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If you’ve played Apex Legends at all, then you know who Bloodhound is. For the uninitiated among us, Bloodhound is a unique Legend that can see and track enemy movements like no other Legend cam. His very advanced powers can be the difference between becoming Apex Champion and losing when used right. In the latest Apex Legends takeover event, Bloodhound’s Trials take center stage. But, we’re also seeing the return (and permanent addition) of duos, along with a few other fantastic updates to Apex Legends.

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Garmin unveiled its latest smartwatch today, and it is has several interesting features. The new Garmin quatix 6 aims to be the best marine GPS smartwatch on the market with perks like autopilot control and the ability to stream boat sensor information to your wrist. There are many other features too. In fact, Garmin quatix 6 retains every capability found in the company’s flagship fēnix 6, making it arguably one of the most accomplished smartwatches made by the company today. Continue reading to learn more.

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Cards Against Humanity is arguably the most popular card game of all-time. Ok, maybe behind solitaire. But you get the point. However, Cards isn’t exactly the most family-friendly game. It’s safe to say that it’s not for everyone. So in this time of social distancing, the creators behind the wildly popular game have offered a bit of a truce. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition has made an appearance today on interwebs. And best of all? It’s free to play and free to download. Head below to find out how you can bring home the family version of this beloved card game.

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LEGO is giving Star Wars fans yet another new kit to look forward to today, with the announcement of the upcoming 501st Legion Clone Trooper battle pack. This 285-piece creation comes packed with exclusive minifigures alongside two brick-built vehicles from the Clone Wars era. Head below for a closer look at the latest Star Wars battle pack.

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Sea of Thieves on Steam is ready to go. Microsoft’s swashbuckling action-adventure pirate game is now listed as “coming soon” on Steam and will soon join a growing collection of other Microsoft titles on Valve’s PC-based gaming platform. The move is part of Microsoft’s continued effort to allow gamers to choose where they play PC games and will join previously released titles on Steam including Gears 5 and the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. More details below. expand full story

Today, Amazon is expanding its smart home security stable with the latest addition to its Blink lineup. Debuting with one of the most compact designs we’ve seen in the smart security space, Blink Mini still manages to tout 1080p feeds, Alexa integration, motion detection, and more. That’s all while entering with a budget-friendly price tag. Head below for a closer look, including pricing, availability, and the full feature set.

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