Jawbone-JAMBOX-Bluetooth-wireless speaker-sale-02

Ebay is offering the manufacturer refurbished Jawbone JAMBOX wireless bluetooth speaker for $70 shipped. This item comes in non-retail, bulk packaging and is available in several colors including black, red, grey, green, purple, white and blue. This is $80 less than the $150 new price Jawbone and Amazon are charging and as much as $30 cheaper then the next best refurbished price. The JAMBOX lets you stream and share music and movies as well as conference calls through just about any mobile phone, computer, tablet or iPod. You get up to 10 hours of power from the internal rechargeable battery.

Over 2000 Amazon reviewers give the JAMBOX 3.9 stars out of 5.

Jawbone JAMBOX wireless bluetooth speaker (refurb): $70 (Reg. $150 new) – bulk packaging

Jawbone-JAMBOX-Bluetooth-wireless speaker-sale-01

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