ORIGIN PC goes retro with RestoMod, a limited-run custom-built high-end gaming desktop

ORIGIN PC is one of the go-to companies when it comes to high-end custom gaming desktops that you don’t have to build yourself. Well, the company’s latest venture is a limited-edition retro-inspired NEURON desktop based on the all-new CORSAIR 4000D case dubbed the RestoMod. It looks just like the 90’s desktop that you or your family had way back when, with a floppy drive, CD reader, turbo buttons, and that classic and iconic beige. But, this time around, you’ll find AMD Ryzen 5000-series or 10th generation Intel CPUs alongside NVIDIA 30-series or AMD 6000-series graphics cards. That’s right, these high-end desktops take what’s old and make it new again. So, what all goes into the ORIGIN RestoMod PC? Well, keep reading to find out what all it entails and how you can be one of 50 to own it.

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