It’s been a little over 2 months since Target first sent waves through the Apple deal world by offering the iPad mini for just $199. We haven’t seen a comparable sale since that time, but that drought looks to be ending on Sunday, August 17th…

According to a leaked ad scan obtained by Free Stuff Finder, Target will slice $100 off the first generation iPad mini 16GB WiFi model, which once again drops the price down to $199. Even though the iPad mini with Retina display has succeeded this model as Apple’s newest 7-inch tablet, it’s still a current generation product that will be fully supported by iOS 8.

Best Buy ended up price matching this promo the last time Target ran it and we, of course, will let you know if that ends up happening again.


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3 Responses to “Target appears likely to reboot its $199 iPad mini sale later this month”

  1. did this sale ever happen? i must have missed it

  2. dcj001 says:

    “Even though the iPad mini with Retina display has succeeded this model as Apple’s newest 7-inch tablet”

    iPad mini is not a 7″ tablet, Dan. It measures 8″ (7.9″ specifically).

    • Dan DeSilva says:

      Yep, I am aware of that, but I don’t typically say ‘7.9-inch tablet’ when casually discussing the iPad mini. It wasn’t a mistake, just how I chose to refer to it in that paragraph.

      Thanks for mentioning it, though. I can appreciate someone who is very particular about Apple products.

      Have a good weekend!