Update: Done deal.

Amazon is offering the FastMac Duplex Wall Outlet with Dual USB Ports for only $17.15.  Shipping is charged (~$5) for all orders under $25, free 2-day shipping is available for Amazon Prime members.  The ACE-7702 Wall Outlet retails for $32.06 but typically sells for $28.  At $17.15, this is the lowest price ever offered.

Available in white and almond colors, this wall outlet features 110V, 15AMP power output while sensing the correct wattage and only outputting full power if needed.  This is an easy Do-It-Yourself project please be aware the socket is about 3 times the depth of a normal socket, as noted by several reviewers.  56 reviewers rate this unit 4 stars.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 3.42.21 PM

FastMac ACE-7702 U-Socket Decorator Duplex Dual Outlet Dual USB, 110V, 15AMP TruePower, White

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