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Tested: Hands-on with MUJJO’s luxurious leather iPhone 12 cases

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Today, we are taking a closer look at the new MUJJO Full Leather iPhone 12 case lineup. Another mainstay in our yearly roundups of the best options for Apple’s latest, the 2020 lineup shines again with premium Japanese microfiber, vegetable-tanned leather, and stealthy, debossed branding. But with so much competition in the leather iPhone case category, it’s time to go hands-on to see how MUJJO’s $40+ iPhone 12 cases stack up in the latest Tested with 9to5Toys. 

MUJJO Full Leather iPhone 12 case lineup

MUJJO’s 2020 iPhone 12 cases hit with that same premium-feel leather and a focus on a cover that looks better the more you use it. Alongside the obvious light protection against bumps and scratches a nice vegetable-tanned swath of leather provides, MUJJO says it will just look better after it’s had a chance to patina. While I haven’t had a chance to use it long enough to confirm much about the 2020 lineup, if offerings from year’s past are any indication the MUJJO Full Leather iPhone 12 cases will indeed, with every knick and scratch, age with grace — if you’re into that kind of thing anyway. That, in combination with the hitting-above-the-price of entry materials in play here, make it worth a closer look for anyone in the market for a nice full-grain leather iPhone 12 sheath.

Tested with 9to5Toys

The $40 to $60 (or more) leather iPhone cases generally come in two flavors to my touch: super thin to the point where you barely get a feel for the texture of the leather, and those that are a little bit thicker but you can really feel the grain of the material. MUJJO’s offerings are the latter. The more substantial piece of leather pushes the MUJJO cases out of the “super-thin” category but results in a luxurious looking and feeling iPhone 12 cover all-around. 

Another particularly nice standout here for me with the MUJJO leather cases is the interior. The brand has employed a “luxurious Japanese microfiber” with a “sophisticated satin-like finish” I’m more than happy to rest my iPhone 12 Pro against. 

Leather and subtly-inward curving chamfer edges around the camera are a nice touch, despite barely raising the sensor array off the tabletop. And the “1mm” leather bezel rising above the display for surface protection feels like it’s a little bit higher than that, possibly due to the substantial nature of the leather here. While not ideal for me personally and possibly a turn off for others, this is certainly not a deal-breaker for me and to be expected with such a solid piece of leather. 

The MUJJO Full Leather iPhone 12 case fits snug around the edges of the 12 Pro’s frame, wrapping the volume and power buttons in the same patina-ready leather. While perfectly positioned and to be expected with such a substantial piece of leather, it is slightly difficult for me to get my finger in the mute switch cutout. The bottom of the case is left cutout with leather protection just around the bottom corner edges, allowing the speakers to sing but also leaving the connector jack exposed. 

MUJJO says all of its 2020 Leather iPhone 12 cases are “fully compatible with all Qi-certified wireless chargers, including Apple’s MagSafe Charger.” I can confirm the Full Leather Case works with Qi chargers, but it is important to point out here, the MUJJO offerings are not compatible with Apple’s Leather Wallet with MagSafe accessory.

Note about the MUJJO Wallet Case: You could opt for a MUJJO wallet case instead, but there are some things to keep in mind. MUJJO says “the magnets are not strong enough to penetrate through the layers of [its] Leather Wallet Cases to use the alignment feature, but wireless charging still works perfectly.” That’s just something to keep in mind, and you can get more details here.

While I have only had a chance to go hands-on with the black Full Leather iPhone 12 case, MUJJO has introduced some vibrant new colorways this year alongside a host of fashion-forward staples — Monaco Blue, Slate Green, Tan, Alpine Green, and more. 

In the end, the MUJJO Full Leather iPhone 12 case lineup is definitely worth considering for anyone in the market for a case of this nature. If you’re after the thinnest possible leather option out there, this certainly isn’t it. But it also provides a much more luxurious and classy looking cover than much of its equally-priced competition. 

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FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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