 50-miles of range while the more powerful $1,199 rendition provides around 65-miles. Stepping up to the top-end $1,999 “Rapt” version brings an 85-mile battery. Moar is expected to begin shipping units in May.

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New Toy of the Day February 23

Sony has unveiled its latest mobile storage solution, the SF-G, which has been tabbed as the “world’s fastest” SD card. With more consumers and professionals shooting 4K video or RAW stills, Sony’s newest creation fills a need. Content creators can expect to hit write speeds up to 299MB/s and reads at 300MB/s. For comparison, the next closest in speed is SanDisk’s Extreme Pro Series that comes in at 260MB/s.

Don’t rush out and buy this new SD card just yet. You’ll need to confirm that your devices work with UHS (Ultra High Speed) II memory. Alongside this announcement is a new SD card reader designed specifically for this type of storage. The MRW-S1 has a USB 3.1 interface that can handle these types of speeds. Sony has yet to divulge information on pricing but we know the SF-G Series will hit this spring in 32, 64 and 128GB capacities.

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New Toy of the Day February 22

SnapPower, the brand behind those nifty USB-port charging outlet coverplates, is back again on Kickstarter with its new SwitchLight. Much like the products before it, this switch cover adds a night light to just about any space. In case you’re not familiar, here is how it works. The new plate has a pair of metal clips that snap into your existing switch and pulls energy for the night light. According to SnapPower, all you need to install is a screwdriver.

SwitchLight has three different illumination modes (bright, dim and off), which are actuated by the built-in light sensor. The obvious play here is for kids, but just about any home can use a nightlight. One reason that I like it, the light itself is raised up to the level of your switch, which is around four feet in most homes. With 68 hours to go, SwitchLight has raised over $258,000. A pledge of $12 will deliver a unit next month.

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