LEGO Titanic launching this fall 

By Blair Altland

New second-largest LEGO set on the way

Joining the Creator Expert 18+ theme later this fall, there is a new contender for the largest LEGO set to date.

Enter, the LEGO Titanic

Stacking up to 9,090 pieces, this year will see the arrival of the Titanic. It'll come packed with authentic details to put all of those pieces to good use.

As one of the largest builds in size yet, the ship rests on some unique stands to really round out the shipyard look.

Nearly 9,100 bricks...

As of now, there are some unknowns of what to expect from the LEGO Titanic. For starters, its exact dimensions have yet to be unveiled.

Some unknowns on the set

We also don't know if there will be any minifigures or figure representations in the build. The Colosseum came with studs to represent tourists viewing the monument, so there's a chance we see mini versions of Jack and Rose.

Joining the LEGO lineup ahead of the holiday season, the Titanic will launch on November 1.

It is slated to enter with a $630 price tag, making it one of the year's most expensive creations.

Setting sail this fall

Get a closer look at everything we knnow so far on the upcoming LEGO Titanic in our launch coverage before arriving this fall.