Pioneer A1 Wi-Fi Speaker featuring AirPlay for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPadUpdate: Site-store only now – no shipping

Best Buy’s deal of the day is the Pioneer A1 Wi-Fi Speaker featuring AirPlay for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad for only $40 shipped. That’s $110 off the list price of $150 and the lowest we’ve seen for the wireless speaker. Amazon currently sells it for $70 and their customers rated it well with positive reviews.

The wireless speaker with airplay allows you to wirelessly stream music from select Apple products, including Apple iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-generation iPod touch, iPad with iOS 4.2 or later and iPad 2, and iTunes 10.1 (Mac and PC) or later.

Pioneer A1 Wi-Fi Speaker featuring AirPlay for Apple iPod, iPhone iPad

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6 Responses to “Pioneer A1 Wi-Fi Speaker featuring AirPlay for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad $40 shipped”

  1. smoody69 says:

    I too tried multiple times to claim my “Free Shipping” as clearly indicated on their web site and when speaking to the Best Buy associate was also told it wasn’t available for in-store pickup (which I kept replying I wanted “Free Shipping” as their web site continued to advertise). If anyone files a lawsuit against Best Buy for blatant false advertisement I too would like to participate in letting a lawyer speak on my behalf in a court of law

  2. cm477 says:

    Best Buy Chat
    The interaction has now been transferred to Robert Terry
    Thanks for chatting in with Best Buy! My name is Jay, how can I help you today?

    H. I am trying to get the deal of the day (Pioneer – A1 Wi-Fi Speaker for Apple® iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® Model: XW-SMA1-K). It says Free Shipping. But when I add it to the cart, it then says Store Pickup only, and it is not available near me (I am in Los Angeles with many Best Buy stores).
    Oh no! This item is currently sold out for the moment. I would recommend creating a free My Best Buy account at If you already have one, proceed to the next step. Once you’ve registered or signed in, you’ll have unlocked the Watch List feature on When you add an item to your Watch List, you will be notified via email when it becomes available in store or online. You can learn more at

    It doesn’t say “Sold Out” on the website.
    Does it say “Unavailable”?
    I’ve refreshed it multiple times.
    Nowhere “unavailable.” Say over 12 hours left on deal.
    It sounds like it’s unavailable in your area at the moment. Probably due to the current stock selling out. They may restock it throughout the day, which often happens with Deal of the Day items.
    It is supposed to be shipped. Why would it be out regionally?
    It’s currently out of stock at the shipping warehouse, which is why it indicates that it’s unavailable for shipping.
    As for your region, the manufacturer provides us with a specified amount of every deal of the day item we’re able to sell.
    So, is the deal not valid? It does not say “Unavailable” on the website.
    Sounds like false advertising.
    Once we reach that quota, we’re unable to sell anymore. Often times, they’ll be restocked throughout the day.
    Did I answer all your questions today?
    It does not say “Unavailable.”
    What is your zip code?
    Only you are saying I cannot purchase it
    Your website is saying something else
    Do you realize that your website is saying something totally different?
    I’m looking at the page, and this is what it indicates:
    Check Availability
    Enter your ZIP code or city and state to see where you can pick up this item.
    ZIP Code

    Pioneer – A1 Wi-Fi Speaker for Apple® iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®
    Model: XW-SMA1-K | SKU: 6386713
    Store Pickup
    Best Buy stores
    Stores Availability GLENDALE CA
    2909 LOS FELIZ BLVD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90039-1502
    Map & Directions
    2909 LOS FELIZ BLVD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90039-1502
    Map & Directions
    I want the free shipping, as advertised.
    Shipping: Not Available
    Sounds like “Bait and switch” From “Free Shipping” to “Go pick it up yourself miles away”
    If the item was available for shipping, you’d definitely get it, my friend.
    That is what your website is advertising, my friend
    I need to talk to your Supervisor.
    One moment.
    Thank you for waiting, my name is Robert and I am a supervisor with Best Buy chat support. I understand from Jay that you’re wanting to speak with me regarding the Deal of the Day, is that correct?
    Yes. It says “Free Shipping”, but when I add it to the cart is says “Pickup only”
    Obviously you are contradicting yourself.
    I’d like to order it and get free shipping, as it says on your website.
    The Deal of the Day today is for store pickup only. There is no shipping costs to send the item to your local store, if stock is available. In this case, we are sold out in your area.
    Otherwise your site should say “Pickup only” in the listing.
    It doesn’t say “Pickup only” It says “FREE SHIPPING” (all caps from your website)*Nc&siteID=N_7ThYeZ.Nc-GtupGBMDcHampmW8k7WzjQ
    Anything over $25 will say free shipping at this time, due to the promotion that any item over that price will not be charged for standard shipping. Not all items are always available to be shipped to a home. Often, the Deal of the Day may only be available for In store pickup, and is available on a first come first serve basis.
    Point to where it says that on your site.
    If you click on the item, under product availability it shows shipping not available. Here is the link:
    FYI: On the deals below, it does not say Free Shipping even they are all over $25
    What I would recommend doing is adding it to your Watch List, that way when it becomes available for shipping or store pickup, you’ll be notified via email.
    I am going to have to post this conversation, because your says one thing first, and then says another.
    Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Your site should say Store Pickup only. Otherwise you should honor the deal offered.
    Thank you for contacting Best Buy. We appreciate your chat.
    You didn’t answer my question. I am going to forward to Best Buy Management
    You should fix your website.
    I’ll be sure to forward your feedback to our web team. Is there anything else I can assist with today?
    Well, since you were not able to assist me, I don’t thing there could be anything else.
    Robert.Terry is typing…This chat session may be recorded for quality and training purposes Powered by [24]7

  3. cm477 says:

    The offer is for Store Pickup only, despite what is says on the website. Good luck finding it locally. Their “chat” was completely unhelpful.

  4. Matt Pfister says:

    No longer shipping. In store pick-up only. When I went and picked mine up, I saw 3 more on their shelves ready for pickup by others. Leads me to believe this was rather popular. Went back online and bought 3 more to gift.

    • Dan DeSilva says:

      It really is a steal. AirPlay speakers are typically extremely overpriced due to Apple licensing fees. Congrats for getting in on it!