The 9to5 team wanted to remind our readers of the official Apple refurbished goods eBay store.  It is believed that Apple is experimenting with the idea offeringScreen Shot 2013-01-09 at 6.17.36 PM their refurbished items on the online marketplace.  Over the past couple of months this account has posted a variety of iPads, Macs, iPods and more.  We have seen Airport Expresses and Apple TVs posted.

Every item listed is eligible for a 14 day return policy and receives a full 1 year warranty from Apple (just like a brand new unit).  Please see below for a full outline of the criteria Apple places on their refurbished devices.  Most of these devices are offered at a heavy discount.  You can check out the latest availability and discounts here.

Each Apple Certified Refurbished Product is:

  • fully tested (including full burn-in testing).
  • refurbished with replacement parts as needed, including a brand new battery.
  • returned to “like-new” condition.
  • given a new refurbished part number and serial number.
  • placed into a Final QA inspection prior to being added to sellable refurbished stock.
  • repackaged (including appropriate manuals, cables, new boxes, etc.).
  • shipped with the original iOS offered with that system.
  • What to expect from an Apple Certified Refurbished Product:
  • Substantial savings
  • A fully-functional unit with complete documentation
  • The assurance that the unit meets Apple’s premiere quality standards

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