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Today’s Daily Steal is the 4-in-1 USB Charger and Sync (8-Pin Lightning, 30-Pin Apple, 30-Pin Samsung and Micro-USB) for only $6 shipped. The 4-in-1 connects to your computer or USB wall for charging purposes. Its USB connection also allows it to sync your favorite music, pictures, movies, and important files to just about any device out there. This offer ends today.

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2 Responses to “4-in-1 USB Sync/Charger Cable (Lightning, 30-Pin Apple and Samsung, Micro-USB) $6 shipped”

  1. I purchased this one (http://goo.gl/pK7VO4) from Amazon, despite the low star review it has worked very well for a month so far. My one very small gripe with all of these cables is the length. At around 6-inches connecting 3 devices is slightly more tricky than it could be and tucking the power adapter out of sight is not an option.

  2. I bought one. Does not work.