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News Stories September 21

If you watch a lot of YouTube, you’ve likely seen those killer setup tours with RGB lights everywhere from the keyboard to the back of the desk reflecting off the wall. In fact, we’ve done tours of our own setups that feature many RGB goodies. Though many of those setups can cost hundreds, if not more, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have a killer looking workstation.

Though you can always go the route of high-end accessories for your desk, it’s just as easy to customize your battle station without spending a ton. We’re going to take a look at just a few items you can use to spruce up your desk without going over $65 at Amazon.

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If you have grown weary of the similar gameplay styles across popular video games, you may find some enjoyment delving into the plethora of indie games that are out there. These types of games can often provide unique game mechanics that the big developers choose not to take a risk on. Let’s face it, the big games are popular for a reason, but it can be delightful to play a game like Sokpop’s Llama Villa where the premise is simply to shower, feed, and build a home for your llamas. Just like its games’ unique experiences, the Sokpop Collective is setting out to shake up how consumers pay for games with an inexpensive subscription that comes with a promise of two new games each month. expand full story

Apple’s latest handsets have already started shipping along with its new compatible leather and silicone cases. We have also seen the new lineup of iPhone cases from the likes of Nomad, OtterBox, DODOcase, Pad & Quill and many more. In fact, you’ll find loads of options from around $10 or so on iPhone XS, XS Max and XR cases in our roundup right here. One of our favorite affordable brands is launching its latest cases today as the new Caudabe options are now live starting from just $20. expand full story

Earlier this summer, Philips officially announced that it would be expanding its lineup of HomeKit-comptaible smart lights. Amongst the roster of new accessories comes the outdoor lightship, one of the company’s first forays into water-resistant lighting. Now yet another upcoming product has recently surfaced, the highly anticipated Hue Outdoor Sensor. Head below for the full scoop. expand full story

Nike and Michael Jordan’s partnership goes back over 30 years to the 1980s when he first hit the scene. Over three-plus decades, the two have combined to build an incredible empire that does over $3 billion in annual revenue. Read: don’t expect Jordan to stop making shoes any time soon.

The new Air Jordan XXXIIIs are set to hit store shelves next month with a new kind of shoe lace technology. Nike will lean on its previously released self-tightening HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes shoes that debuted a few years back. While the latest Jordans won’t exactly have that Marty McFly kind of lace-up, it will only take a single pull and you’ll be ready to go.

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News Stories September 20

Nintendo is a company that’s made headlines time and time again over the past few years. From the company’s acclaimed Switch to the SuperNES (and NES) Classic consoles that retailers couldn’t keep in stock, Nintendo has been at the forefront of retro (and small form factor) gaming more than anyone else this year.

Sony recently announced it was cashing in on this action by releasing the PlayStation Classic. I instantly pre-ordered this, as it was one of the first major consoles I ever had as a child. But, another console from yesteryear might be making its way to store shelves soon: the Nintendo 64.

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The Nintendo Switch has made its fair share of hacker headlines since its release in 2017. Within about a year, jailbreaks allowed for custom apps to run on the system. They even found a hidden version of NES Golf buried on there. Nintendo is certainly no stranger to passionate gamers taking matters into their own hands, considering all of the amazing, and very illegal, home-brew titles and unofficial online services. So with the Switch online service just kicking into gear this week, it was only a matter of time before hackers got down to business. We just didn’t think they would crack it this quickly. expand full story

Throw out everything you thought you knew about cardboard, Nintendo’s back with yet another of its Labo cardboard construction kits. This time putting you right in the driver’s seat of a car, plane and submarine, Nintendo has more than a few tricks up its sleeve for the new Vehicle Kit.

We got out hands on the company’s latest and after putting it to the test, it’s hard to not be thoroughly impressed. Nintendo has seriously upped its game and made its cardboard creations even more enticing. Head below to get an in-depth look at everything the Labo Vehicle Kit has to offer.

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Silicone wedding bands have become increasingly popular over the past few years and here at 9to5toys we’re a big fan of the trend. Not only are they comfortable, they’re also great for working out, gardening, hiking, swimming, and more. Plus, it takes the stress out of nicking your expensive ring, losing it, or having an injury while doing the things you love. The market for these rings has become increasing more stylish with stackable and customizable bands, that’s why today we are rounding up all our favorite styles for men and women under $50.

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If you are anything like me, you have accumulated quite a few battery packs over the years. With all of the new power sources that have been cranked out over the last decade, varying options like AC, USB-A, USB-C, and Qi have pushed us to always be on the lookout for the best on-the-go power bank. I think that all of us are ready to throw in the towel if we can’t find one power bank that gives us all the ports that we could possibility need so we only have to keep one in our bag. If this is how you feel, then Goal Zero’s new Sherpa 100AC power bank may very well be the best solution out there. expand full story

This afternoon, Amazon took the stage at its Seattle headquarters to unveil a host of new hardware. Amazon is utilizing its new Spheres location for the first time in this regard. Today’s event includes a refreshed lineup of Echo speakers along with new auto accessories and more. Head below for additional details.

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This morning GoPro very quietly introduced its new HERO7 action camera lineup. Unlike recent years, we’re getting three new models today – Black, Silver and White – at different price points. The high-end model comes in at $400 while the two other options are available at $300 and $200, respectively. It’s been a rough go for the brand over the last year as budget-focused offerings have undercut them on price, and demand simply isn’t as high as it once was.

GoPro is surely hoping that its latest releases will stem the tide with high-end features like HDR, integrated GPS and more. Head below for all the details.

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News Stories September 19

With Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 coming to consoles this fall, it’s about to be clash-of-the-battle royale games. Fortnite is still king when it comes to this genre, and while that could change with Blackout and FirestormPUBG also wants in on the action.

