DJI is doing a sale on the Osmo Mobile at their official site. Just use the coupon code B75NWXSJ at checkout for a $60 discount. These products all showed free shipping for me.

Nomad Base Station

If you live in an area supported by DJI you can even snag the Osmo Mobile with free training at a discounted price. The Osmo Mobile is still going for full retail at stores like Amazon and B&H, so you better act fast before DJI closes this sale. Rated 4/5 stars.

Osmo Mobile units on sale |

  • Osmo Mobile (Black) $239 w/ coupon code: B75NWXSJ 
  • Osmo Mobile (White) $239 w/ coupon code: B75NWXSJ 
  • Osmo Mobile (Black) + Free training $239 w/ coupon code: B75NWXSJ 
  • Osmo Mobile (Black) + Base $249 w/ coupon code: B75NWXSJ 

NOTE: *Enjoy one-hour of service in the following cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, San Diego, Austin, San Antonio, Portland, Philadelphia, Long Island and Phoenix.

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