Logitow’s mixed reality tech has kids creating real-time 3D animations on iPad

Logitow is a STEM based interactive smart toy for kids as young as three years old. You get what appears to be ordinary building blocks and a free app for iOS or Android devices. You may be thinking to yourself: “Why do I need blocks to entertain my kid on a tablet? Not only do they not need more incentives to be on it, but most days I’m trying to get them far away from all these devices.” Well, Logitow is a little different than just YouTube videos and mindless games. The blocks actually encourage learning and fun through physical building as well as meaningful interaction with the tablet.

The games your child plays with Logitow use what is called Mixed Reality to improve on hand-eye coordination, creative problem solving and even teamwork with other children to build better social skills. With the app your child gets to build freely and also in story mode that puts their creations inside of a featured story. There are all kinds of building themes available so your child can start constructing spaceships, cars, houses, castles and whatever else they can imagine.

This STEM based toy can encourage your child to learn other skills such as cooperation, sharing with friends and it even offers valuable family time where you as the parent can take part in the building process with your child.

Logitow just launched its main site and will likely hit the crowdfunding sites very soon. For more information on Logitow checkout the full PR below or visit them directly for updated information as it becomes available.


HONG KONG, October 16, 2017 (Newswire.com) – Logitow is an incredible interactive smart toy for kids aged 3 to 12, made up of smart building blocks combined with a powerful APP that bridges the gap between the screen and reality.

Logitow takes learning and makes it fun. Using Mixed Reality, the smart building blocks can be used to build anything a child can imagine. As each creation takes shape, the model becomes a 3D animation mirrored on-screen in real-time, seamlessly integrating the virtual world and real world.

Utilizing Mixed Reality technology, a seamless interaction between smart toys and screen animation is achieved. Logitow creates an incredible interactive experience that strikes the ideal balance between screen time and physical building, a perfect activity for early childhood education and STEM education.

Children are naturally curious about electronics and love to play on-screen games and apps. But too much screen time can make parents anxious. Logitow understands this and combines an immersive experience that sparks children’s imagination and engages them with hands-on interactive building. By combining physical activities with virtual ones, children have meaningful and educational interaction with electronics, that bring them back to reality.

“As engineers and programmers as well as parents, we realize the importance of raising children with valuable tech skills for the future. But like many parents, we were concerned that kids spend too much time staring at device screens. We wanted to create a fun, educational activity for kids that bridges the gap between the screen and reality. Logitow connects the physical with the virtual, fully engaging kids with an immersive and interactive Mixed Reality experience.” – CEO, Paracra Technology

Logitow smart building blocks use the latest Mixed Reality technology and a powerful app that makes this possible. The App allows free building as well as story themes that put children’s creations into a featured story. In Free Building mode kids use their imagination to build anything they dream up and in Theme Building mode kids interact with the kind of themes that they love – spacecraft, cars, magic castles, ingenious inventions and more…

Logitow encourages cooperation, play with friends and provides valuable family time. The physical nature of building blocks develops spatial ability and creative problem-solving. By involving friends and family, kids learn valuable collaborative, emotional and social skills. Logitow smart building blocks are not only fun, they are an effective tool for early childhood development and a perfect activity for STEM education — a system that emphasizes a holistic approach to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that encourages collaboration, problem-solving and creativity in children.

STEM education is a proven learning philosophy that enhances early childhood development and provides skills that will last a lifetime. Logitow is a learning tool for kids that creates an incredibly engaging new way for kids to learn by playing.

Founded in 2016, Paracra Technology is an innovative start-up focusing on mixed reality technology and products, seamless integration of the Internet, hardware, animation and 3D printing, breaking down the barrier between screen and reality.


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