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When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Elite Controller at E3 2015, many felt that it was only a matter of time before Sony unleashed its own high-end gamepad. The Xbox Elite controller sports a steel construction along with interchangeable paddle-style buttons, among other things. While Sony is more likely to unveil PlayStation 5 before some kind of pro controller, the folks over at Scuf gaming have you covered. expand full story

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Huawei is a name that’s been making its rounds in the press lately. The company recently launched the MateBook X Pro laptop for international customers, but it finally announced the U.S. availability and pricing.

Starting at $1,199.99, the MateBook X Pro is a high-end laptop, but both the specs and design warrant it. With unique features like a pop-up webcam and design that reminds us of a certain fruit-named company, the MateBook X Pro could shake up Windows PCs for the better.

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Hisense today has added yet another TV lineup to it portfolio. Originally shown at CES, the H8E offers a lot of what you would expect in 2018. Features like 4K, HDR, and Motion Rate 120 are pretty common, but what sets this TV apart is Alexa integration. Users will be able to control their TV using the popular voice assistant with a voice controlled remote or via the Hisense Remote Now app. expand full story

Streaming can be intimidating, but it’s really not that hard. In this new series, Learn with Me – How to Stream, we’re going to take a look at how you can broadcast gameplay from multiple gaming platforms. From PC to Switch, we’re going to show you the best practices to use for all methods, and also how to best upgrade your setup along the way.

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Now that the weather has started to warm up, campers and hikers are ready to hit the trail for some great outdoor fun. However, before you pack up, be certain that you have the best gear. Wearing the right hiking and camping clothes can keep you cool and comfortable when the warmer temperatures rise. And picking up the right backup and other gear can help you stay organized and prepared for whatever you encounter out in the wild. From shirts, backpacks to sunglasses, today we are sharing budget-friendly apparel and more that’s under $30.

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iOttie has gone from basically a no-name tech brand to what might be considered one of the most popular affordable accessory names out there. Its smartphone mounts (among other things) are incredibly popular among 9to5 readers and its iON charging solutions haven’t been far behind since Apple launched Qi compatible handsets last year.

While the original has been popular among consumers, iOttie is ready to release an upgraded model that should take up less space on your desk, get the job done safely and look pretty nice in the process. expand full story

Sonos is the cornerstone of many people’s home audio systems. With multi-room audio, stereo support and a robust list of other features, Sonos covers a wide range of use cases making the speakers ideal for adding high-quality sound to just your dorm room or even a whole-home setup. Today the company has debuted a variety of speaker sets that make it easier and more affordable to kickstart your audio configuration.

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After the release of Resident Evil 6 back in October of 2012, many gamers began to feel both a fatigue on the series and were just generally unpleased with the direction it had been taking over the course of the last couple games. RE4 is easily one of the best games in the series and was able to strike a fantastic balance between horror, exploration and action. In an attempt to return the series to its roots and what made 4 so good, Capcom took RE7 in a new direction focusing almost solely on exploration, scares and immersion.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard released early last year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC to solid reviews. And now we are just days away from its first appearance on the Nintendo Switch, although the game doesn’t appear to be just your average port. expand full story

News Stories May 18

Hisense has shipped its massive 80-inch Laser TV that it displayed during CES 2018. The company has given it the model number L5 and it’s available for purchase in China today with worldwide availability coming soon. expand full story

It’s warming up here in the southern United States, so that means it’s almost time for grilling season to move into full swing. As we get closer to Memorial Day and July 4th, you’ll want to make sure you have your grilling setup in tip-top shape. While I am not a grilling expert, I suspect you aren’t either. I’ve gotten better over the years, and I wanted to share some of my favorite gear with you.

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Laptops used to be for light-duty work only. At one time, they were limited to dual-core processors (even with i7’s) and then we stepped into the realm of quad-core offerings. After that came quad-core hyperthreading, giving you theoretically 8 lanes of processing power.

Now, it’s time for a new generation of processing to take place. ASUS recently announced a new ZenBook Pro 15 laptop, with Intel’s massive Core i9-8950HK processor that features 6 cores and 12 threads of monstrous power. But that’s not all this laptop packs, keep reading to find out more.

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It’s officially wedding season and it’s time to be on the hunt for the best gifts for your friends, family and loved ones. Many wedding gifts can be pricey, so today we are rounding up our top picks that are under $100. From luggage, towels, kitchen items and more, keep scrolling to see which one is your favorite.

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Anker is probably best known for its power-related smartphone accessories, but it also makes a whole host of other useful items like Bluetooth speakers. Anker’s most popular speaker, the SoundCore is a constant fixture on Amazon’s best seller list. Is it worth checking out? Watch our video for a brief hands-on look. expand full story

The folks at Native Union have been known most recently for a wide selection of high-end charging gear for Apple and Android devices. We’ve loved a number of their recent releases as a nice break from the usual offerings on Amazon.

