Origin PC Stories May 20

Origin PC is all about pushing the limits of modern computing. From building a gaming desktop inside of a mini Tesla that actually drives, to creating high-end computer/console combos, the company does it all. Well, the EON17-X was one of Origin’s first laptops, and now has some absolutely killer specs, including Intel’s desktop-class i9-10900K processor. That’s right, a desktop-class i9 processor in a laptop. Well, the EON17-X packs quite a bit more than just that, so keep reading to find out everything it includes.

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Origin PC Stories April 29

If you don’t know who MKBHD is, well, he’s only one of the biggest YouTubers around. Origin teamed up with Marques to offer a pretty unique computer…inside of a Tesla. Now, you’re not getting a full Tesla here, but it is still drivable. Ludicrous PC from Origin is a Ryzen 9-powered gaming desktop like none-other, and of course, it would be 1337 enough to cost $13,373. What do you get for $13,000? Well, quite a bit, actually…

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Origin PC Stories January 6

At CES 2020, Origin PC unveiled its new Big O system. The hybrid desktop computer comes packed with an Xbox One S or a PS4 Pro alongside robust PC gaming internals to create a single, multi-platform gaming beast. It will undoubtedly come at a price, but it also might be one of the most powerful and versatile all-in-one gaming systems out there too. All the details are down below.  expand full story

Origin PC Stories July 24, 2019

CORSAIR is on a buying spree, it seems. First, CORSAIR bought the gaming division of Elgato about a year ago. Now, CORSAIR just purchased ORIGIN PC, a custom-built gaming computer manufacturer. With CORSAIR’s latest acquisition, they’ll now be combining their knowledge in peripheral production with ORIGIN PC’s expertise in building custom computers. But, what all does this mean for both companies? Keep reading to find out.

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