Roborock’s new S7 MaxV robotic vacuums take the dirty work out of spring cleaning [$90 off]

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Roborock’s latest robotic vacuums – the S7 MaxV, S7 MaxV Plus, and S7 MaxV Ultra – are here to help with your spring cleaning chores. All sport the brand-new ReactiveAI 2.0 obstacle avoidance feature, the ability to see a video feed of what your vacuum is doing, LiDAR navigation, auto-lifting mopping capabilities, and much more. Available starting today on Amazon, let’s take a look at how Roborock can make your spring cleaning chores easier this year.

Roborock’s S7 MaxV line of robot vacuums do the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning

There’s a lot to like about Roborock’s vacuums, and the S7 MaxV line takes things to the next level. You’ll find that they all feature the brand’s latest ReactiveAI 2.0 obstacle avoidance feature that uses a camera to detect hazards, and even features a built-in LED light to see in dark rooms. On top of that, the built-in camera allows for viewing what your vacuum sees at any time, whether you’re home or away. This can help you determine whether the vacuum is actually stuck or if there’s someone messing with it should it stop cleaning for whatever reason.

Daily emptying and refilling will become a thing of the past

Roborock also makes the S7 MaxV more hands-off when it comes to manual maintenance. The new Empty Wash Fill Dock will be automatically scrubbed during and after cleaning sessions, ensuring it’s always ready to go. The dock itself self-cleans in the process of washing the mop too, which is crucial to keeping it maintained. Not only that, but the dock even has an auto-refill function that will top off the mopping bin while emptying the dust for up to seven weeks before needing to be changed out.

Say goodbye to mopping this spring

You’ll also find that Roborock’s S7 MaxV line of vacuums feature a built-in mop with VibraRinse technology. This is a combination of sonic mopping as well as an automatic mop lift that “transitions smoothly” over contrasting surfaces, while still tackling surface dirt with ease. This, combined with the 5100Pa of suction power, ensures that the S7 MaxV line can clean up any mess it comes across in your home.

Start your vacuum with simple voice commands

The Roborock S7 MaxV line is also compatible with Alexa for simple voice commands, making it super simple to get cleaning without even walking to the vacuum or picking up your phone. Sure, these are options to begin cleaning, but why do any of that when you can simply tell Alexa to start vacuuming and let your new robot do the dirty work for you?

LiDAR navigation ensures every square inch is vacuumed and mopped

These robot vacuums don’t rely on typical bumpers to get around your house, either. As a premium robotic cleaning option, you’ll find full LiDAR mapping onboard, which means that the vacuum makes a map of your home as it cleans. This allows you to set where it should vacuum, where it should mop, and where it should do both. It also lets you pick certain areas for it to do… nothing. Yep, you can tell it not to enter the kid’s toy room that’s never clean enough for it to run in, as well as under your desk where it likes to eat those wires that dangle down. It’s as simple as opening the app and creating virtual barriers that it’ll obey as it goes around and cleans your home.

Upgrade your cleaning routine today

You can purchase the Roborock S7 MaxV starting today for $769.99 with the S7 MaxV Plus and S7 MaxV Ultra coming soon.

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