Over at Amazon, we have spotted a number of discounted LEGO sets. All of which are currently listed at the lowest Amazon has ever offered them for. Outside of the one deal listed below as an add-on, everything ships free for Prime members or in orders over $49. The add-on item needs to be included in an order of at least $25.


Speaking of toy deals, today’s Gold Box Deals over at Amazon is filled with up to 50% off STEM toys. While there are a host of different learning toys, K’nex, and more, one standout is certainly this Wonder Workshop Dash Robot for $119.99 shipped. It regularly sells for $150 and today’s deal is the lowest Amazon has ever offered it for.

You can browse the rest of the toys in the sale right here. Everything ships free for Prime members or in orders over $49.

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More Details:

The LEGO City motorbike race team is heading to the stadium for the final race of the motorbike championships! Join the ace riders aboard the awesome Racing Bike Transporter together with their high-speed race bikes. When you arrive at the stadium, help unload the bikes and head for the circuit. The crowd is ecstatic, it’s going to be a heck of a race! Who will take top spot on the podium and lift the championship trophy? Includes 2 race driver minifigures with assorted accessories.

Join forces with Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and Agent 13 to help Winter Soldier escape in the awesome Quinjet. Dodge War Machine’s stud shooter. Enter the air traffic control tower through a tiny hole with Ant-Man to explode the boxes in front of the tower. Push the lever in the second-floor office to explode the walls. Explode the luggage cart to send suitcases flying, then transform Ant-Man into Giant Man to take on Iron Man! Flip out the wings of the Quinjet to take off and deploy the hidden stud shooters. Drop the rope for Captain America and fly away!


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