Currently, you can only use PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android, but that could all change this winter. PUBG faces some harsh competition if it releases on PS4, but could that be just what it needs to gain more market share?

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One fashion trend that will never go out of style is sneakers, and for fall they’re very on-trend. Whether it be a sporty, slip-on or leather design, the market for sneakers is endless and who doesn’t love a good shoe shopping experience? Plus, sneakers are the one item in your closet that you can dress up or down and still be comfortable throughout the day. That’s why today we are rounding up our favorite styles for both men and women alike with prices under $50.

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With Apple’s long-awaited AirPower charging mat potentially being scrapped, other companies are being given a chance to sell similar devices to those of us that are sick of waiting. There are quite a few products already on Amazon that set out to let you charge three devices wirelessly, but most of them have quirky designs, few reviews or are being manufactured by unknown brands. Those factors make placing your $1,000 iPhone on top of them questionable, at best. With the unveiling of Nomad’s Base Station: Hub Edition, we are given an option from a reputable brand that is well-designed, can charge two devices wirelessly, and two more via 7.5W USB-A and 18W USB-C Power Delivery-enabled ports. expand full story

Pad & Quill graced us with its new lineup of iPhone cases for Apple’s new handsets last week. This week, however, we are taking a closer look at its Apple Watch bands. More specifically the new Nato Apple Watch Sport Band. expand full story

There’s nothing like an advent calendar to get into the holiday spirit. LEGO’s annual releases are some of the company’s most eagerly awaited sets. And this year’s no different. A brand-new assortment of Star Wars, City, and Friends-themed builds headline LEGO’s catalog. All three of 2018’s calendars are now available for purchase as well. Head below to get a peek at what you’ll be unwrapping come December.

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Update: Now available for pre-order at Amazon.

In a surprise move, this morning Sony is sharing details on its new PlayStation Classic console. This retro-remake includes 20 games. It will arrive on the 25th anniversary of the console’s initial release. Following the success of Nintendo’s NES Classic, it’s no surprise that Sony is looking to recreate that magic.

The new PlayStation Classic arrives with old favorites like Final Fantasy VIIJumping FlashRidge Racer Type 4Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. Pre-orders are available today. Head below for more details.

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News Stories September 18

When it comes to truly wireless earbuds, everyone is getting into the game. Apple has their AirPods, Anker has the Zolo Liberty+, and then there’s Rowkin.

Rowkin started in the headphone game a few years ago and has been making leaps and bounds as the company progresses in wireless headphone technologies. The latest from Rowkin, the Ascent line, features new styling, and one feature lacking from AirPods that everyone is has been waiting for.

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Finding the perfect bag to take on a trip has never been an easy task for me. I want to carry my camera gear, clothes, toiletries, and my laptop too; along with all of the necessary cables and cords I’ll need for that trip. I’ve used several bags over the past few years, from the TYLT Energi to Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack 30L, Messenger Bag 15, and even the WaterField’s Air Porter.

Each serves a purpose unique to itself: the Messenger Bag 15 is great for carrying one camera body and a few lenses along with a laptop, the Everyday Backpack 30L is an awesome bag to carry tons of stuff, though it’s not super comfy. The Air Porter is an awesome laptop bag with plenty of room to carry other tech items, like my Switch. But, in the past, I’ve always had to carry multiple bags when going on a weekend vacation or convention. That all changed with the Peak Design Travel Backpack.

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Leaving the house with your baby means being prepared for everything that life has to throw at you. Plus, if you are planning on taking a road trip with your little one, you may want to think about what accessories to take with you. Luckily, the market for activities and accessories to choose from when it comes to items for kids is very large. That’s why today we are rounding up the best accessories to take with you in the car, that are all under $25.

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Ever since consumers began cutting the cord, companies have been scrambling to come up with all kinds of devices that make it simple to stream content on your TV. Roku is one of the most popular, offering a range of devices like its Express, Streaming Stick, Ultra, and more recently TVs with Roku built-in. Building TVs with smart technology is something that is not new though, considering that companies like Samsung, Sony, and LG have been doing it for quite some time. These companies typically use their own proprietary software which can quite often lead to a frustrating user experience due to a lack of polish that makes navigation feel far from simple. With Logitech’s upcoming K600 TV Keyboard, the company aims to provide consumers with a better user experience. expand full story

Osmo is a well-known name when it comes to STEM smart-connected teaching tools. The company has made iPad-enabled learning games for kids ages 5 and up for some time now, but recently announced that these products will come to Amazon’s Fire line of tablets.

This is great because Amazon’s Fire tablet lineup is more affordable than Apple’s iPad, and makes it an easier entry point into homes to help kids learn and grow.

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Despite a fair share of AirPod criticism out there, Apple’s truly wireless earbuds have been especially popular on 9to5Toys when they go on sale. Just about everyone from Sol Republic to Bose and Anker have jumped in to the entirely wireless space. And new second generation sets are coming down the pipeline on a steady basis. Speaking of which, Sol Republic is readying its latest solution with the announcement of the brand new Amps Air 2.0 Total Wireless Earbuds. expand full story

With the holiday season right around the corner, Nintendo is gearing up to sell as many Switch consoles as possible. From endlessly teasing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and showcasing several new themed consoles to announcing Animal Crossing and more, the company is building up the hype to excite fans. Now Nintendo is changing things up with its latest reveal in an attempt to appeal to a different type of gamer.

Today the company announced its latest console bundle, which throws the Switch onto the Battle Bus. That’s right, a limited edition Fortnite bundle is on the way. See what kind of loot is included by heading below.

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