Now, Native Union has departed from its bread and butter for a new collaboration with the French audio brand La Boite Concept. This new, and rather unique speaker, combines a sleek design with high-end brass and walnut materials. Taking it even further is the inclusion of a hidden storage box that keeps your cable and other gear out of sight. Oh, and it has an optional Qi charger too. Whew. More details below.

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A couple of months back we got word from developer Hello Games that its ambitious No Man’s Sky title would be getting some major new enhancements this summer. Just in time for the game’s launch on Xbox One, all of the previously released updates will ship with the new version of the game along with what looks to be actual multiplayer as well. expand full story

News Stories May 17

If there is one thing that differentiates Nintendo from the competition, it is its focus on games that support local multiplayer. In a generation of consoles whose games typically offer online-only multiplayer, it is like a breath of fresh air to see Nintendo’s console keep local multiplayer alive. With the announcement of Go Vacation from Bandai Namco, we will have one more option to play with our friends on Nintendo Switch. expand full story

LEGO is one of those things that we’ve all used. Whether young or old, it’s likely that you uses LEGOs as a kid. One thing about LEGO, though, is that there’s not really a ton of room for innovation. Well, that is until now. LEGO recently announced its Powered Up line which is a collection of motorized, smartphone-compatible LEGO kits launching on July 1st.

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In celebration of its 50th anniversary of its classic Suede sneaker, PUMA has teamed up with M.A.C. Cosmetics to create three new color options for the shoe, each inspired by one of M.A.C.’s bright lip colors. Also, the three colors are M.A.C’s best sellers including coral-red “Lady Danger”, peach-beige Crème d’Nude, and deep burgundy “Sin”.

The shoes come packaged in specially designed boxes that represent each of the colors. You can pick up a pair of these shoes that are priced at $85 and the matching lipstick shades can be found for just $18.50. Keep scrolling to find out more about the new collection.

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After announcing new in-ears and the audiophile HD 820’s for $2,400 back at CES earlier this year, Sennheiser’s latest wireless sports set is now up for sale. While the company already has quite a large selection of sports and workout-oriented headsets available on the market, the latest entry in its CX-series in-ears are going up for sale starting today. expand full story

The Stellina Smart Telescope from Vaonis was first introduced back at CES as a unique way to capture the sky and share it with friends. In the meantime, details were somewhat unclear on when and how this modern-day astronomy accessory would be available for purchase. Fast forward to today, and now we know.

Vaonis is partnering with the Museum of Modern Art in New York as the exclusive retailer for its smart telescope. Those looking to reserve online still have the option, but will have to wait a while longer for shipment. With built-in smartphone connectivity, Stellina takes star-gazing to the next-level thanks to its ability to quickly grab images of the night sky. More below.

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News Stories May 16

Smart home security systems are becoming more and more prevalent, and Abode is a company offering such a solution. We went hands-on with the company’s security system a few months ago, and today, they released a much-anticipated update.

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As of today you can order Incase’s new ProConnected 4-Wheel Hubless Roller, a smart carry-on for when you travel. Its stand-out feature is a battery that is powerful enough to charge the latest USB-C-equipped MacBook Pro and two other devices. Users can also track their bags location via Bluetooth using the Incase Smart app for iOS and Android. expand full story

E3 2018 is just around the corner now and game announcements, in most cases due to leaks, are already starting to hit. Just a few days ago Bethesda decided to pull back the curtain on Rage 2 likely due to the Walmart Canada leaks from a few weeks back. Well now, over the past few days new information has the Pokémon community stirring over what could be the next main-line monster-catching title for Nintendo’s latest hybrid hardware. expand full story

TOMS is known for comfortable shoes and their mission to give back. Recently, they have  partnered with the brand Bonobos, which is a menswear line, for a limited edition slip-on sneaker collection. In the new line you can pick between classics with signature design elements and patterns from Bonobos or Lomas slip-ons in soft statement shades like lilac or orange.

Women can also wear this collection by going down two sizes. Even better, all of the shoes are under $75. Also, with every pair of shoes you purchase from TOMS, they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. Keep scrolling to find out more about the collaboration.

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News Stories May 15

Microsoft’s Surface line is synonymous with high-end products. The Surface Hub was initially announced back in 2015, and today we’re seeing an updated version dubbed the Surface Hub 2.

This Hub is designed for businesses who need to work on the big screen and brought along with it both unique features and challenges. The Hub 2 is the next step, giving businesses and coworkers a unique way to come together and create new things.

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