Update: Tiger Direct matches 

Update Out of Stock but link above still works (thanks commenter)B&H has the PNY StoreEDGE MacBook SD card adapter  128GB for $64.95 with free shipping. That’s $5 less than our previous mention.  These cards are designed to live inside a MacBook Air/Pro or Retina and provide a handy additional 128GB or 64GB of space. The shortened size means they are flush with the sides of the MacBook and won’t protrude out. Rated 4 stars on Amazon.

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4 Responses to “128 GB PNY StorEDGE flash memory expansion for MacBooks: $65 shipped”

  1. Man 2nd time this week I have missed this deal. As of 12:35am EST this is back to $125 on amazon and out of stock on B&H’s website.

  2. I purchased one through Amazon when it was on sale the other day. The product description says it sits nearly flush with MacBooks and throughout mention MacBook computers. However, when it arrived, on the actual product packaging, it says “ideal for 13-inch MacBooks.” I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina, and it stuck out far too much to leave it in all the time. I’d advise 15-inch MacBook users not to buy it.

  3. This thing does NOT sit flush with the macbook. If you want something that is not sticking out a half an inch then get a Nifty mini drive.