Grab three of the hottest console gaming titles of the year at some of the steepest discount we’ve seen. Score doorbuster prices without the Black Friday craziness. (Update: Added links for some deals over at Amazon)

Xbox 360/PS3: Grand Theft Auto V $33.99 shipped (or PS3, Amazon) (Reg. $59.99) – Even lower than our previous pre-owned deal
Xbox 360/PS3: BioShock Infinite $19.99 shipped  (or at Amazon) (Reg. $59.99) – Valid today only
Xbox 360/One/PS3/PS4:
Call of Duty: Ghosts $39.99 shipped (Reg. $59.99) – Matches or beats all Black Friday pre-announced sales




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4 Responses to “Gaming Trifecta: GTA V $34, BioShock Infinite $20, COD: Ghosts $40”

  1. CoD Ghosts is now $50.

    The $40 deal apparently was only for a limited number of copies :(

  2. weakguy says:

    Amazon has matched the $33.99 price for GTA V!