Nise Wave iOS-controlled sous vide cooker hits Kickstarter for under $130

If you have not stepped into the fantastic and wonderful world of sous vide cooking yet, you really should. Chefs all over the planet have been leaning on this water-based cooking technique for years and there are a few really great home options on the market like the popular Anova options. The brand new Nise Wave Wi-Fi sous vide is ready to add to that list with adaptive temperature control, a few other interesting features and a notable price tag…

The art of sous vide cooking generally allows for extremely accurate temperature control in combination with the ease of basically just letting your meal cook itself.

Using what is referred to as adaptive temperature control, Nise Wave will not only cook your meal exactly as you want but also finish it at the exact time you desire. According to Nise Tech, it is the only cooker of its kind that is capable of doing this. The system creates a unique temperature curve specific to the task at hand, which will scale up/down the cooking process as needed to ensure your perfect medium-rare steak is ready at exactly 8pm tonight for dinner.

Simply prepare your meal, set your cooking temperature (in the app or with the on-board controls), when you want it to be finished and take off for the day knowing your dinner will be ready for you exactly when you want it.

On top of the customizable cooking times, Nise Wave has a few other nice tricks up its sleeve as well. First of all, most sous vide cookers aren’t water-resistant making the cleaning process and other similar tasks significantly more cumbersome than they could be. Nise Wave can be submerged for up to 30 minutes making it super easy to rinse off and keep clean. That seems like an obvious feature for any device of this nature to me, so cheers to Nise Tech for that one.

While it can be entirely run via the iOS/Android companion apps, it also has manual controls and a small read-out along the top of the actual unit. I mean let’s face it, sometimes having your $1,000 iPhone involved in messy kitchen endeavors is not always the best idea, so this is a nice addition as far as I’m concerned.

It also out-powers most of the competition at 1200W. The folks at Nise Tech don’t want to wait forever just to heat up some water for a meal, and they don’t want us to either.

Best of all, early Kickstarter backers can grab one for just $125 right now with a April 2018 delivery date. While still a ways out, you certainly won’t be getting a comparable cooker for that price outside of holiday sales and the like anyways, never mind the added power and features.

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