This Star Wars Pandemic board game is perfect for family night at $30 (50% off, first discount)

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Amazon is offering the Star Wars The Clone Wars Pandemic Board Game for $30 shipped. Down from $60, today’s deal marks the first discount that we’ve seen at 50% off its normal going rate. This is an all-new game in the Pandemic series which is set in the Star Wars universe. You’ll find that this version of Pandemic brings you into the a world where the Grand Army of the Republic is in continuous conflict with Count Dooku’s droid battalions. You’ll stand together as legendary Jedi fighting against the Sith Lord and his Separatist forces. Use each character’s unique abilities to complete missions across the galaxy, and enjoy this game with one to five players. A round of the game will take around an hour to complete, so keep that in mind before diving in on the next family game night. Keep reading for more.

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