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When Apple dropped the prices of the MacBook Airs and updated them slightly, it created a perfect storm of Best Buy discounts for students and educators and anyone with a .edu email address.  You can now get MacBook Air Haswells, the ones that started at $999 yesterday, for $649 and up. Open box for as little as $610

Here’s how:

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Go to Best Buy’s Student discount program here and enter in the .EDU email address. You’ll get a confirmation email and then after clicking the link, an emailed special code good for $150 off.

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Once you have the code, simply pick a MacBook Air (or Pro?) that’s eligible. Apple’s recently upgraded models now start at $799. The code will bring prices down to $649 and up!  You can even pick up an open box Macbook for as little as $610.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 4.58.55 PMopen-box-best-buy


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9 Responses to “How to get $250 off EOL Haswell MacBook Airs, starting at $610 (open box), $649 New”

  1. Alex Cross says:

    If you call into a store to purchase an open box, they will tell you that you cannot use this coupon with them. That is not the case. I just purchased a mid 2013 open box with the coupon. Mid 2013 13.3 256gb 4gb for $849+ tax. Walked in, asked if they had the open box from the cashier, he retrieved it, rang it up, gave him my coupon, he scanned it, I paid, then walked out. Great deal.

  2. mike369mas says:

    Not receiving the email after it has been accepted.

  3. Phong Vt says:

    I can’t use the promotional code with the lastest Macbook Air 13″ 128GB (MD760LL/B). Has anyone tried it? Thanks!

    • Dan DeSilva says:

      That’s correct – we’re seeing the same thing on our end. Hopefully that will change soon.

      • Phong Vt says:

        Thanks Dan! Do you know the differences between MD760LL/A and MD760LL/B?

        It seems both have the same 128gb SSD, 4GB RAM and 4th Gen Core i5?

  4. dcj001 says:

    This is not $250 of the price, as you say, Seth. It is $150 off Apple’s regular price.

    This is still a great value, though.