Curate With Me, Win A Prize: 2015’s Most Coveted Holiday Tech Gifts List!


Human curation matters. We trust recommendations from friends and experts more than suggestions by the best computers. That’s why millions of people come to 9to5Toys, 9to5Mac, and 9to5Google each month to discover our product recommendations!

Product reviews are great if you know the exact product you want to buy, but they rarely cover all the best products in one place. That’s why Curate With Me is here — to connect you with curated lists of great products recommended by friends and experts.

Curate With Me helps you canvas categories of products, apps, and dining experiences that other people are recommending, combining the power of Reddit-style upvotes with Pinterest-like visuals. Lots of experts, including the 9to5Toys team, are already creating Curate With Me guides. It’s a place where gadget fans, beauty mavens, foodies, gamers, home decorators and everyone with product knowledge can come together to spotlight the best of everything!

Want a shot at winning this year’s best holiday gift? Sign up for Curate With Me at this link and contribute ideas to our Most Coveted 2015 Holiday Tech Gift listAfter one week, the person who contributed the most upvoted item in the Guide will get to pick one or more items from the list (worth up to $200), courtesy of Curate With Me! So get curating right away to maximize your votes! More details are below…. (Update: Congrats, Victor M!)

Browsing Curate With Me

There are two ways to search Curate With Me. The home page lets you type any keyword like “laptop” to quickly find already-curated lists. If no list is found, you can submit a request for a new list to be curated for you by Curate With Me’s staff. You can also use the Explore feature to browse trending lists in Food & Drink, Products, and Apps & Games.

Once you’re inside a list, you see a grid of items. You can click on any item to go straight to a product page, or use icons to upvote, comment, report on, or save any item for later reference. Frequently upvoted items float to the top, while less popular items fall to the bottom. Everyone can vote on the items or add additional items to the list. Top vote-getters are shown first, enabling everyone to find popular recommendations faster.

Be A Curator: Make Your Own Lists And Add To Lists

Anyone can join Curate With Me. Signing in is as easy as using a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ login. Top curators get special billing in the headers of each page, too.

Curate With Me is currently focused on three major categories: Food & Drink for New York City residents, Products including technology, fashion/beauty and home decor, and Apps & Games. If you have recommendations to make on any of these categories, or want to register your votes on them, sign up and become a curator!

Win A Giveaway From 2015’s Most Coveted Holiday Tech Gift List!

Curate With Me makes it easy to find and share great recommendations. To celebrate its early preview this week, Curate With Me is offering lucky 9to5 readers the chance to win gifts from three 9to5 co-curated Ultimate Holiday Gift lists!

Here’s how you enter the contest. Start by visiting the 9to5Toys Most Coveted Holiday Tech Gifts list. Use the Add Item button to make a fantastic technology gift recommendation. Show your friends the list and encourage them to vote. At noon next Friday (11/27), the Guide’s top vote-getter will get to pick whichever items he or she wants from the list (up to a $200 value), courtesy of Curate With Me!

Adding an item to a list is as simple as pressing the + button, choosing a (beautiful) photo, then adding a name, 120-character description, and web link. You can contribute as quickly as composing a tweet, follow lists that interest you, and share any list with friends who have similar interests. When other users upvote an item you’ve added, you earn goodwill or Karma and top curators get featured in a leaderboard!

Add your pick to the 9to5Toys list today, then spread the word to get the best chance at winning the prize. You can also contribute to additional lists (and add chances to win your choice of holiday gifts) from 9to5Mac and 9to5Google, posted earlier this week. Have fun curating!

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