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Logitech has hooked up with Jason Maloney, a popular artist, to bring a fresh design to their popular Ultimate Ears BOOM Bluetooth speaker. Jason’s unique art is heavily influenced by 80’s skateboard and video graphics. The design featured on the new speaker portrays one of Jason’s most popular characters, Tippsy the elephant.

Other than the design, the limited edition UE BOOM speaker is exactly the same as the original. It features a unique 360-degree speaker design that blasts music in all directions, water and stain resistant casing, and a battery life of 15 hours. You can even wirelessly connect two UE BOOMs to produce a traditional right/left stereo sound. The limited edition UE BOOM is available starting today from UE direct and exclusively at for $230, while the standard edition remains at its original price of $200. Full press release follows:


Ultimate Ears, makers of UE BOOM, the most talked-about wireless speaker in the marketplace, has teamed up with renowned artist Jason Maloney on a 500-piece, limited-edition run of UE BOOM, available exclusively on ( beginning Tues., Aug. 27, 2013. The collaboration speaker features a design of Maloney’s character, “Tippsy the Elephant” – a signature character of Maloney’s as seen in everything from his well-known murals around Southern California to his children’s clothing line with surf brand Hurley.

“Out of all my characters to have Tippsy the Elephant do the honors for this project was an easy decision,” says Jason Maloney. “Once I saw the quality of the UE BOOM and heard how amazing it sounded I had to use my most valued character to match the excellence of this product. The inspiration for this design came from the unique shape of the speaker. I went with a herd of Tippsys to match the loud, thundering sound quality that the UE BOOM produces.”

The UE BOOM x Jason Maloney collaboration came to fruition based on the undeniable “social thread” that ties the two together. UE BOOM is the ultimate social music player, encouraging users to share their music with friends no matter where life takes them, with its 360-degree design. Maloney’s “Tippsy,” as well as his other well-known characters and artwork, come to life in highly social landscapes, such as murals in city parks to school-pride-inspiring artwork around high school campuses across Southern California.

The Jason Maloney limited edition UE BOOM will go on sale Tues., Aug. 27, 2013 exclusively on Unit price is $229.99.

Jason Maloney graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from California State University, Fullerton, but his connection with art began long before he received his diploma. As early as five years old, Jason began drawing and continued throughout his youth. Inspiration came from his fascination with ’80s skateboard graphics and video game graphics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

He eventually landed a job with Disney as a Scenic Artist, working on projects like remodeling the Haunted Mansion into Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. Now, Maloney’s art can be seen in major gallery exhibits and public murals from Los Angeles, Orange County and Rome to New York, Australia and Hawaii.

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3 Responses to “Logitech releases a limited edition ‘Tippsy the Elephant’ UE BOOM Bluetooth speaker exclusively at the Apple Store”

  1. Pak King says:

    Sadly the UE Boom battery is “proprietary” and no replacement is ever going to be available. All Logitech can offer is “the product has a two year warranty”. I’d will suggest for those that bought it taking it back with the ‘expired’ lithium battery a week before that two years is up. This is appalling. Knowing this, I will never buy a Logitech item ever. Plus 15 hour at super low volume, only 3-5 at high volume… FYI…

    • mpias3785 says:

      If it can be opened without damage, the battery can be replaced. It may take a bit of creativity to get it to fit, but that’s why they make duct tape and hot glue. :)

  2. mpias3785 says:

    Wow, this thing looks like a $30 toy that might appeal to 10 year old girls. I got a really good laugh when I saw the price and realized that it was just for one!