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Best Buy is offering the Logitech K760 wireless solar keyboard compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac for only $59 with free shipping.  This unit retails for $79.  As long as there is sun, you can keep rocking out on your favorite Apple device.

Type comfortably when using your Apple Mac, iPad or iPhone with this Logitech K760 920-003884 wireless keyboard that features a solar-powered design to allow on-the-go use. Bluetooth technology enables a simple connection.

Logitech – K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Select Apple Devices

Mac keys

Include command, brightness, eject and more for one-touch control of your compatible device. Enhanced F-keys allow customized operation.

Concave key cap design

Allows you to type quickly and quietly with enhanced comfort.

Slim, minimalist design

Offers a sleek look and easy portability.


Provides up to 3 months of full power, even in total darkness.

Bluetooth technology

Enables simple connection to your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Easy-switch connection makes it easy to use your keyboard with multiple devices.

Mac, iPad and iPhone compatible

For flexible use.

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