While we still have a nice batch of discounted gift cards from Toys R Us, Under Armour, GameStop and more, we also have some free Burger King money today. The official PayPal eBay Store is offering $25 Burger King Gift Cards for $20 with free email delivery (comes within hours, up to 24). That’s an easy 20% off your next visit or a great little stocking stuffer add-on to knock off your holiday shipping list.

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Burger King Terms and Conditions

BK eGifts When you buy or receive a BK® eGift, the following additional terms and conditions shall apply. A BK® eGift is an electronic version of the BK Crown Card that may be purchased online where available or received and/or awarded as a prize in connection with certain BKC online and social media promotional activities. BK® eGifts are not re-loadable and are delivered to the recipient in the form of a sixteen (16) digit code via e-mail or on the recipient’s designated social media web page, including a Facebook page. BK® eGifts can only be redeemed by presenting the sixteen (16) digit code at Participating Restaurants by showing a crew member the code on your smartphone or in printed format. The value of your BK® eGift, monetary or otherwise, will not be replaced by BKC if your BK® eGift is lost, stolen or damaged. You should protect your BK® eGift account number. If you share your account number, others may redeem the gift resulting in a depletion or total loss of the value of your BK® eGift.

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