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Swytch it up and make any bike electric while keeping its original style

It seems everyone is switching their cars for a bike these days, but pedaling a bike can sometimes be hard work. You might have hills to climb, or it might be very hot where you are. All of these things can deter people from riding a bike where they need to go, but Swytch is here to change that.

Swytch is a means of converting a normal bicycle into an eBike. This means that you can have Swytch build a motor hub on your wheel, and when you’re ready, it’s as simple as sliding a battery pack on your bike and off you go. This could mean everything if you’re in a city that’s easy to commute by bike. And if you’re not? Well, Swytch might be able to make that commute easy enough to finally start riding. With kits up that boast up to 50-miles of range, you should easily be able to get wherever you want to go without breaking a sweat.

With the “Early Bird 25-mile Kit,” you get a 25-mile rated power pack, QuickConnect handlebar bracket, 180Wh Li-Ion battery, charger, brake sensor, pedal sensor, and a 250W motor wheel in any size. Yes, Swytch really means any size. The 50-mile kit is basically the same, but with a larger power pack and battery to keep you going longer.

Once you receive your kit from Swytch, you just swap your wheel, put the pedal sensor on, connect the bracket, and go. They claim it should only take about 10-minutes and have a step-by-step video that shows you how.

The Power Pack takes about 3-hours to fully charge, is fully waterproof, and even has a front light to make you more visible at night. The motor is so lightweight the company claims that you won’t even know it’s there, until you turn the power on, that is.

The sensors around the bike you’ll install help make it easy and safe to operate. The pedal sensor engages the motor when you’re pedaling, and the brake sensor cuts the power when you begin stopping.

The company even has their own eBikes you can buy if you don’t want to overhaul your own, or if you don’t have one to overhaul. This is all set to ship around April 2018 from their Indiegogo campaign.

The 25-mile conversion kit starts at $299 with free shipping, while for an extra $50 you can go 50-miles. For $599, you get an entire 28-inch 50-mile aluminum bike so you don’t have to worry about converting or setting up anything. They also have a “Kickbike” which is awesome looking, and that runs $599 as well. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, they offer a $1,999 option which gives you a limited edition UK-built Swytch eBike of your choosing. They have unique frames and come with the 50-mile power pack.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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