We have a couple nice magazine deals today including a one year sub to a GQ + Men’s Health bundle for $10 with free delivery using code 9TO5TOYS. Both mags individually will run you a total of $93, bringing a savings of $83 off the newsstand listing and $20 off this particular bundle’s already discounted price.

If you already have or aren’t interested in a subscription to Men’s Health, we also have a one year sub to GQ by itself for $5 with free delivery and digital access, again using code 9TO5TOYS. That’s $43 off the newsstand and $15 better than the best online sale price. You can also grab Entrepreneur Magazine for $4.50 (Reg. $60 newsstand, $12 online) with free delivery, using the above promo code.

As always, DiscountMags never charges sales tax, offers free delivery and will not auto renew the subscriptions. These deals are only available within the US.

GQ + Men’s Health  1-year sub: $10 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $93 at newsstand) – Up to 3 years
GQ w/ digital access 1-year sub: $5 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $48 at newsstand) – Up to 3 years

Mag deals-Mens Health-GQ-01

About Men’s Health & GQ Bundle:
Our Men’s Health and GQ Magazine package offers the best of both worlds with the most informative men’s advice. You will always be informed with some of the latest fashion trends, gadgets, and health & fitness tips!

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